Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some Sunday Smiles

While I work on my little one person campaign to get Google to stop advertising for puppy mills, I have some smiles to share.

Have a Seat!

Lindy Loo makes herself comfy.

Swede William says, "Do I look like a dog bed?"

More Maria

This time of year, Maria likes to wear her jammies 24/7. (We get our jammies from Cottage Hound Designs. Christel is the nicest lady and does a ton for charity.) But Her Ladyship also likes to be covered up. The cover-upper blankets are mostly polar fleece, and the jammies are softest cotton flannel, and they stick to each other like velcro.

So this morning we hear this strange flump-step, flump-pause, step-step, flump. Puzzled, I look up from my computer at the rest of the waggle, to find them looking towards the stairway. I step out of my computer/sewing closet and this is what I see:

She's like the Sweat Pea character in the old Popeye cartoons.

That's better! All tucked in her special hidey bed.

A friend surprised me with this fun picture of Maria and me having a howl together:

Thank you Tim for this photo!

I hope your Sunday is full of smiles.



  1. Dear Maria!! My last saluki, Lazza, once managed to go out to potty WITH her cover on (salukis don't do pjs!) and come back w/out losing it!!

  2. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! I'm feeling pretty miserable today, and these photographs have done me the world of good!

  3. We love Lindy Loo's new chair! hehehe It doesn't look like William minded too much!
    Love that picture of you and Maria! A perfect duo!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Teka Toy has about as much fur as the whippet group, and is fortunate she lives in Arizona. Your story made me smile because I got a glimpse of what life would be like for her in say, Flagstaff, where younger child hopes to move her menagerie next school year. Guess I better order some jammies for grand-dog.

    Gussie's muzzer

  5. Those photos made my mom laugh and smile so we thank you very much.

  6. what great photos, Mom doesn't know which is her favorite, but that last one sure made her smile! I think I am going to go sit on tanner.

  7. Ummm, dear sister Lindy Loooo, we have so much in common. Licks to ya sista.

    And dear sweet Maria...Who luvs ya Great GranMa.


  8. Have you heard anything back from Google?

  9. Great photos, Patience...especially the one of you and Maria.

    And nickname is Lindy Loo!

    By the way...I just tagged you to reveal 5 random facts about yourself. Checkie my bloggie. xoxo

  10. Mary- no not even a form letter. I'm currently working on more, which I'll put up on my blog as soon as it's ready.
    Abby Creek Art-
    I'm on my way to your fine blog!
    Everyone else - Glad we could brighten your day :^)
    Patience and the bored to tears whippet waggle

  11. You made my day with your pictures!
    thanks for sharing them!
    Have a good night


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