Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Monday# 12

This Monday our hostess is Kitten! She says:

  • I would like to know "Who is Your Hero" Not from TV, but your real life hero. It can one or it can be many. Just someone you have or do look up to. You can do this any way you would like and if you want or can, share pictures!

Oh, boy. I have to be honest. Heroes are not to be taken lightly. My hero runner-up is Mama Pajama. As my long time dear readers know, she has shown courage and dignity in the face of a nasty disease. She loves life completely, and overcame the odds. We had an appointment to put her to sleep five years ago May 12th. She told me "not yet". We celebrate her every day.

Mama Pajama when she was ill.

Mama Pajama now.

But. My hero is my husband. Bill is purely an admirable soul. He sees the good in everyone, and we often joke about his rosy colored glasses. He is supportive, creative, smart, caring, funny, and humble.

I have learned so much from him. I tend towards cynicism, and it's hard for me to trust. I've watched Bill for these twenty-five years, and I see him trust folks and then I see them want to deserve his trust. He is incapable of holding a grudge. He is rarely angry at anyone (present U.S. administration excluded) and if he doesn't get mad, he surely can't stay mad.

People love and respect Bill. How can they not? He's so open with his acceptance, and he so clearly communicates his enjoyment of friends. His opinions are not given lightly, and are educated and fair.

He has accepted these nine dogs of mine - now eight of mine and one of his, since Delia adopted him - without a hiccup. He has cried over my animals. Rosy the rescued mare who came to our farm frightened to death of people, especially men. Later, she would hang over her stall door and rest her big head on his shoulder, with her trusting eyes closed, while he sang to her:

Rosy, Rosy, Give me your answer true.
I'm half crazy over the love of you.
It won't be a stylish wedding,
Cause I can't afford the bedding.
But you'll look sweet
And I'll be neat
When you give me your answer true.

Bill always fractures lyrics. It drives me crazy, but in keeping with his philosophy in life, he doesn't see the problem. His favorite song is Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World.

And he cries when he hears it. Every time.

I will never know how I was so fortunate to have shared the last twenty-five and a half years with this man. I figure I must have had a horrible lot in my last life to have been so rewarded in this one.
Hug your heroes, and your hounds.


  1. Mama Pajama looks and sounds like a special fur-friend. I notice in your sidebar that she’s been ‘published’ ;--)

    What a lovely tribute to her and to your husband, Bill today! He sounds like a ‘treasure’ as well. Thanks for sharing.

    I wrote of my brother at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. it is so lovely to read someone being nice about their life partner! people (including me) moan too much!

  3. I knew when I saw the assignment that you would pick Bill as your hero. Have a great Monday!

  4. Bill is such a good man and you are very lucky!

  5. I'm so glad Mama Pajama told you no. We had the opposite problem - didn't want to do it, but our dogs said yes - it was time. Very hard.

    Your husband sounds like a really sweet person. Winning over Rosy sealed it for me!

  6. We love Bill too.
    H & J

  7. Is'nt it amazing what animals and even people can teach us?

  8. What a gorgeous post. Bill sounds amazing. And maybe you were someone's hero in a past life. Or perhaps Bill's a reward for all the love you give to those animals.

  9. awww, this is so sweet! both your runner-up and your hero.

    a beautiful tribute to them both.

  10. Yes,I,too,knew Bill would be your hero! What a match made in heaven-may there be 25 1/2 MORE years..Martha and P-Doggy.

  11. I think is wonderful that you say your husband is your hero, I didn't post this Monday but if I had done it, my Hero would probably be my Hubby too.
    Pajama looks beautiful/

  12. Lucky Patience--and lucky Bill. I'll bet you all have a wonderful life together. So how many dogs did you bring to the marriage?

  13. Loved this post, Patience! Those would be my picks too...James and my sweet Abby who fought the good fight. Of course, Maisie is in there too...she's my hero girl every day with her enthusiasm for life and her love of everything. She keeps the world fresh!

  14. what a beautiful tribute to your husband, he sounds like a wonderful man, a true gem.

  15. I think you picked a perfect hero, and obviously the perfect husband! We think Mama Pajama looked so sad in that first picture and so happy in the second one, quite a difference!

  16. Bill is my hero too. Did you know that "Its a Wonderful World" was Rob and mine song?

  17. Thanks for sharing this great tribute to Bill and Mama Pajama!
    We love them too!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. I always get chills when two people are devoted to each other and their dreams.

  19. Those are beautiful tributes. Husbands and family are featuring this week.

  20. What 2 great heroes you have blessed with.
    I'm no hero, but I'm sorta like your hubby. If I get mad and it takes a lot to get me there, I get over it quick. Live is to short to stay mad and the Bible tells us to for those who have wrong us before the sun goes down. This is something my Aunt taught me and I cherish dearly! People take advantage of me and it hurts, but then I think, This too shall pass!

  21. Bill is THE MAN and the two of you are a fabulous couple. Of course Mama PJ is not chopped liver either...she's the "BOMB".....

  22. Mama Pajama is so happy now. How wonderful that she told you 'not yet."

    Our mom thinks the rest of your post about your hubby was very touching, and she wishes that all couples felt that way about each other. Everyone would be so much happier. To 25+ more years together for you!

  23. Your hubby is an amazing man!

  24. and her Mom said,
    What a beautiful, moving post.
    Mama Pajama looks so wonderful now thank goodness. She is an inspiration.
    Your writing about your husband was lovely and I'm so happy for you that you have such a fabulous hero in your life.

  25. Kind, forgiving, sensitive, talented--are you sure this Bill fellow is not a dog?


  26. Mama P is a beauty, so please she pulled through. Bill sounds like a sweety, and Lou want can be said about Lou. It is a Wonderful Life

  27. What a wonderful tribute to Bill and Mama Pajama. The Mommy never knows how to explain how she feels about things in writing becuuse her brain moves faster than her hand does. She loves the style of writing. Thanks so much for being you.

    Mona & thr Mommy

  28. What a great tribute to a fabulous man! Thank you for all your help with Cinnamon!! Have a great one!

    kari & kijsa

  29. Patience
    Youw Bill sounds like a tweasuwe..akshually a lot like my Daddi...and I suwe think Mama Pajama is a hewo..and such a bootiful lovely one too
    smoochie kisses to evewyone

  30. My hero is Samual Adams. A great Bostonian and an even better beer maker!

  31. We love you Mama and Bill.

    Vee, Nearly, Buster and Skeezix

  32. I LOVE Bill too! And, I really like your dogs!


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