Sunday, March 16, 2008

SIX MONTHS! (On Blogs and Blogging)

This is pretty funny coming from the "I will never have a blog" queen. But here's my post on how much I've come to love blogging and bloggers and reading blogs and writing this blog. And this is from the person who would get just a little annoyed when I saw the word blog. Like, "Oh, they have a blog. Well aren't they so special? And then I read a blog that I loved, and that blog led me to another, which was really good. And then Amy told me about the blogger who got a book deal because her blog took off. "Sure, well that was her," I said. And Amy said, "You can do it, Patience! What can it hurt to try?"

So, I have a blog. What I didn't realise was how many nice people I would meet through blogging. I thought that only scary angry bomb making vulgar sex maniacs and murderous perverts blogged. It never occurred to me that nice folks who loved dogs would blog, and find each others' blogs. When I discovered Dogs With Blogs I met hundreds of supportive, kind, entertaining, eloquent, delightful folks who adore their dogs.

Then I couldn't keep track. Several of the dog bloggers recommended Bloglines and I love it. I signed up for free and got no spam or stupid ads from it. Now I click on my bloglines page, and it shows me when a blog has a new post. No stuff in my Inbox, no losing a blog that I enjoy, no clicking on a blog to find nothing new.

So, I noticed tonight that it's been six months since I've started this blog. How about that? OK, the literary agents aren't beating down my door. HA! But Google keeps records, and 6,914 people have visited 27,642 times, viewing 38,490 pages. [Bill and I probably account for 20,000 of the visits.] The most popular story is Mouse! which has been read 1,391 times, followed by My Dog Is Getting Old, and For Dog Lovers Only. I have updated my sidebar to reflect the favorite stories in order of reader preference. And added a couple new ones.

I was even generating some revenue with Google Ads, but I couldn't filter out all the puppy mill ads. I couldn't stand for a nanosecond having a big old Internet puppy brokerage or a commercial breeder advertising on my blog. So I forfeited my earnings, and I'm not noble or rich (ha ha har ho ha hee hee hee falling down pounding the floor with my fists oh ha ha ha har har), I'm just stubborn. And I just hate the whole notion of breeding dogs for profit. I just hate it. I would like to believe that if I were forfeiting $100,000 instead of $27.74, I would have done the same thing. Or figured out a way to filter out those ads!

But (thank you, thank you dear readers) one very fun thing is that I got a royalty check from the publisher, and folks are buying my little book of stories! Many of you dear readers have bought the book either directly from me or from eBay and I know about that, and rejoice with every book. But I don't know until I get the quarterly statements how many books have sold through online sellers like Amazon. Whoopee! It was good news! And before you think I've gotten all rich (another fit of uncontrollable hysterics), I get a whole whopping $6 from each book that sells via bookstore, but oh what encouragement I get when folks buy my little book!

That encouragement gives me the oomph I need as I try to write The Novel. With the help ("prodding" she calls it) of a dear friend, the end of The Novel is actually maybe almost potentially visible. Most of the time I feel like a Foolish Old Woman. Who said I could write a novel? But this story, this little fictional dog's story, wants to be told. It will not leave me alone. The characters are becoming as real as the ache in my shoulders as I hunch over the keyboard. They are with me when I drive and always tag along on our walks. They hover around as I write this blog, and they dance behind my eyelids when I try to fall asleep. They are taking over and are starting to write the story themselves. If only they would pitch in when I'm picking up poop...

This is my thank you note to all of you. It is very personal, and I feel more than a little vulnerable telling you how much I appreciate your support and your kindness.

It has been a fun six months. I am so enjoying the new people I've met, and of course the delightful dogs I've gotten to know. I love writing for you.

Oh, and as a thank you, I will randomly draw a name from the comments on this post (if you are loathe to comment, email me instead) and the winner will get a free, signed copy of Mama Pajama Tells A Story, or if you already have it, you can substitute two custom made collars! The drawing will be a week from today. Monday March 24. Good luck!

