Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Rescuer's Question: How?

This is for Ruby the Greyhound's Rescuer at the Lurchers' blog. Ruby is going to her forever home tomorrow.

It was first published in my book, Mama Pajama Tells A Story, 2nd edition

© 2007 Patience C Renzulli and I gave myself permission to reprint it here.


How do I tell this little dog that the love she gave me will be forever treasured?

How do I thank this little dog for teaching me lessons in cheerfulness and optimism despite having been treated so badly by people in her past?

How have I fallen so in love with this brave good soul in just six short weeks?

How, oh how do I reassure her? She has given so freely of her love from the first moment, but her trust, that has been much slower, and is just starting to emerge. And here, as she starts to trust me, I will disappear from her life.

How do I tell this little dog, as I place her in a stranger's arms, that I have done everything in my power to make sure that this home is the absolute best possible for her. Better than my own arms.

That she will be treasured, protected, loved. That this home is everything I prayed for, and even more.

How do I turn away from her questioning eyes? Those deep, loving eyes that won't understand how I could be leaving her with strangers?

She's been through so much...

How do I tell her thank you?

How do I tell her goodbye?

© 2007 Patience C Renzulli, all rights reserved
illustration © William F Renzulli, all rights reserved


  1. Oh Patience...thank you for that, and for understanding.

    I'm crying buckets now! I thought saying goodbye to the others was hard but saying goodbye to Ruby has been just awful. She couldn't have gone to a better home but her face as I left....well, you've been there, you know.

  2. DeawLadyMaria
    I just saw the bootiful pictoowe Delia picked of Union suwe awe lucky to be fwom such a loving and talented family!!!
    I hope you'we not mad at my Sam I Am anymowesmoochie kisses to all of you

  3. Patience
    You aways manage to make my Mommi's eyes leak all ovew..I'm going to have to wation hew weading ..
    smoochie kisses

  4. Thanks for posting this! Yes, the questions is how!
    Have a good night

  5. Patience,

    All I can say is to give her a big kiss and hug. She will understand your love and sorrow. When she is in the arms of her new family she will be comforted and eventually relaxed. She will grow to love them too, but she will never forget you, your love for her, or what you did for her. Dogs never forget.

    How very heartbreaking, yet generous, compassionate, and loving for you to give her up.

    Best of luck to her in her new forever home.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  6. Awwww... my Mom feels about the same when she has to give up puppies to new owners, although I'm just as happy, I don't want any competition! She's babysitting one right now that has to go back to the breeder's tomorrow and it will be sad for her. I don't know why she gets so nuts over puppies -- aren't we enough??? I was a puppy once.


  7. Oh Man....we've caught up on your past few and wow! The excerpt from your novel is amazing; like amazing!!! Mumsie can't wait to read the whole book!

    So u were a PACU nursie....??? That's wild, too...send Mumsie ur pee mail address or pmail her at

    Er...Lady Maria...could u please unground Sam I Am????????

    For Sam....I had NO idea you are such a good kisser....after I took the mistletoe out to the Whippet Wagon at Asta's, it was astounding at the # of girl doggies lined up for their 10 minutes with ya. Maria was busy with Asta setting some more horsie doovers out, so she never knew!

    Sammie...Scruffy and I are gonna stop by on our way to Ag and Arch's before the game. We'll be in our reindeer outfits and pulling a sleigh....we just are hoping it gets off the ground. See if you can come...perhaps old dog could come too if we wrap him up in very heavy blankies and Koobie snuggles with him on our way up north???

    Merry lakie barks....Lacie

  8. That was so wonderful. We got Tanner from a rescue shelter and our Aunt fostered him for a few months until she was able to drive him from Ohio (all the way to AZ) and we know how she must have felt.

  9. Okay that made me cry too and I don't remember crying...


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