Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning

The weather gods must have had great sex last night.

It is glorious today. Western Kentucky May Sunday morning sitting on the porch glorious.

We've had our breakfasts, walked our walks. Even the oldest dogs dawdled a couple of extra blocks just for the beauty of the morning. And the young 'uns went to the river and back, the long way.

It would be a sacrilege to come home from those walks and go up to my stuffy little computer/writing/sewing room. To desecrate a gift of cloudless sky, precious air, and thoughtful sunshine. After a brief argument with my 'shoulds', I fix a fresh cup of coffee and accompany my book and my dogs on to the front porch.

I love Sunday mornings in Paducah. There is an old peace. As though Sunday mornings from before cars and twenty-four hour convenience stores and iPods settled here and never moved along. We sit on the porch, the dogs and I, in our papasan chairs with our feet up in the splendid sunshine. The ceiling fans are redundant; the natural breeze is fine.

Though the book I'm reading is a classic, it loses. It can't hold my attention this morning. The dogs go from listless to launched when a cheeky robin hops too close. The church bells! I can't tell if they are from the catholic church, or Broadway Methodist, or Grace Episcopal. It could be the Presbyterians. It doesn't matter, the bells don't know.

They are lovely. I haven't seen a car yet this morning. This town feels old and dear.

I can hear the Westie from four houses down, across the street going crackers. She's inside, but that's how quiet it is. The mocking birds are trying to outdo each other and the church bells. They are doing a fine job.

Two neighbor girls walk by. They are wearing flowery sun hats. Two best ten-year-old friends accompanied by one dad. The dogs poke heads through the pickets, wagging the other ends. "That's Lindy Loo, that's Spice - she's new - and that's William, and that one's my favorite, Sam," says one friend to another, and she's mostly right. The dad says, "It's a great day for gardening," mentioning one of my 'shoulds', but I'm able to shrug it off and go on with my worship.

I love this town. Thank goodness I still miss my friends back east. Thank goodness I still miss the fields behind our farm and the smell of horses with their morning greetings, soft.

Thank goodness for this wonderful, magical place.

hug your hounds


  1. Mornings belong to Teka in our house, and she is getting us up earlier every day as summer comes closer so that we don't miss the fresh smells and lovely light.

    I think she likes being the first dog out in our neighborhood. Bragging rights, ya know.

    Muzzer just thinks Teka hates her.

    gussie d

  2. I was just wonering about the sexy weather part!!


  3. This is SUCH a beautiful post, Patience.

  4. Sometimes in the morning, when she walks me before anyone else is up, Mom will lean down, scritch my ears, and say, Jakey, thank you for bringing me outside to enjoy this wonderful moment!!!

    Wirey kisses,


  5. Mommi only sees the mownings sometimes because of me..she's always gwateful.

    Sam, I hadn't heawd fwom you fow so long, I didn't think you liked me anmowe..I will always love you..Stanley and I will nevew mawwy..I wefoose to move to Kansas, hehehe, no sewiously, I love him, but the wing is just fow etewnal fwiendship love
    smoochie kisses

  6. I don't think the bells were us presbyterians.

    I agree with Brenda, It is beautiful.

  7. i feel the same way about sundays.....

  8. What a beautiful post and a gorgeous picture! Thank you, Patience!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Oh thank you for that lovely picture! I can't wait to get in our new house in the woods so all I hear in the morning is nature, instead of noisy cars, kids & obnoxious neighbors.

  10. Said with beauty. It was a fine day.

  11. I second you on Paducah beig such a great place to live. I am proud to have been born and mostly raised here. Hey, you're welcome to come to my house to hear the horses!

  12. Awww Patience, we miss you too!

    Linda and the Daydream Whippets

  13. Alright it sounds perfect. Are there any homes for sale nearby?

  14. Look at Lindy!! She is GORGEOUS! I'm glad there's a show this weekend!!
    It's just about like being with you there, reading this; I can feel and see and even smell every little thing you mention! I hope it's not so long between visits....
    hugs to all,
    laurie, spats, rivet and simmer

  15. I'm ready for a summer visit as well, sounds like a great town.

  16. Laurie, I'll tell DELIA you called her Lindy Loo. It's a good thing you're in Minnesoooooooota, or she'd bite you on your butt.
    But she is gorgeous!

  17. Barry, for you and Linda? YES!!! And a guest room here at the ready!

  18. You have such beautiful pictures. I'm glad the bum is better. I've dealt with 2 anal gland blow ups and they are not fun! Hot compresses on the bum help alot!

  19. It is nice that you are able to enjoy should a peaceful Sunday morning.

  20. Awesome post. I felt like me and my 3 doggies were right there w/you.

  21. Ahhh we love lvoe lvoe the morning.... the best time of the day..Love adn kisses A+A

  22. i love this! you conjure up all the sights and smells and sounds. we live right in the middle of town and there is far less traffic here than where we used to live in the country - people walk everywhere.

  23. a lovely post, and a hell of an opening line, patience!

    the photo your other friend laurie took (several postings below) is so lovely.


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