Thursday, November 1, 2007


You have seen our very favorite toy. It squeaks all over and is huge.

We love it and it makes us CRAZY.

This is our favorite Baby Ben.

He lives with Lindy Loo's brother Emmett in our neighborhood.

He went out Trick or Treating and came to our house first.

We thought he was a new Ginormous Stinker!!!!

Lindy Loo did the Butt Sniff Investigation, and


That's no Ginormous Stinker! That's our Baby Ben!

~Happy All Saints Day~


  1. awwwwwwwwww Ben is adorable as a skunk! He doesn't seem to mind it one bit!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. BOL! Little Stinker - too cute! Looks like you had a fun Halloween. Woofs, Johann

  3. HEHEHEHE!!!! My son was a skunk last year. Is that not just the funniest and cutest costume you've ever seen?

    Very funny stuff!

    Oh, and I finally have a date for my whippet's home coming. The 24th! I can't wait to share pictures and blog entries! :D

  4. Muzzzer says that is one cute baby! I guess she is the family expert on that. I'm worried though, cause he doesn't have many teeth! Can you get someone to fix that?


  5. That baby hooman suwe is cute..doggies awe too smawt to mistake one fow a stinker,heheh
    You didn;t make us sad with youw stowy about the adoption, that was wondewful!!! I'm just sad about Janie and the way she gets shifted awound with no weal fuwwevew home, and sickness too
    smoochie kisses

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog. To be honest, I haven't quite figure out the whole Flickr thing yet.....

    You will really like Oregon. There are so many things to chase, sniff, eat....destroy! And the best part is that its pretty muddy during winter...BONUS!!


  7. These are adorable photos. I absolutely adore your giant skunk! : )

    Lisa Duffy
    Sophie the IG
    Caper & Chai

  8. THAT IS TOOOO FUNNY!! Whippets do love All Saints Eve!! Cam Brooks I want to win that collar!!!

  9. Darren dressed Sirius the black lab as a skunk to go trick or treating with the boys Wednesday night. He usually wags his tail off though...

  10. Ben sure is lucky he passed the sniff test or he might be cruising through your yard right now!!!


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