Sunday, October 11, 2009


Lindy Loo is finished with her time of confinement. (Sing Hal Lay Looooo Ya - do I hear Amen!)
She has returned to the general population. Swede William is glad to have his best buddy back, but... "Are you sure, Lindy Loo? Don't you just want a little Swedish Schmorgasborg?"

No. In no uncertain terms, her answer is no way hose head.

It is so nice to have the household back in the natural order of things.
Swede William is sleeping in the sun. Luciano is barking at me every two seconds to "Turn up the heat!! Now!" Or at least, cover him up again.
Thank goodness we have a little under counter refrigerator in the dog room. Our big refrigerator died on Saturday. Only seven years old ooooooh that gets my goat.
When I was a teenager, I was embarrassed of my parents' refrigerator. It was older than I was, and my friends all had newer, sleeker models in their kitchens. Well, our fridge just wouldn't quit; it lasted until my son was a teenager. In fact, I don't believe it ever died.
Our recently deceased Kenmore is only seven years old. And I think it cost around $1200. Not a top of the line sub zero model, but not the cheapest, either. Seven years!!! The compressor went. It would cost $438 (with labor) to replace the compressor. So much for planned obsolescence. I think it stinks.
Bill and I spoke angry words last night. At each other. This is such a rare occurrence. Twenty-six years of marriage, and I think I can count the times we were angry at each other on one hand. Today we're being extra nice. Sheepish. Quiet. We'll laugh about it soon enough.
I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon outside. It's warmer out than in, and the grass is an out of control swampy jungle. The dogs will bask on the porch furniture in sun while I mow. It's rained for so many days; this sun is like a nice dose of soul morphine. The dogs are addicted.
I know that I will get a hit eventually on one of the gazillion of job applications I've filled out. It never occurred to me that my age and experience would be a liability! How naive am I? Yup, that naive. But this too shall pass.
In the mean time, I have a lovely sunny day to enjoy all the good. There is so much good.
hug your hounds


  1. Things will be better now that the natural order of things can be restored. No wee show, no Lindy Loo in the isolation chamber, and a refrigerator humming in the kitchen. And the job applications WILL come through. Maybe not the one you expect, but it will happen.

    I have spoken


  2. Hope you all got a nice serving of sun! And the perfect job will come!


  3. One of my girls just came into season....I am always amazed how that disrupts order. Sigh.

    About 'fridges -- I have been doing research (for the house on the Whippet Ranch and replacing a 'fridge in my house). Apparently, the newer models are not designed to last (GASP!). There is something about the design for greater energy efficiency that just makes the go kerplunk at an early age. One review suggested the days of the 20 year old 'fridge are gone and one should feel good to get 5 years out of newer models. green, tree hugging side just wonders how having to replace these big boxes every 5 years could be at all good for the environment OR energy saving, but....well, perhaps, that is my cynical side thinking.

    Hug your hounds....and TURN ON THE HEAT! (whippet abuse me-thinks...).

  4. "soul morphine" love it!
    The sun is out here but it is quite cold outside. We are napping inside while the staff sips on hot chocolate.

  5. Soul morphine..that's a good one!! Lovely pictures of the waggle relaxing in the sunshine!! PS Thanks for the info on "cut & paste"!!

  6. Gee, and I am mad at my washer and dryer because they are done at 25 years of age!
    Then your local fuel supplier who will for $15 a month come and repair your appliances, except when its anything serious like compressors or something unrepairable. I quit biting on that scam quite a few years ago. It all makes me want to just, just SPIT!

    Jo, Stella's Mom

  7. Amen, Lindy Loo, Amen! :-)

    Glad to hear you are enjoying a bit of a sun there.

    Really? Only 7 years? Looks like I have to braced myself for that eventuality too. At 6, it's been rather colicky, groaning constantly. Hmm...

  8. When I replaced a 5 year old fridge last year, my appliance repairman said that today's fridges last an average of 5 years. Crazy.

    He recommended an extended warranty due to this fact (and no, he wasn't selling me anything).

  9. Ah life will right itself again, and you will have a shiny new fridge. They just don't make things like they used to, that is probably why my human spends half her life at the antique stores.

  10. ooohh..that fridge problem would make me so crabby!! and i agree about age and experience on the job front. i am having the same problem and so are my soon to be unemployed friends.
    take care!

  11. The dorm is coed again--yippee!! So much easier on the the dorm mother. If you're a peaceable person it's kind of shocking when you do argue with someone you love. Cook some pasta, open a bottle of red and rent a good movie. My recent find is The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. I've decided he's part chameleon. Or, you do all the Consumer Reports legwork for a new fridge. :-)

  12. Phyllis...what kinda jobs are you applyin' for? Hospital? Jobs are still ok around here in nursing, but I've heard problems in other parts of the country...stinks....

    Hope the sunshine felt warm on your soul today and that all harmony, canine and hooman is restored...

    Hugs and terrier kisses...


  13. I really don't like appliances, even my stove-- which I used to like--but it let me down by needing an expensive repair this summer. grrrr! Lindy Loo and company look very comfortable; thank god dogs don't go into heat on a monthly basis.

  14. We agree with for jobs in this part of the world??bleak bleak bleak..seems like every hospital in the North East is on hold...but this too will always has in the gillion years I have been doing this...... PL2 and A+A

  15. You are right. There is so much good in every day. Some days are just harder to find it. Too bad our vision gets so clouded.

    We hope you enjoyed the sun. Do you remember?
    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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