Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Dog's Christmas

My dear canine friends, I've a story for you.
I beg you to listen: what I say is all true.
Your Humans are human and can't help their behavior,
They get all confused 'bout the birth of their Savior.

See, it's that time of the year, when the humans are hopping.
"No time for our walk today, gotta go shopping.
And tomorrow we have to put up all the lights.
You understand, don't you? You'll be all right?"

No time for your Frisbee, no time to throw balls.
Got to wrap all the boxes and deck all the halls.
"I'm sorry," they say as you're back in your crate,
"Office party tonight, we won't get home til late."

So you sit in your crate for a very long time.
You're warm and you're safe and they know you'll be fine.
But you're bored and you're worried and you don't understand
Why this time of the year things get all out of hand.

As if rushing around like a nut's not enough,
They keep filling the house up with all kinds of stuff.
There's holly and candles for all to see,
Then to prove they've gone starkers THEY BRING IN A TREE!!!

Yep, fellow dogs, they bring a pine tree right in
They put glass things on the branches and plug the lights in.
You think "Hey! Indoor plumbing!" But they say, "Get away!!"
"This is Our Special Tree for Our Special Day."

And don't think for a moment those tree balls are for you.
Though they bounce on the branches and call you, they do!
You haven't been chasing your own ball for weeks,
Or played tug o' war with your toy that goes "squeak."

As their Big Day approaches, their tempers grow short.
They're tired and stressed out and all out of sorts.
They've spent way too much money, whatever that is.
On gifts, decorations, and on something called "status."

See, they're only humans, and they always forget
It's not about presents or getting in debt.
The Birthday they're celebrating is all about Love
About gifts of the Spirit, sent from up above.

And that same great Father who sent them his Son
To teach all the humans to love every one,
Sends us to remind them, my good fellow hounds:
We exemplify love with positively no bounds.

So when their Big Day is ending, their presents unwrapped,
And they've eaten their feast and settled down for a nap,
That's the time when we dogs can show by example
That it's just about love, and can give them a sample.

They will feel something’s lacking, will see something's missing.
This is the time you can teach with your kissing.
They've ignored you for weeks with their rushing around,
Still you shower them with Love - the True Love of a Hound.

Whisper quiet, Dear Dogs, "It is not about Things!"
"It's not about buying new cars or rings."
The True Gift of Christmas is Love, sweet and pure.
And at Love, none can out do a dog, that’s for sure.

copyright 2006 Patience C Renzulli, not 2206! duh.
thank goodness the dogs love me anyway.


  1. the poem and the thought behind it. Could make reading this a family tradition, since Gussie doesn't seem to get the point of Night before Christmas.


  2. What a wonderful posting! We love it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Yes, dear Patience-I believe you are rushing too much-copyright 2206? Ahh-wooo! Wunnerfull,wunnerfull, anyway!! Love ya always-Martha C. and P-Doggy.

  4. Oh I have definitely reached the age where every day is a new day, but I did write that poem last year, in 2006!
    Thanks for the kind words - it means so much to me.
    all the best-

  5. Patience is just doing a little time travelling.

  6. It reminded me of one christmas. I had found a couple of ornaments off the tree. One in pieces which didn't seem to be enough, and a bit too far from the tree. The next evening I saw Ditto, the saluki, walk past me gingerly carrying a gold glass ornament in her mouth.

  7. Oh GEEZ!!!! 2006, not 2206.... I am so sublimely senile. thanks, I'll go fix it. sigh.

  8. Thanks for sharing it!
    I think I am a luckie girl because even in these busy days there is always time for me!
    Kisses for you all!
    Have a good night

  9. That is sooo right on and we LOVE your posts!

  10. That's a great poem! I love it! I like to think of this season being about love, which my apes can express to me with lots of stuffies, snacks, and belly rubs. Santa suit optional. I like this season because my ma ape is home from work AND she hates to shop so she shops on the internets so I get to go shopping with her!

    Stay warm, my skinny friends.

    'Tis the season to love Wally!


  11. I think we could probably all do with taking the meaning on board!

  12. The few weeks before Christmas 2006 I was wandering in mist around a very lonely Country Park with Prince. I didn't meet anyone as I walked for an hour - the usuals were all missing. I didn't care about shopping because I was just SO HAPPY to be out with my "Little Treasure". This year I can't do that but I am so glad he didn't have to die for me to appreciate what was the most precious part of my life.

  13. What a powerful poem !
    Thankfully mommy is too scared to drive and all the shopping is done online and the good part is that she is trying to do a half marathon so we run all the time !!!
    But yes,juggling all the events and socials and trees makes them forget what Christmas is truly about !!

  14. I'm laughing AND crying! Wonderful poem! Thanks.


  15. and the Canine Kids said,
    Thank you so much for visiting our blog! We are excited to find another whippet lover among us. We just passed through Paducah last week and your area of the country is beautiful. We love your post and the thought it conveys.
    We think your husband is an extremely talented artist as well.
    Woofs to you!

  16. Youw poem is bootiful..I think Mommi will wead it fow Chwissmuss to evewyone!

    Deaw sweet SamI Am..I suwe hope the hot dwink and extwa blankies and spae heatew i bwought out fow you kept you wawm ..we had a gweat time , but i don't thinkit was faiw of the bootiful LadyMawia to make you stay in the caw...I hope it nevew happens again!you can see all the pictoowes latew today, if mommi evew gets don developing them..
    smoochie kisses

  17. Great poem!

    I'm glad my mommy loves and spoils me, too bad there are many humans who don't realize they hav ethe best christmas gifts right at home!!!!

  18. This is for Lady Maria,

    Dear one, if you read the sad story of my love life until last night, you will see that my first too brief encounter with a lady dog was with an older beagle. I think that marked me. This is not to say that young female pups are not adorable, just that I may be more enticed by the Mrs. Robinson type. I found you entrancing last night -- butt sniffs are to be cherished -- and hope to see you at future parties.

    My younger brother, Just Harry, may, however, be intrigued by your great grand pup, Ms. Lindy Lou

    Your friend,


  19. Wonderful poem!barking -barking
    thank you for sharing,Your human should make christmas card out of that pic.And remember . Be especially patient with your humans during this time. They may appear to be more stressed-out than usual and they will appreciate long comforting dog leans.woof-woof

    Lot's of Lick's

  20. What a beautiful poem, Patience. And how true it is! You have very eloquently said it all!!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  21. What a great poem, you sure are talented! So I gotta tell my Mom when I am giving her kisses and stick my tongue up her nose its just LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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