Friday, November 30, 2007

Need photos of (Christ)mass destruction! CONTEST!

I am writing an online article (for about why it is a Bad Idea to give a puppy or dog as a Christmas present. Does anyone have a photo of a dog caught in the act of mass destruction you could email to me? If Christmas trees or decorations are sacrificed, even better! But any big mess made by a creative canine will be most appreciated. You could email them to me.

The best photo will win its dog a custom made beauteemous Holiday collar!!! WOW! How fun is that! Here are some examples of the trim we could choose, and the style of flat, side release collar I am talking about.
Thank you in advance!


  1. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Skyler, my puppy, peeing ON TOP OF my grandmother's dining room table last night!

  2. Beautiful collars Pee! I wish I had some photos of mass destruction...but I'm usually so busy trying to clean it that I don't think to take a picture. You should email Zep. :)

  3. For a second I thought, "Oh, I wish I had a picture to submit!"

    ...Then I realized how fortanate I am to NOT be able to participate in this contest. =)

    I do have one instance that would qualify from when my boys were pups, but I was too livid and busy screaming to take a picture when it happened.

  4. This is great, Patience!!!! Can't wait to run your story on! xxoxoxomt

  5. Oh Patience...when I was a kid, we always had a Christmas garden that took hours and hours to build...trains, small houses, cars, ponds, a tunnel for the railroad, soldiers...maybe I'll scan and post a pic someday...but Sarge, WFT I, saw a dog out the window one day when my parents had left to go out. He knocked over a six foot Christmas tree, smashing the entire garden. We KNEW my dad would "get rid of the dog..." (though he never would have, he threatened a lot!) took my brother and me hours to clean up that mess and put it back so you couldn't tell....I'd give a lot to have had a picture of that!!!!


  6. Hi Patience,
    I'll have to see if I can find the pictures. I have one of several of my puppies who ate my friends cookbooks somewhere.


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