Friday, November 2, 2007

And the winner is...

Me! Huh? (No not really, just scroll down to see the real give away winner.)

My reasons for doing this drawing were threefold:

  1. to help spread the word about the blog and my book,

  2. to encourage Dear Readers to comment,

  3. and to have a tangible way to say thank you because you Dear Readers are awesome.

What I did not realize was how affirming you would be in your comments. I am not by nature a super confident person. I am old enough and have enjoyed some small (but to me, enormous) successes with my writing so that I don't need to be all "gosh, I can't write, please argue with that." But Bill constantly encourages me to do more, and I constantly say I'm not ready for prime time. (And it isn't like I've got literary agents banging down the door, so there.)

But now when I'm feeling puny and insignificant and so unworthy, I can read through your ever so kind, generous, encouraging comments and I will feel brave and inspired.

Thank you.


Now, on to the ACTUAL drawing! First I made word document of all of the comment/entries, making each three lines. Then I used my handy dandy paper cutter to make them all the same size. I got Fat Charlie to check for uniformity:

Then I got a second opinion from Maria:

OK, Sam I Am?

Good enough!

Then I had Luciano and Lindy Loo check to see that they were all folded in half, and you couldn't see which entry was whose:

Under close supervision, I mixed and mixed and mixed the entries:

Lindy Loo couldn't wait to see who won!

Can you read it?

The winner is


Congratulations! Please email me with your address, Momma Phoenix. Thank you EVERYONE! We'll have to do this again.


  1. I think they were hoping for something more exciting than paper in the bowl... :)

  2. Congrats to Momma_Phoenix! Love the pix of the whippies "helping".. Hope they're not upset you disturbed their naps.. lol..

    Ane & the WriggleButts

  3. I totally missed youw dwawing..sheeesh, you sleep one day, and look what happens! Congwatulations to the winnew!

    BTW,thank you so much fow saying I'm a good woving wepowtew fow doggies..My Mommi and I listen to NPW all day, while we paint,and cook and iwon and I pwactice my skills as a stuffy suwgeon. we love them!!!
    Youw doggies suwe awe gowgeous, not all squawe and boxy like me..I'd like to be that gwaceful..sweet dweams
    smoochie kisses to all

  4. Hey pals, thanks for dropping by my blog and for the good wishes! 9 Dogs? Wow! J x

  5. We missed the chance to enter but Mom wanted to say she really likes to read your blog!

  6. Darn it all....we did not win !

  7. I guess I'll just have to purchase one now. For those of you who haven't purchased Mama Pajama Tells a Story, what are you waiting for? I wish there was a third.


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