Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Festival is coming!

We're having a HUGE festival - beautiful art and live music - right smack in front of our house this weekend! I thought I should dress up our porch a little. I haven't had any potted plants since the puppies were little. They're going to be two this summer so I thought it was time again.

Sam I Am approved.

Maria enjoyed the view from her papasan chair.

I thought the plants coordinated nicely with the toy pot.

Swede William inspected my work.

It did NOT meet Swede William's and Lindy Loo's approval.

So they decorated for me. Better.

The beer and wine garden is at our corner.

And so is the Buzzard Brothers Barbeque. Yippppeeeeee!!!!!
Photos from the festival, coming up next.

hug your hounds


  1. OOOOOOHHHHH BARBEQUE! One of my favorites! I would go nuts. I think the whippets will too...between people and

    You are gonna have Some Weekend at your place.

    (you're gonna need 'em!)

  2. Right near the beer garden...sounds good to me!
    So much for potted
    Have fun at the festival.

  3. w00f's gang, heehee looks like u all live at the right place this weekend...heehee me liked da way da puppies decorated..

    b safe,

  4. you certainly picked the best things to have on your corner! beer and grub!

  5. Hi:

    I followed you from Three Dogs Blog and wanted to say *hello.*

    How exciting that you will be seeing Italy later this year. France and Italy are THE two European countries my husband and I are drooling to see. I hope that you have a wonderful trip!!!

    So you have nine dogs? That is AWESOME! We have seven cats and only one dog, but that's okay b/c the cats make up for our lack of more dogs.

    I love how they helped redecorate for you. Our animals LOVE to help us redecorate as well.

    Nice to meet you!


  6. well,I think the pots look GREAT-especially the TOY POT!!! Two is still young for a whippie,dear P-as you've seen! Have a Happy Festival! It all looks so beautiful. martha and p-doggy

  7. we are so jealous, BBQ and a beer garden just outside your front door, can we PLEASE come over? Tanner likes to dig up plants, he is quite good at it!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend to be in Paducah. I'd be thrilled to have a beer garden outside my front door...particularly after the redecorating...speaking of which didn't swede william and lindy loo do a lovely and thorough job?
    p.s. i'm honestly convinced papasan chairs were originally created for whippets. And i think my old whippet would concur. my current whippet has yet to see one, but I keep promising her one when we move.

  9. Oh That looks like a fun time fow all..I hope you all get some BBQ and beew!
    Sam I awe my wole model fow giving love and comfowt..Mommi says I did well..I'm suwe you'we lots bettew
    smoochie kisses

  10. Looks like a good time to me! I think the crazy whippet lady and all the beautiful dogs are the main
    attraction! That's why they all parked by you!!

    Have fun, the pups will! They always do!


  11. Looks like a lot of fun and you guys have a great vantage point! It doesn't get any better than that. You should be very entertained.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

    pee ess Glad you liked my Adult video. Hehehe.

  12. I thought the flowers looked great BEFORE the re-decoration! We watch Cesar, but don't agree with many of his tecniques. I still enjoy watching all things dog - and love to learn!

  13. Dang....I forgot about the lowertown festival. I wanted to come for the food and music, and of course the art! I think it is going on tomorrow isn't it?

  14. BBQ-one of our favorites. Do they drop food items on the ground near the whippets.
    Wonderful job on the planter box. Dirt always looks better spread around.

  15. The beagles 100% approve of the whippet redecoration.

    Patience, you are THE best. Thank you for your recent comment ... check back when you get a chance for my grateful response. :)

    Have a wonderful time at the festival!

    Jackie and the boys

  16. uh oh. smashed plant! our guys usually just pee on them.

    have fun at the festival! i love bbq.

  17. ROFL! I've never had whippets disapprove of my gardening, but Travis did eat all the green peppers one year.....
    Have a fun weekend!

  18. Swede William and Lindy Loo do have a good taste in decoration. The festiva sound like interesting. I can't wait to see the pictures from your next post.


  19. can't wait to see those pictures - we love festivals :)

  20. Wow do we wish we were there!! And right in front of your house!! You won't even have to move!!(unless you need to redecorate some more)Love A+A

  21. Oh wow you guys are in the best place ever to have a great weekend! I love BBQ but don't always get much 'cause my people like it spicy. They smoked some pork ribs instead this weekend so we get a bit of rib meat now and then which is GOOD.
    My doggie mom Clancy would love to spend the weekend with you 'cause she's shameless about beer! I am so embarrassed...
    And my human Mom is doing a lot of potting plants and gardening, I have to inspect it all don'tcha know. Keep up the good work William and LL!


  22. So cool!!
    Did you get to bark non stop at all the people??? Oh man that's what I would've done.

    And Maria just looks so content in her papasan. It is my dream to sleep in one of those babies.

    Mom says no way - something about I would tear it up in 2 seconds...hmmmmph

    Have a great Memorial Day!

  23. We can smell barbeQ all the way over here -- but wait, it's comng from our backyard!!!

    Great job of decorating Swede William and Lindy Loo!

    We'll have to take lessons.

    Jake and Just Harry

  24. I love the looks on your dogs' expressive!

  25. I'm laughing. Silly pups. I'd expect nothing less.


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