Thursday, March 27, 2008

The River is a Risin'

Just a few more photos for you. These were taken Monday, and the river is cresting today. If we can eek out our walks between thunder and hail, we'll take some more photos.

Remember the bench that Looch, Delia and William were tied to? They'd be under water! I understand that the river is all the way up over the grass now.
Come on, Sammy, William, and Lindy Loo - Let's go down these stairs!
Sammy says, "Oh, senile servant, get the heck out of here now! Can you not see the river is a'risin'!"

Umm... Catfish crossing? (You can click to enlarge.)
And on the back (no skateboarding on driftwood?)-
Wouldn't want to annoy you!
A better shot of Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea and the newfie, with Sam I Am for perspective and loveliness.

hug your dry safe hounds


  1. I was wondering about your river situation with all the talk of flooding on the news. Thanks for the photos!

    Look at that bright green grass! I'm happy to say our snowbunny was chased away already by 50° temps for a couple days (not by beagles) but we still have brown brown grass.

    Enjoy your spring days!

  2. Oh my...that water looks cold and fast. We hope you all stay dry and warm - and enjoy the company of the humans and hounds.


  3. So many animals have already been turned over to pounds in southeastern Missouri that the overflow has already innundated the Humane Society in St. Louis. Owners are giving up their pets because they can't care for them while dealing with the floods and trying to find places to live.

    The dogs they've shown look so scared and lost that it just breaks my heart! I'm sure the cats are just as disoriented, but their expressions aren't quite as easy to read.

    A plea to everyone that reads this... If you can, please help them.

  4. Does this happen often? It sure looks pretty scary, stay dry guys!

  5. Here in Washington, we have "Fish Crossing" signs alongside the "Deer Crossing" signs on our roads. Seriously.


  6. Wow! That has to be kind of exciting to be able to watch the river rise like that over the days.

    Got a giggle from the Lewis and Clark statues... Up here, Lewis and Clark, and the Norskhost fest are the only "attractions" that we claim to have.

  7. That sure does look scary! Our paws are crossed that it doesn't get any worse!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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