Friday, November 9, 2007

We're Famous!

Well, not really. But we were in an article in the Boston Globe!
You can read it HERE.

Back to regular story telling in a bit.

Patience and the whippet waggle


  1. Where are the whippets in that story? We want the whippets! I mean, art is nice, but doggies rule.


  2. ooh! Famous!! No mention of the Waggle though?

  3. wow that is so cool! do you guys have pics up of your house, it sounds cool!

  4. Well, of course we couldn't agree more. Where, indeed, are the WHIPPETS? I mean those humans stayed in OUR house and ate OUR food, and we allowed them to give us scritches and EVEN, EVEN allowed them to share their hors d'oeuvres with us.
    OK, they were a pretty coolio couple, and they smelled like their dachshunds, and we really liked them.
    We believe that the Nice Lady actually did write about us, but that the stinko paper edited us out.
    Good thing it was not delivered to OUR house or we would have used it for potty fodder.
    the whippet waggle

  5. Hey Joe! We are just so delighted when you visit, Your Honor! The Servant put side pictures of the house in the A Terrible Scare story. (I don't know how to link to it here...It was posted on Oct 13th) The downstairs part on the back is my studio and gallery where I stay with my Manservant during the day while he paints, because *I* am so special, and I chose him to be *mine*.

  6. That is so neat! :D The artist relocation program is really fascinating!


  7. WOW Nanna Pee you are famous..Congrats!!

    Nearly Noodle

  8. Oh now I'm REALLY pulled to visit Paducha!! Great article!


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