Friday, November 30, 2007

My note to Google

Here is my feedback to Google.
  • I removed my AdSense from my blog. Google allows the puppymillers to advertise. This is EXTREMELY bad business (as eBay found out). I tried to block the ad from as soon as I saw it, but I got HOWLING MAD at the notion that my readers thought I would allow those purveyors of mysery on my blog. I know it takes hours to remove the ad. But it is simply unacceptable for five minutes, much less five hours.You would win fans the WORLD over if you follow eBay's policy of no sales of live animals - or advertising of such. Really, it's got to be a tiny share of your advertising market, and if you made a Press Release that you were doing that you would do more positive promoting of Google than ten thousand paid advertisements.

Only I included the real URL for the puppy mill scammer. Should I try to start an Internet campaign to pressure Google to stop advertising live pets? eBay stopped, and no one thought they would.

I've seen ads for puppy mill puppies occasionally in my GMail, and it made me sick, but oh this was so personal, like I was personally condoning the creeps.

Ranting and freaking and needing to do something about it.



  1. Oh Patience
    We so agwee!!This is just tewwible..they need to know that we won't allow this on ouw sites!!!
    Hit them whewe it huwts..theiw stoopid pocket books.
    I don't have a puppy destwucto photo, but I know that people get puppies fow the holidays and then discawd makes us so vewy sad.
    smoochie kisses

  2. If you start a campaign I'll happily put my name to it.....

  3. If you start an internet campaign, I'd be happy to help however I can.

  4. Yup, us too! Wires are good activists. Prolly Teka can be an activist too!


  5. I would also be happy to help!

  6. Let us know too....we'll help! I need to go and wake Scruffy up so he can go upstairs and go to sleep. A Lakeland's work is never done!


  7. An EXCELLENT idea - we would gladly support and help in any way we can.

    Give Hope to the Mill Dogs
    North Penn Puppy Mill Watch
    Visit Us Online:

  8. I wish I knew how to block the ads (I have adsense on my blog, I think I'll be taking it down)... in my gmail almost all the ads on the side are for puppies. I HATE it.

  9. I'm glad you managed to get the ads of your site - let me know if I can help the campaign.

  10. OK, I put a posting on my blog, too, linking to yours! Watch out, Larry and Sergei! xoxoxomt


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