Thank you-

hug your hounds


  1. Six months and counting! Sure is nice to write our stories and day by day things and sharing them with wonderful people like you. Thanks for being our friend!
    Kisses and hugs
    Lorenza and mom

  2. We sure are glad you decided to start a blog because we love reading your stories. Someday Mom will get off her lazy bum and order your book, she has 390458 books already so one more certainly won't break her wallet. We will certainly read your novel when you finish!

  3. Thanks, Patience, for the wonderful six months of smiles and tears. You have been a mood elevator and a spokeshuman for Important Things.

    Without the blog, I would have not known about and enjoyed your book.

    Even now, your stories prepare me for my 11 1/2 year old Star's last laps of loving, giving life. Just last night, he decided to leave his bedtime crate and place himself in his accustomed daytime place on the corner of the L shaped sofa, looking like the Loch Ness Whippet for sure, head and neck rising up from the pillows.

    No crate for him while my son's red fawn greyhound has his huge pillow in the living room. I smiled knowingly. "Sweet old dog",I found myself mumbling,
    and let him sleep there, covered with a fleecy blanket until he decided in the middle of the night to slip back into the crate.

    I knew Patience would be proud.

    "Stardusted" for sure....
    Kathy and Star (and the BIG "whippet" Seneca

  4. We adore your stories and your book and we're so glad that you're a member of DWB! We would have never met you otherwise!
    Keep on blogging, Patience!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. wow, you've come a long way in six months. i think at six months my blog had something like six regular readers, total.


    and if you are interested in keeping track of your visitors, you can add a statcounter widget for free and filter out your own computer number. it's fun to keep track.

  6. You know, we met online, just through the whippet list rather than a blog :)

    Kathy & Agnes

  7. Thanks for continuing to write such entertaining stories! I always get excited when I get an email saying you've posted something new.

  8. Congratulations on your blogging milestone. Having read your first book, I know the novel will be great.

  9. Welcome to the love lines, baby!
    You are so deserving of good things. And to your little whippets too.

  10. Can you make kitty harnesses?


  11. Ah... I believe it's not too long I go I had to pop by just to say how much I appreciate you keeping your blog - so I know you know I love it. I'm glad to see you're getting something out of it too, both in sales figures and our general adoration ;) Tee hee..

    Ane & the wrigglebutts

  12. We are so glad you decided to blog. We prolly would never have decided to read your bookie, and we would never have met the whippet waggle. Keep it up. We love you right back


  13. Wow - six months!! a significant milestone for you (and for all of us who have come to completely depend on you) -- Reading your blog has become an important part of my day - thank you!
    Can't wait for the book -- just go onto the 'write a sentence, eat a cookie' plan and it will be done in no time
    Buffalo Gayle

  14. Well done on your 6 month blogaversary!

    We certainly love everyone at DWB, what a superb little community.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  15. Congratulations on such a milestone. We certainly do enjoy reading your blog! Our mom was even talking to a friend of hers about your whippets (she has whippets, too). Guess what, she knows you! BOL. She is from Whiteland, In. Small world, huh.

    Good work!

  16. Congratulations Patience! You and Bill inspire us in so many ways. We've both learned so much about dogs and dog love from you. And how you've made us laugh (and cry) with your stories! Here's to the next excellent 6 months of "I'll never have a blog!" xxxooo, Deb & Merle

  17. I am SO glad I found your blog. To this day I am not really sure how I found it, but still! You and your waggle are like family I haven't met yet. I am very glad you started blogging!

    Also, we just got our very first big bookstore (OMG, I was in heaven while wandering around for an hour, lol), and I am going to see if I can get them to carry your book. More people need to read it!

  18. Time suwe goes seems I just discovewed youw bloggie..Mommi and I love youw stowies of youw amazing wondewful whippets and the love you spwead thwough them..we awe so happy to have met you and hope you'll continue fow a vewy long long time!
    smoochie kisses,Asta

  19. Patience,

    YOU and your blog have been a treasure to discover! What a lovely post this is. And like many of the others, I would not have known about your little book either so your blog was a Wise Decision Indeed! :)

    I've been thinking about DWB and what it's becoming to me lately as well. I've had the snout blog for almost two years now but I joined DWB much later as I hadn't discovered it right away. I'm feeling a post coming on of a similar vein ...

