Monday, May 26, 2008

The Festival in Photos

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There are not pictures of the whippets at the festival because:

(We save muzzle wearing for the fun stuff - bunny chasing!)

The one and only DJ Urbannn Cobb kept things lively between bands.

iList Paducah and Vera Pigsly - cute, cute, cute!

This little cutie matched the pig perfectly. (Her mom wanted everyone to know that she doesn't usually wear makeup. She had visited the roller derby face panters!)

Oh my dogness! Real pawtinis and pawgharitas!

Buzzard Brothers BBQ!!!! The whippets got plenty of tastes from this booth. Kentucky BBQ is not goopy. It is rubbed, always pork - ribs or pulled - and S-L-O-W cooked over hickory. Then there's a hot sauce for dipping.

Underneath "roasted corn" the word "TURKEY" is obscurred. TURKEY LEG, smoked and we really decided it was actually an EMU. It was gargantuan!!!

no comment

Important people

Important person!

Our local gourmet restaurant had a booth. Roast tenderloin ciabatta sammiches. Strawberry crepes. I gained three pounds.

Our dog-owning neighbors in their Lowertown Arts Festival tee shirts. (See what happens when the dogs aren't there to supervise?)

Our beautiful neighbor Valerie

Aynex tarted up her tee shirt.

The Saturday night band, Rockin Dopsie, Jr. and the Zydeco Twisters
Holy Moly they were AWESOME!!!!

Nieghbor Keyth was thirsty after all that zydeco dancing.

Really thirsty.

Two cups and a pitcher thirsty.

Oh!!! Freaky!!! Subliminal message!!!

The whippets are exhausted from greeting every single visitor who walked by their fence.

hug your tired hounds
(If you could possibly want to see more photos, there are plenty at Bizzyville's most excellent blog.)


  1. Oh My! That looks like fun! Particularly the Turkey Leg part. mmmmmmyummy. And the BBQ...I think I am gonna l.o.v.e the Southland!


  2. What a fun looking shindig. We would love that BBQ.

  3. Next time I need a picture taken I will know who to ask! YOU made me actually look pretty!!

  4. yummy.

    i love moon pies. but probably not deep-fried.

  5. What fun! We just love Vera Pigsly! What a cutie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Smooches and licks to Lindy Loo!!!

    Vee and Nearly

  7. OOOOOOO. I have seen Rockin Dopsie!!!!! LOVE,love,love zydeco music!!!! And they are outstanding!!
    And you DO really get thirsty!!
    What fun. (And WHY ,here in the south, do we feel compelled to attempt to FRY any and all things edible????!!!!) heh I dunno...

  8. That festival looks like really fun! Too bad that you can't go join in the fun but did the person who pass by your fence share any goodies with you?

    I bet if you are my size your mum would have brought you with her in her arms.


  9. oh dog that looks like fun. Mom has never tasted Kentucky BBQ, she sure would love to try it! Looks like a fabulous festival.

  10. Did you whippets get a deep fried Snickers??YUM!

  11. What fun. We like to greet everyone who passes our way too, so we understand what was going on in whippets' minds.

    Mom asked me to tell you to tell Mr. Bill that our grandfather, pictured in our latest post, is a Jefferson Medical College grad, circa 1937.

    We remember Mr. Bill was there too -- much much later -- so we thought he'd like to make the connection.

    And Mom was born at Jeff too.

    Jake (and I know you have a son named Jake, so we have lots of things in common!!)

  12. deep fried anything...yummmm

    kentucky ale bourbon barrel...double yummmmm!!!

    momo would have loved the bbq. or the turkey leg.

  13. and her Mom said,
    Your festival looked like a lot of fun. Paducah must be a wonderful place to live.


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