Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Sunrise, Sunset

I first learned of the Friday My Town Shoot Out from my blog friend Barry. That lead me to the delightful blog of the Shoot Out's co-creator, a talented professional photographer named Patty, who happens to hail from my home state of Maryland. Well, it's a great fun way to visit places all over the world in a very intimate sense. You can get the whole list of folks who participate HERE, and go to New Zealand, the Caribbean, Oklahoma, Ontario, Great Britain, Idaho, and here, Paducah, Kentucky.

Today's assignment is from Sherri ( "What's not to love about sunrises and sunsets?" she asks.

I have failed you terribly, Dear Readers. I live on a gorgeous river and the sun, being an orb of fabled vanity, lingers over its reflection every morning. Or so I hear. By the time I have let the eight whippets out, fed them, given Easy and Mama Pajama their meds, and downed enough coffee to be marginally functional, Mr. Sun is up. (Okay, so there's a game or two of Lexulous I play on Facebook while I warm up my mental engines.)

I did get this photo of the river when there should have been a sunrise during Ike-

I took this out of our guest bedroom window during the ice storm this winter:

We stayed in the guest bedroom, because it had a gas fireplace and we were guiltily toasty warm. The entire region was without power, some for weeks.

This is where you will find a dedicated group of dog lovers every Monday evening:

Out at the Paducah Kennel Club property, practicing our dogs in Agility. Wednesday nights we socialize puppies and practice our conformation (show) dogs. Thursday night is obedience class.

The Kennel Club property is my sanity and my fun. I've been a country dweller nearly my entire life until moving to this magical town.

I can load the dogs up and go to the kennel club and see a sunset over a horizon of trees again. I can enjoy my dogs and my friends and my friends' dogs - a trifecta! It's good for the dogs, and it's good for my soul.
Mama Pajama on a late spring evening at the Kennel Club. It's not exactly a sunrise/sunset shot, well... except the sun does rise AND set on this little dog!
hug your hounds


  1. Out with the dogs at sundown: I love it! That's where I am too, usually, although not in conformation classes. That picture of the ice storm from your guest bedroom is a real winner: brrr.

  2. I remember some of your ice storm photos, Patience! They were shots of a really terrible beauty, as is this one.

  3. Thanks for the reminder that winter is on our doorstep. I too remember that ice storm you told us about! At the moment we are still snow free but that may not last very long. I have called my lawn mower and asked him if he could do one more pass over the fallen leaves. I love the sound of the crunchy leaves under 12 dog paws as we take our strolls about our neighborhood.


  4. Hey, doesn't Bill have a Sunset or a Sunrise in his collection. I think you should post it.


  5. The sun really does rise and setswith us, doesn't it?

    wally t.

    ps. My word is "wadwart". I'm not sure if that's serendipitous or just gross.

  6. Isn't Paducah a wonderful town to live in? I was so blessed to have been born and raised here.

  7. Don't you love all the sparkly ice when the sun shines after an ice storm. Dangerous but beautiful! Your pictures are lovely Patience. Your dog in the sunset looks so playful. Thank you for sharing these expressive photos.

  8. Don't feel guilty about being warm in an ice storm that leaves you without power for that long! The picture is awesome. I love the metallic shades in the sky.

  9. I really like the shot of the sun peaking through the snow and ice...but it makes me cringe knowing how close that weather is.

  10. Great photos and an interesting post. I rarely see a sunrise unless I'm on vacation. :)

  11. great shots! the ice and snow one is bringing memories of winter to me.....which is coming soon. Yikes!! have a great weekend!!

  12. Your photos are great, no apologies are needed, I am out of town lately, so my post are in other areas lately besides New Jersey!

  13. I like the ice storm shot. I has lots of detail.

  14. Gosh those power lines look so artistic!

  15. You never let us down.

    What's not to love about Patience's sunrises and sunsets?

    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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