    Thank you for your kind comment about my neighbor and the loss of her Bella. She doesn't know about my blog and I have to admit I'd be a little concerned to show the post to her (not sure she'd want me going "public" with her sadness) ... but after visiting with her I just had to get the feelings off my chest.

    Congratulations on your milestone and I can't wait to get my hands on your one-day-completed novel as well!

    Jackie and two beagles

  20. Congratulations on your six months!

    And you have wonderful, beautiful dogs, too...


  21. Well Done, P...
    I love reading your posts...

    HJ & The Whippet Gang

  22. We agree with the others....this is a great blog and you are a very gifted writer.
    Celeste and her Wayward Whippets

  23. Congratulations! Those first 6 months really flew by! It's been wonderfully entertaining, and I look forward to many months ahead. Good luck with the novel!

  24. A friend with a whippet introduced me to your blog about three months ago, and I love reading your stories and laughing at the dogs' antics. Your blog inspired me to start my own a couple of months ago and, like you, I am now a blogging convert. I must find out how google counts visits, and how to use blogline!
    Thank you for many laughs and wonderful pictures.

  25. I love your stories, especially those teary eyed ones. They make me smile , they make me cry and especially they make me hug my whippets.

  26. Francarrich from WWMarch 18, 2008 at 6:29 AM

    Hi Patience,
    I found your blog through Whippet World & I'm pleased I did. I thought bloggers were idiots puffed up with their own importance but yours has taught me otherwise. I look forward to receiving an update e-mail & reading the next installment. As I am in UK it gives me a view of US life that I would never have known about & of course the wild goings on of your whippets make me laugh & cry. Keep up the good work.

  27. Dear Patience,

    You can't get your book finished if you're of Blogging!!!



  28. I'm glad that you linked back to Mouse! I hadn't read it before. It was hilarious! Last week I had the fun of a rat trying to run me over as I started the dishwasher. Gotta love living in the country. No dogs were available to protect me as they were all in their crates eating.

    "He came in through the dryer vent there..."

    Okay, not quite a Beatles worthy lyric.

  29. Congratulations oh ye who would never have a blog! I left a little present for you at Thanks for your sweet shout-out! xooxoxomt

  30. I love the way the internet, and blogging in particular, broadens so many horizons for us. Since I joined Fun Monday, the number of visitors to my blog has exploded and I have found a whole new world out there and some lovely, lovely people.

    I'm not likely to meet many of them as most live in the States but, you never know, it might happen one day.

    I have read and thoroughly enjoyed your book and would definitely recommend it to dog lovers!

    And congratulations on your 6 months anniversary!

  31. Patience,

    I'm not sure where my original post ended up but I don't mind telling you again how much I enjoy your blog. It's the only one I read just about everyday. My family knows that when they hear me chuckling in the other room that I must be on Patience-please. Through your insight I've grown to understand my whippet's idiosyncrasies (SP?) better.
    Please keep writing.

  32. and the Canine Kids said,
    Congratulations on your Six Month anniversary. It's true blogging puts you in touch with wonderful people. We at the Canine Kids love to read your blog and your stories. We believe you will write a best selling novel and be on Oprah too!
    Our Mom took the ads off her blog too because she was getting puppy miller stuff and we think it's great you are such a strong advocate for animals.

  33. I agree with you that meeting other dog bloggers has been very rewarding. I had an adoption blog for quite a while (two of my girls are adopted from China) and I also met many wonderful people through that blog. But it just wasn't as fun as the dog blog! Congratulations on 6 months of blogging!

