Friday, May 22, 2009


Life is getting in the way of blog time. Some of it very, very good: a visit from my dear friend Laurie from Minnesooooota! She brought Sammy's brother Rivet, Lindy Loo's sister Simmer, Laurie's treasured Very Old Dog Spats, and Laurie's magical camera!

Swede William by Laurie

Mama Pajama (see her little kiss) and Fat Charlie by Laurie

Two friends, twelve dogs photo by Bill

A surprise 70th birthday party for Bill, 58 guests for dinner, including Bill's best friend from FOREVER who was our best man and came here from Delaware as a surprise, and his daughter Amy and her husband who drove from Chicago as a surprise. Surprise, surprise surprise!

photo by Obie

photo by Obie

I warned on the invites that if anyone gave away the secret, they would have to pick up the poop in my yard for a year.

No one did.

Then two days after Obie went home, I gave a presentation to the Commission on Aging and Mental Health on Animal Assisted Therapy. Sam I Am went as demo dog. He was flat out awesome.

No surprise there.

This weekend is the Lowertown Arts and Music Festival, hosted by the Paducah Renaissance Alliance, a board upon which I sit. Tonight is the Bubble Q - a private dinner/dancing/auction fundraiser for the PRA. It's all one block from our front porch. You can see photos of last year's festival HERE and HERE.

Easy and Spice are doing just fine. Spice's butt cleared up in no time. (Thank you for asking.) Easy's cancer continues to grow, but he eats and plays and lordy how the two of them enjoy their city walks!

Spice and Easy by Laurie

To my fellow bloggers - I miss you! I scroll quickly through the "blogs I follow" blurbs on my dashboard. Life will settle soon, and I'll be back.

I call my sister daily. She is the bravest person I have ever encountered. And that is saying a whole lot.

hug your hounds

oh and I will soon do a post on how to look cool while you're picking up poop as a follow up to the Rules of Public Poopage

Thank you all for sharing the link to that story! It's really making the rounds!


  1. All things in Patience's world sound a whole lot better!



  2. Happy Barkday Bill!!!

    Jake and Just Harry and their Humans

  3. Wow--you take some great photos!

  4. Happy Barkday Bill.

    Teka says many thanks for the lovely photo of Swede William. That is how she sees him in her dreams.

    gussie d

  5. Thank you for letting us into a bit of your very rich very full life.

    We'll be heading to Our Zoë's home soon - our whippet cousin in Florida - and we'll think of your great gaggle as we reunite (Jake), meet (Fergi) and play (all of us).

    You are an awesome example of love,
    Jake and Fergi

  6. I would love to shoot your dogs, with a camera, of course. Those are beautiful photos.

    Tell your friend in Delaware to look up my blog. I shoot for his newspaper.

  7. Good reasons to be busy! Is there really 12 dogs between you and your friend? That is amazing! Come check out my Africa when you are less busy!
    Kasha and Africa

  8. I read your Rules of Public Poopage at work and I just about busted a gut laughing so hard. It was so funny. Love the pictures. She did a great job. I need to do the same with my girls.

    I don't remember what kind of cancer your newest has but I wanted to share this with you. Our boxer, Annie, was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer last year. She wasn't given much of a chance. is 6 months later and she is fully in remission! She went to her vet last week and he could not believe how well she is doing. She has the scars from the damage to her skin but she is back to her old self.

  9. What fabulous photos!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Wow--that picture with the 12 dogs is amazing!

    Gus and Waldo

  11. it's just too darn bad that no one gave away your secret. poop pickup for a year would be awesome.


  12. Happiest Birthday to sweet Bill!!! We just caught up on ur posts....the poop rules ROCKED!!!

    You Whippets sure know how to endear yourselves to the servants!!!!

    As for the anal gland absess...I guess you could be thankful that it didn't 'splode in ur face or something....yuk!

    Love ya lots Waggle!!!!!

    Scruffy, Lac and Stanners!!!1

  13. Your dogs are just gorgeous!! You too!! Thanks for sharing. I do not know how you manage all the dogs, but you do it so very well. My hat is off to you..... xoxo

  14. Happy Burpday to Bill! And my ma ape think that picture with two friends and twelve dogs looks like heaven. Good friends and a gaggle of dogs--what more could you want!

    I was very glad to read the butt update.

    wally t.

  15. what GORGEOUS photos!! We cannot believe nobody spilled the beans, that poop must be a strong motivator! Sounds like you are having ups and downs but more ups and that is important. we are sending healing vibes to those humans and dogs that need them.

  16. I am glad your life is filling up with celebrations and some fun events. I know your sister appreciates your support and your love. This IS life....we learn as we grow older.....hugs to all at Casa Renzulli. You are blessed! r

  17. I am glad your life is filling up with celebrations and some fun events. I know your sister appreciates your support and your love. This IS life....we learn as we grow older.....hugs to all at Casa Renzulli. You are blessed! r

  18. We are so glad that you are having a good time with good friends.
    Happy Birthday to Bill.
    Looking forward to the return.


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