Wednesday, May 14, 2008


That is the video which Aynex (pronounced Eye Necks) made of Maria's thirteenth birthday party in February. Aynex is going to be a famous videographer or a movie director more famous than Christopher Guest or Stanley Kubrick, or Woody Allen or the Coen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino, or Pedro Almodovar or anyone we have ever heard of in the world.

I know this.

If you want to know how much every one loves Aynex, (pronounced Eye Necks, I know, it takes a while to get used to saying it), and if you want to see my Bill cry, go to her blog, AYNEX ,(pronounced Eye Necks, see it's getting easier) and watch her latest video, "Aynex the Musical."

I have to tell you just a little bit about Aynex, (see you can say it now without even thinking about it). She was born in Puerto Rico. Now you can't say that like we do in Kentucky when you are around Aynex. No "Porta Reeko." You have to say, "Phwhereto tonguedrill-icco". Or you try to, wanting to please Her Highness, but then you realise that her English leaves room for improvement and what the hey.

Aynex is tiny. She's not a Little Person, but she is a little person. And when she was in college in Massachusetts she was a passenger in a car which got broadsided. She was lucky to live, though she was in a coma and she was supposed to be a quadriplegic. But Aynex is not so good at doing what she's told, or she is good at doing what she's told she can't do. She was right handed before the accident. Now she sews the most amazing quilts. Award winning quilts. Left handed. And she does gifted graphic design. And she walks with a cane which she threatens you with if you displease her. And she rides a bicycle/tricycle thing around town with alarming speed.

Really, she should not be one of my favorite people. She is a year younger than my son Jake, so there is an age difference thing. She is charming and BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL and she flirts with my husband, who adores her blatantly and is jelly in her hands. And when she came to Paducah, she didn't like dogs!

OK, I could see that if you are 4' 8" tall, and you've had a spinal chord injury, and a large dog would knock you flat just as happy as howdy doo, that maybe dogs wouldn't be your companion of choice. I could see that. But, I would never be close friends with someone who didn't like dogs.

Oh was I ever wrong. I love Aynex. She is the most creative, brilliantly funny, talented, hysterical, adorable people in my world. She likes my dogs. Here's proof. She knows them by name. And she's moving away.

She started to like dogs so much, that she fancied herself a lab or a golden and she got hip dysplasia. She has to get her hips replaced, and she needs to move back closer to her family in Maryland to have it done. Now you would think that the Universe would figure that a thorough squishing in a car wreck might be enough for one small person, but I figure she was maybe just a little naughty in her last life, because she's getting a dose and a half of cosmic no fair this go round.

I've commented on her blog pretty religiously for the last I don't know how long. But she's been writing about the things here she's going to miss, and I can't for the life of me write a word. I'm too sad. I'm too selfish. I can't imagine this magical neighborhood without Aynex, because she'll take all the magic with her.

So I can't get myself around her leaving. And I only have nine days to do it.

Hug your friends and your hounds


  1. saramurphy100@yahoo.comMay 14, 2008 at 4:07 PM

    Happy Birthday Maria, What A little Beauty you are.
    She looks great for 13. My sara is pretty lumpy but still my little miss pretty at almost 15. My whippets are from Halmarque (GTCW)of MN. Murphy passed in Feb. at 14.
    The most wonderful Dogs in the world. You know though (they really are not dogs!!!)We are so Blessed for all the good years! Many More Maria!
    Sharon and Sara

  2. P--You should check out
    They are looking for guest writers. "A Good Blog is Hard To Find!" Good luck. :>) AG

  3. It's always hard saying good-bye to those people who just light up a room. I hope her surgery goes well.

    The whippets want to know if the 'Dinsky kitty goes with Aynex when she leaves.....

  4. Thank you so much and don't be a wimp and start commenting on my blog. It is getting lonely up there.

  5. Knowing someone like Aynex who makes your life just that much brighter and gives you so many memories... is such a blessing.

    I'm sorry Aynex is going. Hopefully after her surgery and healing, she'll come back. :)

  6. Dear Whippets and Servant! HAH! Muzzer says I must tell you that Aynex is NOT small. The rest of you apes are oversized, and Muzzer and Aynex are just right. Ask Dad if you doubt me.

    We wish Aynex all the best, and can give her my sissy E.Rabbit's "direction" as the Brits say, if she wants someone silly to talk to.


  7. Good friends always stay in our hearts.

  8. WHat a wonderful post. Of course now I am going to be walking around all day rolling my rrrr's every chance I get.

  9. I want to be at YOUR house when there's another birthday party! That was the sweetest video...I loved when you fed Maria with your fork. HA...I do the same with Maisie.

    What a wonderful friend you have in Aynex!

  10. Hey Patience. Enjoyed your blog again.

    Glad to see the party went well but sad to hear about Aynex leaving.

    Things are starting to move on putting your blog posts in Current and The Paducah Sun Web site. Can you give me a call please? My cell phone is 270-217-1832.

    Talk to you soon.

  11. ((((hugs))))
    I am going to miss Aynex, too and I haven't even met her yet.

  12. It is alway so hard to say goodbye. Mom had a friend move away recently and she is still a little sad when she thinks about it too much. BUT with the internet we all get to stay so close and I am sure eye necks, woops, Aynex will come and visit!!!

  13. But how do you pronounce it??

  14. hi Patience - as someone who is thick in the middle of saying goodbye (moving to TN in 4 weeks), it's totally worth the time and emotions to feel it - loss and change is part of life, even if it's hard -- this will be a part of your next book - seriously
    take care, Buffalo Gayle

  15. You are not cruella. Someone else with a P is though.

  16. Happy Birthday, Maria!

    Goodbyes are never easy.....but as my grandfather still says to this day, "there are never any goodbyes, just see-you-laters!"

  17. We loved the video(the instant replay was fabulous) We wish Aynex all the best for her surgery and we are sure she will come back to see could she not????? Love A+A

  18. We loved the video(the instant replay was fabulous) We wish Aynex all the best for her surgery and we are sure she will come back to see could she not????? Love A+A

  19. Great video! I want to congratulate Maria on blowing out that candle. I haven't mastered that yet! Great-looking cake too!
    I hope Aynex has a successful surgery and some fast healing. All the best to her!


  20. Cute video!

    BTW...I LOVE your dogs!

  21. Ahhh, your dog party was fabulous, and Aynex sounds cool. Hope the move goes well for her.


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