    Shannon, mom to the zoo crew

  34. Congrats on your 1/2 year blogaversary. I discovered you today via Dogs With Blogs. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  35. Six beautiful month. Congratulations. I don't even remember how I found you, but I am glad I did. I tell my husband and friends about your adventures and and your doggies. You are not a blog to me, you are a treasured presence in my life. I love your stories and your noble and gentle spirit.

  36. Oh dear Patience,you always make me teary!!(Well, not ALWAYS,but often enough.) I was so excited to read THE NOVEL is seeing the finishing light-I finished Mama Pajama long ago! Keep on bloggin', and do start the second novel before too long-or have Mama tell some more stories!! Martha and P-Doggy

  37. Grammie bought your book a few weeks ago, but has not yet read us any of the stories. She needs a nip in the ankle. Follow your dream and write your novel. We will be glad to put it on our book shelf.

  38. And it's been a wonderful thing finding YOU, dear Patience. Your blog is fun, witty, heartwarming and a joy to read. Oooh...can't wait to read that novel when it's ready. Go baby!

  39. Hello sweet Whippet waggle
    hope you had a gweat day today..I'm finally home and getting some sneep,I had some gweat times ,but it's always nice to be home..till the next adventoowe, hehe
    smoochie kisses,

  40. How nice, Patience!

    I love your blog and enjoy reading your stories. Also, your comments on my blog often make my day! (Such as the last one you made about the hats.) Making someone smile makes me smile.

    Great job! And congratulations on six months of endurance.

    Love ya, Patience.

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  41. Patience- I believe that you are prettier than Jamie Lee! Inside beauty as well as outer! Congrats on 6 months of blogging! I enjoyed spending time with you during the Monologues and hope to see you soon!

  42. Patience,
    I've had similar feelings about blogs. Never been a big fan of them. But then you started yours and now I'm a regular reader. I just don't comment all that often. I already have your book of stories and I'm really looking forward to your novel being published!


  43. Congrats on 6 months Patience! We love the blog and check it daily! I even have people at work addicted to it! :)


  44. I wasn't going to comment because there were so many, but what the heck. Oh, and I was going to sign up for the freebie, but I already have it, thanks to a wonderful neighbor! You know her? I would like to purchase a copy to take to Mother when I go to Idaho. Let me know when would be a good time.

  45. Patience-
    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I too used to be the type to somewhat sneer when someone mentioned the word blog. Very soon I'll mark my second blogiversary!
    I don't remember where I found your blog. I just know it was shortly before Shelby turned up. Her story was so inspiring I sent several friends here just to read about it.
    In any event keep up the awesome work. It's a joy to come here and read about you, Bill and your pups!

  46. I for one am really glad you did decide to blog. It has been 6 months of enjoyment reading it. So thank you. And thanks to the whippets!

    Jamie & Sunny

  47. We are so glad you decided to do a blog. We love reading it.

  48. I love being able to keep up with what's happening with you, Bill, and Waggle. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself when there isn't a new post :P

    Cheers and Hugs

  49. You're so right about hesitating to even mention that you blog. My friends give me mixed reviews. Several read every post and nag if I don't write fast enough--none comment. My dearest friend thinks the whole blogging thing is silly and a waste of time. This is a great puzzle because I'd love to read anything that my friends write just to understand them better.

    Congrats on your six months anniversary. I was thrilled to find your blog and learn that we are neighbors in real life--may even know some of the same people. I'll ask you about that some time. I love your energy and obvious love for all things Dog.

  50. Patience
    I only get a chance to read your blog once in a while but you should know it's the only one I visit! I love your stories - you have a wonderful writing style and should never stop writing - be it a book, journal, blog or otherwise!
    Candace in MN (fastdoggie)

  51. Greetings from Los Angeles. I've been a fan for the last 5-6 months. My whippet breeder led me to your site (along with providing me with a sweet-boy whippet). I look at very few blogs but I visit yours frequently. Keep up the great work; I look forward to your next book.

  52. Oops - I forgot to comment since I was gone. But I've caught up on your writings and I'm so proud of all you've done with your fabulous blog. Congratulations P.



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