Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Delia and her Bill

I'm proud of my husband.

He is on his way to Louisville to make a presentation to the whoop-tee-doo Movers and Shakers and Shapers of our state. We were asked to speak about how the arts can influence a community. I have other commitments, so Bill is going it alone. And oh are they going to love him!

He has worked on his Power Point presentation. He will speak with only some jotted notes, because he knows his subject and he has practiced and worked it all out. He will make his audience laugh, and think, and think some more, and grow. And laugh some more.

This is a man who wrote:

Our lives are a series of choices, usually far more than we ever appreciate. The fortunate person is one who recognizes the choices, and has the courage and the will to make the choices they desire, regardless of the difficulty and risk. Windows of opportunity will exist, often quite fleetingly, and the greater the opportunity the smaller the window.

(From Bill's beautiful book, Have I Told You Today That I Love You )

Delia was sleeping, all curled up under blankets in Bill's study, when Bill took his suitcase out to the car this morning. I will have to let her trot around his studio several times throughout today and tomorrow, to see for herself that he's not there. She won't believe me. He did say goodbye to her, but I'm pretty sure she thought he was simply going to the Post Office or the grocery store.

Bill has started a weekly email promotion. He will be offering two of his small originals at special prices. Here are the first two:
Salmon Sky, watercolor 5" x 8" $90

Summer Day, watercolor, 4" x 6" $60
If you would like to be put on the mailing list, email Bill

I'm going to my first ever writer's gathering/conference on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will be small and rather intimate, and I will feel inspired, insecure, under-educated, delighted, and just plain scared to death! It is hosted by a publishing house and the speakers, leaders and other guests are all way more accomplished than I am.
But it's one of those little windows Bill was talking about, isn't it? I will feel oh so humble and like a teensy happy flea jumping around trying to listen and learn. I'll do my best, that's all.
I want Bill to be able to be just half as proud of me as I am of him.
hug your hounds and your inspirations


  1. sounds like a very wise man! you are lucky to love him, as he is lucky to love you....sounds like my kind of presentation...good luck at the writer's are right, it is a window...

  2. Bill is a good man (but I think he found himself a pretty good lady, too ;)). I hope the conference is fun and interresting and educational!


  3. Hooray for both of you. Kentucky has many windows of opts for folks who are willing to wipe the dust off the windows and take a peek, then one will wipe off a little more dust and get a good look. The arts are thriving here.

  4. You are both an inspiration for the rest of us. Go Bill! Yeah Patience! Woo-hoo whippets!
    xxxooo, Deb

  5. Congratulations to the whoop-tee-doo Movers and Shakers and Shapers of your state for having the good sense to invite Bill. I'm sure he will impress them and leave them with much to ponder.

    I hope you enjoy your time at the writers conference. I'll bet there aren't many as accomplished as you!

    I don't have a hound to hug but I will hug Lindsay and give her a big pat.

  6. Ahhh..we wish both of you were here to hug, congratulations all around, and tell Delia she only has another day to miss him

    Teka toy

  7. This is great! You both are going to something you love! You will be hooked after this first!! :)

  8. I need only say this. Patience is the singular most gifted, intelligent, witty, and amazing person I know and have ever known!!

    And, I love her..and am indeed proud of her.

  9. Mommi is aways cwying when she weads youw posts auntie Patience.
    I think they awen't sad teaws , just teaws because she says you move hew..I don't undewstand.
    I know that love moves hew mowe than anything, and you have that and so much mowe in abundance.
    I know you will bof be amazing..It's an honow to know you.Delia, and the west of the waggle awe soo lucky to have you as pawents
    smoochie kisses

  10. Go for it Patience! Love the watercolors of Bill you posted - I think I like those even more than his acrylics!!
    And...I didn't know he wrote a book too! You are such an artistic couple!!

  11. Francarrich from WWOctober 15, 2009 at 7:26 AM

    Hope you both enjoy your "engagements".

  12. I really enjoyed your post! What struck me is that you are both actually "doing" things you love, and you're willing to go out & learn, in spite of being insecure, and just plain scared to death! That's inspiring!

  13. OK. Another book for the booklist. The quote reminded Moma of the day (yes, the day, the moment) that she decided she wanted to adopt a daughter. Less than six months later she was a mom.

    How did the writer's gathering/conference turn out? Will we find out? We'll read on. With pleasure.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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