Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Monday #13 - Ohwa Tajer Kyam (say it fast)

Sauntering Soul is hosting this week. Oh the pain of her assignment!!! The anguish!
  • I know we all try to be sweet and kind to people the majority of the time. But let's face it....we also know that sometimes we can be a big jerk. It could be that you experience road rage from time to time. Perhaps you empty the coffee pot at work some mornings and don't feel like taking the time to start a new pot for the next person. Or maybe you don't return phone calls on a timely basis when you know someone needs a response from you. Have you ever "accidentally" ruined a favorite shirt of your spouse just because you didn't care for it? Come on - it's confession time! List the small things you do that make you a jerk and elaborate just a bit on each one. Please tell me I'm not the only jerk around here!

This is just a double whammy for me, because I try hard to respect you, dear readers, and keep this blog all about the dogs. This means I have to confess to my jerkiness with my dogs. Oh the shame of it! Oh the loss of face. Oh the torture!

I try to be the everliving best dog servant alive. I truly do. But I often fail. And it almost always is because I am the Queen of the Organizationally Challenged Order of Grand Jerkdom. So I know I have to do X, Y, and Z in a day. But first I have to check out the blogs, and Whippet World, and my email. And then I have to do some laundry. Time is ticking. Accck! I have to walk the dogs! Hurry up, dogs!!! I have to be at X in an hour. Arrrrgh! Get in your crates! Giacomino don't bite your collar! You are not a horse with a bit; it goes over your head! Maria shut UP!!! Come here. D-O-G-S get over here NOW!!! Who wants a biscuit? Cuss, cuss, stamp, scream.

I rage and flail around like a giant catfish on the river bank, gills flapping and eyes bulging. Total jerk. Totally unnecessary.

I miss entries for shows because I don't pay attention to what day it is. And then there's the training. Part of why I came to Paducah was to have all this time to train the dogs and to write. Except the Queen of Overscheduling Jerkheads is me. No time! No Time! Gotta serve on this committee, gotta go here, there and everywhere. Gotta add more to my plate! No time to train dogs. Just to complain about not having time to train. What a collossal JERK.

And it's no surprise to my close friends, but as long as this is the great confession, I am the worst sort of Procrastination Jerk. I think, "I'll answer that email tomorrow." WHY? Do I think I'll have more time? Or by the time I think to call a friend on the East Coast, it's an hour later there, and it's already too late. Jerk, jerk, jerk.

Well, that is enough of that. I'm late. Because I'm such a jerk.

hug your hounds and pity mine


  1. Ahhh I don't pity your hounds. They have a mad bust mum/owner who still finds time, even if it's tight, and who obviously loves them to pieces. Brill post,LOL.

  2. I try very very hard not to be a jerk around the hounds because Lurcher No.2 is a sensitive soul and gets very upset if I do. But it is hard sometimes!

  3. Whippet Servant. Please don't feel bad. Muzzer was gonna answer this yesterday, but she didn't get aroun twit!

    ps. i love her anyway...and I know the whippets feel the same.

  4. There's nothing like your dog(s) to bring you up short when you're acting like a jerk around them. They expect so little and give so much. Good for us that they forgive so quickly.

  5. I seriously doubt that your hounds think you a jerk. Nope.

  6. Queen of the Organizationally Challenged Order of Grand Jerkdom.
    ROFLMAO - and yet the hounds love you like no other.

  7. Hey PL2 is days behind in her reading everyones blogs!! We all do it!! Love A+A

  8. I agree with the others....I bet your dogs don't think you're a jerk at all.

  9. We certainly don't think you a jerk. Heck even if we did we couldn't say it or you might hurl a water can at us!!! ;) Seriously, we love you and your blog!!

  10. The great thing about the dogs though is that they love you anyway. :)

  11. I bet your whippet babies think you are the best mom in the world!

  12. My momma says she totally understands. Her desk has all these post-it notes on it with things she is supposed to do and some of them are a few years old!

    Naturally, the most important thing is always to do something with me (OK, and sometimes pee-wee)

  13. Servant, our mother is just like you. Always a day late and a dollar short, as she says. Training??!! good thing we take classes at a scheduled time, or we would never get her to do agility, etc.

    But, we lover her anyway. Faults and all. We know that all the whippies there, love you as well. They look at you and say what a great servant. We think we will keep her!

  14. I know the Waggle doesn't think you're a jerk. I know and they know, too that they have the best dog Mom (Servant) in the world.
    Sheila & Lady

  15. If you are the Queen Jerk of Jerkiness I am the Empress Jerkess!! I have done all this and much, much more I am sure.

    I agree with others, your dogs don't care, a little change in routine, eh! (I'm back in MN so have to change my lingo). I should never have kicked the little gas log fire with my bare foot last night either. After all it just didn't WANT to light, and at least it wasn't Roxie or Wonder who looked at me bemused as I hopped around on one foot. So at least my temper bit me instead of the dogs... It was SNOWING when I got here:( Yes, I said snowing... so much for global warming, I could use some.

  16. Dear Whippets,

    Could the reason for your servant's alleged jerkiness be that she, like all of our servants, belongs to that sad excuse for a species known as "humans?"

    We dogs never overschedule. We know how to say no, a thousand times no (to the request to "come" for example). And we don't think about the past -- just about what's next.

    Please tell your servant for us that she should not fret. We have one just like her at our house -- and we love her to bits, despite all her failings!!! She can't help herself. She too is one of those humans.

    Lots of love and many woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  17. Dear Waggle,

    It has come to my attention that there is a vicious rumor apaw that your female human servant is not yet perfect. Such rumor seems to have begun on the internet, so many just automatically believe it must be true.

    In private emails to a couple of you, your responses indicated quite the opposite. You mentioned also, that most sighthounds have very short memories, especially when confronted with more important things like open gates or evil city squirrels.

    VOD indicated that he couldn't respond from his warm place next to aforementioned servant as that was his very best place in the whole world. Queen Delia said, "She'll do when Bill is traveling..... best not to upset her with such mumblings as it might slow her down from satisfying our frequent requests."
    Little Lindy Loo, I recall as the one who didn't see Mr. Mouse while standing on his tail, replied
    "What watering can?" "What words?"

    I just couldn't seem to get an appropriate answer from any of you, so I must conclude that this is one of those urban legends that should be placed on that site of purely fictional stories.

    In the future, when confronted with these ugly rumors, I shall refer them to the internet site for confirmation that this is a hoax.

    Star the Wonder Dog

  18. Dear Star the Wonderdog-
    I am having a rather emotional day today but I had to thank you for your kind, kind words. I must admit that it would have been easy to confess my jerkiness as it shows itself in the human world. (Like I'm the WORLD's WORST back seat driver, and I have this hideous penchant for needing to be right all the time. What a jerk!) But confessing my jerkiness involving my beloved waggle? That HURT.
    When I read, "VOD indicated that he couldn't respond from his warm place next to aforementioned servant," I cried.
    That's not fair. I'm supposed to make you dear readers cry, not the other way around.
    Thank you-
    the humble jerk of a servant to these dear, forgiving whippets

  19. and the Canine Kids said,
    We think you are one of the most wonderful people with a kind heart and in no way are you a jerk at all.
    Our Mom can procrastinate too but it's not a bad thing.
    We know for sure and certain your whippets think you are the best thing in the world.

  20. Mommi is a biggew jewk..she has neglected all my fwiends lately..she wuns out of time...blah,blah,blah
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  21. Don't be so hard on your self. You are only human. Not much more can be expected of you. Now if you were a dog things would be different.


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