Friday, December 28, 2007

Elsa Update

What a difference a week makes. Deb and Merle are working miracles with this dog, who is now called Shelby. Her tail just wags, wags, wags and she makes eye contact and uses her ears to convey her joy.

I have to tell you dear readers a little more about these good people, Deb and Merle. They are doing all of this, knowing that they can't keep this dog. They are doing all this while their house is on the market, being shown!!!! Thankfully, their real estate agent is a dog person who totally understands. Can you imagine showing your beautiful home, "Oh and this is our starved-to-death foster dog." So, if you dear readers could think positive thoughts about Shelby finding a forever home...

She loves to retrieve (no big surprise there!) and has learned to

"go get your ball"




"stand patiently while the humans yack"

"give kisses"

She got a dose of Heartguard today. The vet had us give benedryl 50mg a half hour beforehand. I've never had a heart worm positive dog before, so I don't really know what to expect. I know the Heartguard today was simply to lessen the microfilaria load in the bloodstream, and the real heartworm treatment can't start until she's gained ten pounds. (Which will be soon at this rate!)
My experience has been with Whippet Rescue before, and finding a home has meant picking the best fit from a long waiting list. If any of you have ideas to help find a forever home for Shelby, I'm all ears!
hug your hounds


  1. Elsa/Shelby is looking wonderful! We're so happy for her! She's going to be okay - she just needs to fatten up a bit!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Oh our cat is named Shelby. He's evil but I bet you that girl isn't. We are glad she is doing much better.

  3. She looks so much better! What a shame those nice people can't keep her. They seem to like her? kissies to the waggle and Shelby/Elsa.


  4. Its great to know that Shelby is doing better. Love works miracles!
    Have a good night

  5. What a difference! Shelby is really starting to look a little more like the dog she should look like! Are Deb and Merle sure they can't keep her!?

  6. she looks GREAT and how could you not be happy with a Cuz. I don't know if you know but I LOVE CUZ. I have about a million! We hope she finds her forever home very soon! Merle and Deb sure are great folks!

  7. hurray for shelby! i hope she does find her forever home reelly soon. that yahoo pickture is the best. she reelly looks like she is hafing fun the way a dog shud haf.

    luv to the peepol who took her in. they haf big hearts.

    luv ivy

  8. Oh I suwe hope Elsa/Shelby finds peeples who love hew as much as youw sweet cawing fwiends who awe anges fow suwe!!! Shelby is obviously wesponding so well to theiw cawe, Ihope the heawtwowm goes away!!!
    Deaw SamI Am. I loved seeing you and seeing how youw shyness is leaving you and you wewe able to have fun with evewyone..Mommi says you awe the most gwacious guest and would love to have you hewe anytime!!! Thank Mawia fow letting you come!
    Big smoochie kisses

  9. What a sweet face. I know Merle and Deb are perfect for her. Heather

  10. Hi Shelby! Oh she looks better. I hope they can find a forever home for her.


  11. Best wishes to Shelby in finding the loving forever home she so deserves. She is beautiful!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  12. OMdoG! Shelby looks do much better. I am gald to see her enjoying herself but for a dog with heartworm, you have to minimise on the exercise and they have to be kept completely calm during the treatment. Cos if they get excited, their heart might go on strike cos the worms in it are struggling while the medication is killing them.

    I hope that Shelby will find a good home soon.



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