Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Radio Interview

Our local NPR station, WKMS, did an interview with me about the "No Christmas Puppies" story which was featured on . I did a terrible job with the interview (not enough coffee) but the station manager (Kate Lochte whose voice you hear asking me the questions) did some very artful editing. Though I did not make some points I wanted to, (and, as always I displayed my big fixation on POOP, good lord) the end product wasn't as bad as it started.
The interview can be heard HERE. It's an MP3 thingy, and my computer uses RealPlayer. It didn't come with any graphics on my monitor, but it worked.

I'll be back with more stories in a bit, but I thought you dear readers might enjoy hearing me bumble through.



  1. If you had a POOP phobia there would be a real problem! Haven't listened to the interview yet, but tomorrow is my day off, so I will find time then. VC

  2. Sam

    What did they ask you ..

    Where do you live and work
    Bark, jump, lick, and sniff, go on the back of the couch to look out of the window.You did what any dog would.woof -woof

    Lot's of Lick's

  3. whippet waggle: please tell your servants that we experienced no ill effects from ingesting the cookie. However, watching the model for the cookie on TV or listening to him speak does cause physical and emotional distress in our fambly.

  4. I FINALLY got your book for Christmas. I think I was on your backorder list way back in '04 or '05, so it was about time!

    I've been reading it at the gym and getting a lot of odd looks when people see me laughing and smiling while doing nasty cardio! =)

    The stories are great so far!

  5. You made a great point, puppies poop and somebody has to pick that crap up! Great job!

  6. No worries on the Poop fest .....that is one of the most important things hooooomans forget sometimes.

    My Jeannie enjoyed the interview, she says you have a kind voice!

    I am a Rescue Dog, and I was rescued when I was 6 months old. I came from a leading Dog Charity in the UK, called The Dogs Trust (it used to be called The Canine Defence League but for some wierd politically correct reason, it was renamed the Dogs Trust, cos they thought people nowadays would not know the meaning of Canine(!!!!!!!).....their famous slogan here in the UK is:

    A Dog is For Life and Not Just For Christmas. You see their car stickers & adverts everywhere. Its an excellent phrase!

    love and many licks, Marvin in Scotland xxxxxx


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