Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogging fun

We've made friends with a wonderful little dog who is a fellow blogger. Her name is Asta, and her blog is HERE. She is the sweetest little Wire Fox Terrier, and even though she is hairy, we are ever so fond of her. She is teaching us to get over our hairydogophobia! This will make our Servant so pleased, as she thinks we will stop barking at all the hirsute dogs who trot by our fence. (Actually we bark at the dogs who trot by our fence because it's fun. But we'll let the Servant think whatever she wants as long as she gives us bones like last night, but wait we haven't told you about that yet!) If you check out her blog, you'll see that Asta and her humans are Doers of Kind Acts and Eaters of Good Food and we're proud to get to know them.

And on top of that they gave us our own award!

This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun.

Thank you Asta!

And, if that weren't exciting enough we have been invited out for a wild night of poker! Scruffy of Scruffy and Lacie is planning a poker party Friday night before the Michigan/Penn State game on Saturday. The photo below my gorgeous signature shot shows Sammy Goodypants, I mean Sam I Am, in the Whippet Wagon all ready to roll. He's going to drive us to the party, then to the game on Saturday, where he'll drop us off and do zoomies back to Paducah to get his Therapy Dog test. Then he'll zoom back to Michigan to pick us Fun Dogs back up and take us home. He is such a suck up.

Do NOT let my mother, the Lady Maria, hear about this. She is the Fun Police. And Swede William is NOT allowed to go. He still has his boy parts. Enough said. So it will be me, my half brother Fat Charlie (get LOTS of pizza), and Sam I Am. Maybe my sister Delia, but she does not like to travel without her manservant so I doubt it. I have to say, that I for one am glad there are going to be ladydogs there, if you know what I mean. (Even though they all say I should have auditioned for Broke Back Mountain. Just because I got a little confused when Lindy Loo was that way and I tried to get romantic with Fat Charlie. Geesh, one little mistake like that and they never let you forget it. No I wasn't the least bit interested in Lindy Loo, she's not my type. But I'm just sayin' ... Just one look at my picture there and you can tell I am all DAWG.)
Yeah, it just looks like I have eyeliner on. It's a whippet thing. That's all.


  1. We love your pic! Jeannie says the permenant eyeliner would be a boon to her!

    Is it ok if we link with your Blog, it looks good fun!

    drop by and leave me a comment in my Chat Box if its ok with you?

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  2. Luciano.. I think you're a total DAWG just like me!


  3. Luciano...muzzer says all Italian Males are both beautiful and Sexy, at least while they stay slim. I'd say you qualify.


  4. Oh Luch' we know you are alllllll dawwwwg.

    The boys

  5. Luciano
    I'm with Gussie
    You awe one handsome guy!!! I'm not suwpwise if both boys and giwls awe attwacted to you!
    As you saw on my bloggie I get a long vewy well with whippets..of couwse I can't wun bootifully like you, but what I lack in gwace I twy to make up in enthusiasm!
    I pwomise not to bweathe a wowd to youw mothew, the lady Maria,heheh
    have fun!smoochie kisses

  6. woofies the Waggle Gang!!! heehee u gots another awarwd, check on me bloggy...

    b safe,

  7. You should be in films - you are GORGEOUS!! You must make the girls dizzy with passion.

  8. Patience
    I think you can just steal the sign from me..if it doesn't work, I'll send it to you in a pee meil OK?
    Ami, Asta Mommi

  9. Hehehe, it sounds like a good time will be had by all!!

  10. Hey, Sam!
    We're in for the football game! Mom said we could go so we'd love to ride in the Whippet wagon!

    See ya soon!

    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Yo...sounds like the whippet wagon will be transporting quite a few from Pittsburgh to Lansing for the PSU game!!! Now the weather in Michigan could be a bit brisk for whippets...I have arranged for you to have Airedale coats to wear once we cross the Michigan line. I know how much you love fur!!!!!

    Forever grateful for the wheels!!


  12. How was Poke night?

    Why don't you join us in DWB Chat? A whole pack of us get together for a barking chat every Sunday - 9 am Eastern Time (That's 10 pm Singapore time). Peemail me at and I'll send you the secret DWB Chat Room address!

    Bussie Kissies

  13. I may be part whippet too...I have the eyeliner thing going on ...

  14. does the hairy dog thing relate to all hairy dogs? even those with eyeliner? i have some good friends who are whippets...


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