Thursday, November 8, 2007

What We Do While the Servant Works

Our Servant works in a little room in our house.

We do this:

This is in the Servant's little work room. Lindy Loo looks like she is moving, but she is sound asleep. You can just see the casters on the Servant's computer chair. My Great, great Uncle Giacomino is never ever far from the Servant, no matter what. He gets dibs on the nearest space.

This is the next door room to the Servant's Work Closet. If Fat Charlie gets uncovered he goes and stares at the Servant. She is so dense, she can't figure out if it's an "I'm hungry" stare, or an
"I have to go out" stare, or an "I need covers" stare. So after she's given him a biscuit and opened the door for him, as he stares at her going, "Nooooo, that's not it," then she gets it and goes back upstairs and covers him up.

Maria and Looch are really good at barking if a little tiny piece of them gets uncovered. The Servant gets that. Sometimes they uncover a little part on purpose just to see her jump up from whatever she's doing. Plus they get a kiss.

And here I am looking so handsome with my Great Aunt Mama Pajama. This is a rather soggy place to be, because Great Aunty has a Condition and can leak copiously. But I don't mind and it is an honor to be allowed to snuggle with her. She never asks for anything besides food, food, food, and the Servant covers her up just because. I am Tough and I don't need no steenkin' covers.

Hoping all dogs are staying toasty warm out there-

Sam I Am


  1. Delia is in her own special spot across the breezeway in her own personal Servant's studio. She adopted him after HRH Gracious died. She is the official Gallery Greeter and only hangs with me if Bill is running errands, or when we're both in the house. Or when I'm feeding her twice a day!

  2. That's my tough guy, Sam I Am. Like he says, "No stinking covers for me!"
    I was trying to figure which end of Lindy Loo's was which when I realized it was ALL end!
    Neighbor Linda

  3. you guys really have a good routine going there, and your servant is very well trained. It is still 90 degrees here so we don't need no steenkin covers either :)

  4. Sam I Am,
    You all look so cozy and wawm..I usually don't covew up.
    Don't wowwy about me in NY it's weally not dangewous, and I know my way's the othew kids who awe a little twoublesome,hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  5. I thought that was probably the case, but as you'd just posted about having NINE... :)

  6. Ohh.. That looks so very cozy.. And after figuring out what part of Lindy Loo was sticking out we figured out the "on the move" part, too!

    We have a dog friend that talk about SIS (sleeping in style) as the word describing weird sleeping positions.

    Ane & The WriggleButts

  7. Looking at your pictures I feel like I want to be covered too!
    My mo is well trained too! I stare at her and she knows what I want!
    Have a good night

  8. Hey you guys! Thanks for visiting our blog!
    We never really need covers ... but then we have a bit more fur. Want us to send you some? Mom says she gets enough fur to make another whole pup every time she brushes us -- which is WAY too often! Ha roo roo roo!
    Tail wags,
    PS: We don't think 9 is too much at ALL. You guys are ALL where you should be!

  9. What fantastic pictures - and luck dogs!!

  10. Hey Patience and the Nine...Mumsie always throws her t shirt across Scruffy's back as she and I get in the shower. (If I don't get to get in the shower with her, I have a complete meltdown...) But Scruffy, dumb wire that he is just walks around with this shirt draped over him...and then he usually takes a nap. Odd duck...
    Why don't whippets have any fur?? Or not much? What part of the world did they originate from? Musta been someplace hot!


  11. oh we wanna snuggle too!

    tx trio wagging out


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