Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Classics of Childhood

This week's theme, chosen by Ellisa, is Classics of Childhood.

My son, Jake, who is now 33, with his pony Peter. Yes, Peter has Dixie cups on his ears. And yes, Peter is still alive and well and living with Jake's sister Sara and her two little boys!

Our Paducah Kennel Club is smack dab in the middle of putting on our HUGE exciting Agility Trial. Our four day trial filled to capacity, and we started on Thursday at four with more than 200 runs. Today, Saturday and Sunday we have 330 something runs! Go us! We've gotten in the paper, on the TV news (NBC affiliate WPSD), and we're on the net HERE and HERE and HERE!

So it's a fun busy exciting time and I barely got my Friday Shoot Out up but here we go.
Here in Paducah, baby Ben helped celebrate Lindy Loo and Emmett's birthday
Two Halloween's ago, Baby Ben came as a giant squeak toy!!!

Grandson William sang Oh SOLE MIO!!! while we all made pasta from scratch.
They were magical times!
hug your hounds


  1. We've never made pasta from scratch.

    Maybe that's because whenever I sing Oh SOLE MIO people run screaming from the room?

    Or maybe its because we don't have a pasta maker?

    Or some combination of the two?

  2. Congrats on a successful trial! Friends + fur = lots of FUN! I was hoping for another picture of your handsome son all grown up.... but no. *sigh* ;-)

  3. A wonderful selection ....Oh sole mio!!!!!!

  4. Peter the Pony is still alive, and in the family: I love it. Such a sweetie not to mind those dixie cups on his ears. Have fun with the agility trials, and enjoy your weekend!

  5. giant squeak toy, i love it!

  6. Barry - no pasta machine here! That was Bill's Mom's old 'geetar' - a board with taught wires - you place the thinly rolled dough on top of the wires, roll your pin over it and voila! Linguini!!!

    the agility trials are going just fantastic - I'm so proud of our little club!

  7. I love your last's poetry :)

  8. Okay, I'll ask what others haven't. Why Dixie cups on the ears? What great picture of your favorite children, Patience--two and four-legged.

    what did you learn/teach at your writer's conference?

  9. Happy Barkday to Lindy Loo and Emmett! And tell Bill I have my Nonna's ravioli cutter. We could have a great time.


  10. I love the squeaktoy costume! Too cute.

  11. Your entry is super AND it prompted me to check out your book on Amazon! Now I'm going to google Whippets so I can find out why you love them so much. Have a great weekend!

  12. Homemade onies! OMG! We can only imagine how yummy it is!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. I was wondering about the Dixie cups also.

  14. What great memories!! Love the "squeaky toy" comment. that's what my dog thinks of my two yr old in his Halloween costume this year too!

    Thanks for playing this week ♥

  15. What wonderful memories! I love the squeaky toy costume too. My grandmother didn't have the old board or the pasta machine.... She taught us how to make the dough and slice them with a knife..... Penn. Dutch noodles are nothing like your Italian pasta....

    Feeling a bit ethnically jealous...

    Sagehound & Family

  16. Love the serenading! The little skunk is very cute.
    What a sweet little pony.

  17. Oh too cute!

    Loved it!

    Being a dog person/animal lover - I love what you do for dogs.

  18. It would be dangerous for a bebe child to come dressed as a squeakie to my house! heehee

  19. I love when my boys break into song!

  20. Magical times bring smiles. And warm fuzzy feelings.

    Gotta go hug my hounds.
    Jake and Fergi's moma


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