Friday, October 2, 2009

Swede William to the Rescue! (another story of a senile servant)


I did it again. I misplaced a dog. Not like the first Sad Story of A Senile Servant, which in keeping with the Blogoversary was posted the second week of this blog's existence, and in which I thought I had put Fat Charlie in the dryer with the wash. Nothing like that.

Lindy Loo is in season. This makes for a twenty-four/seven finely choreographed dance, in which our little lovers - Lindy Loo and Swede William - are never, ever partnered. We put a crate in the TV room. Either Lindy or William is in the crate. When one goes outside, the other is in. I worried about Bill keeping up with this, but the threat of puppies is a great incentive!

Last night at bed time, William wouldn't settle. He sleeps in a wire crate adjacent to Lindy Loo's VariKennel. He whined softly. I looked up from my book, (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court). Their crates form a bank on the wall opposite our bed. William's eyes were glowing red Martian things, twice their normal size, burning holes in my forehead.

Well, the dogs have been passing a diarrhea bug around, so... "Come on, William," I said. "Gotta go out again?"

He ran to the TV room. (There's always a special chewy in the special TV room crate.) Then he ran downstairs, ran outside, took a warp speed pee, ran back inside, ran upstairs, ran to the crate in the TV room, and when I called him he ran into his crate in the bedroom and instantly recommenced whining.

It's only day eleven of Lindy's special time, and the real fireworks don't start until day fourteen or fifteen. "Hush, William!" I said. He tipped his head up to look into the strip of side window of Lindy's crate and looked back at me. His eyes were the size of a '55 Chevy's headlights, and were blinking RED - GREEN - RED like some kind of devil possessed doggy eye neon. It was rather eerie. He whined again.

Hmmm. Maybe he would rather sleep in the TV room crate with the chewy, I pondered. Maybe Lindy is especially alluring and it's too much being in such close proximity. "Come on, buddy. Let's see if you're happier in the next room." I took him by the collar so that he wouldn't think we were going downstairs and out again, and we walked into the TV room. "It's tough on a guy, isn't it, sweetheart," I said.

Well thank the good lord I had a hold of his collar because when I opened the TV room crate, out came Lindy Loo! WHAT? HUH? Uhhhh... But I had given her her biscuit in her bedroom crate??? Did I ... oops, get your sexy butt out of his face! Yikes, oh no.

I got my wits - what's left of them - about me and took Lindy and William into their proper crates in the bedroom. Lindy gobbled her biscuit, which had been sitting in her empty crate. William curled right up and went immediately to sleep.

He had only been trying to tell me that I had misplaced his Lindy Loo! What a good boy!

Hug your heroic hounds


  1. snicker, snort....Rob has twice put whippets in crates with cats.

  2. Willy Yum is the bestest dog.

    I know.

    Teka Toy

  3. Ms Patience, I am ready to add you to our 'My Town Blogger' Friday Shoot Out members list! Can you email me your info, and tell me if this is the site you will be posting from? Thanks, Chef E

  4. I just adore Swede William. Thanks for the late night giggle.

    Mel :)

  5. Francarrich from WWOctober 3, 2009 at 1:27 AM

    There's nothing like having your loved one snuggled up next to you, even if you are in separate cages!

  6. I always knew it was true love between those two. xxxooo, from the cats on 6th

  7. OOPS - sounds like it was almost a close call!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. awww *smiling* -- teehee

    ove these descriptions !

  9. My two used to look just like this, their coloring too. Murphy my red, Sara my party mix brindle. When I saw this photo, it took me back for just one moment, a very special moment! thank you.

  10. cute! we have dogs to remind us to remember love.

  11. Hahahaha! That happens here from time to time. Well not the baby making bit but from time to time one of us gets forgotten. And we're not nearly as large of a pac. I think there is no conclusion other than my ape is batty and we might need the Swede to come take care of us from time to time.

    wally t.

  12. I just LOVE that photo! They are so sweet :-) I wish my guys would snuggle with each other like that...
    They really only snuggle with me, but that's pretty nice for me !
    Have fun tonight!

  13. Once, when our former dog Jenny was in, that special time, I opened the door to go to work. We'd had a terrible snow fall that night and I found a small lump of snow on our door step.

    As I watched, the lump of snow shook itself and revealed and very persistent little dachshund who had been sitting there patiently all night.

  14. in a dogsuit is love at its best, don't ya think???

    How's workie going??? Feet holding up??? Mine are killing me...need some new crocs...they do wear out!

    Happy belated blogoversary, Patience!!!!

    Barks and love,

    Mumsie and the kids!!

  15. ah young love :) Swede William is a gentleman for sure.

  16. What a good boy. We hope you all got a good night's rest. We're guessing you did.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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