Friday, March 21, 2008

Come Along for a Walk, Or Three!

The rain brought beautiful spring weather. Western Kentucky has long, lovely printemps, though we have gotten a late start this year. Usually by now the dogwoods are blooming, and we just only have daffodils. But, the delay has made this glorious spring time all the more blessed.

The first walk is (front to back) Maria, Giacomino (V.O.D.) and Mama Pajama.

This is the first thing we saw!

too slow, human anchor!

the little historic Texaco Station is now an information center where our creative friend and C-A-T person Aynex works

Aynex says she doesn't like dogs. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Happy Birthday, Dear Aynex, Happy Birthday to Youooooooooooo!!

Very Old Dog, Shadow Dog

The next walk was (L to R) Sam I Am, Lindy Loo, and Fat Charlie

Scanning for Evil Squirrellies. Nothing terribly thrilling happened.

The last walk was (l to R) Swede William, Delia, and Luciano (Looch). We went down to see how high the river was.

The river is way high! It's almost in the park.

These benches where we sit and think about things are in the River!

Guess we won't walk here!

What's that Johnny Cash song? It's 41 feet and rising. I wonder if they're going to start closing the flood gates. I think they close them at 43 feet.

Dead fish are the best for rolling in.

Only seagulls performing on the riverfront stage today! There is more seating and a drive below the stage.

Our lovely downtown Paducah

The world famous Quilt Museum of the American Quilters Society. In a month, there will be around 40,000 quilters here for the HUGE Quilt Show. That's Lewis and Clark, and their famous Newfie. You can't see Sacagawea, from this view, but she looks like she was about eleven.

Our great good friends Harvey and Jeanie were there when we got home.

We hope you have a beautiful spring day, too, and if not, I hope you can enjoy ours vicariously.

hug your hounds


  1. Hi, friends!
    Glad you had a sunny day! Great for walkies! Thanks for the tour.
    Here is sunny too and I am ready to go out!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Thanks for the walkie around your town, guys! What a sweet spot you have!

    Happy Easter to all of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. OK, I asked the question, now where is your answer! I wish that all of the people that I know would read your blog!

  4. I love your town. Someday we'll need to pack up some beagles and take the long ride through Illinois. A couple summers ago we spent an evening in Cape Girardeau and it was such a charming river town. I imagine Paducah has the same river town charm. That *and* artistic flair, how wonderful!

    And I will definately enjoy your spring weather vicariously. You'll see what I mean when you pay our blog a visit!

  5. your downtown looks like something out of a movie, I love it! Looks like you guys had a super fabulous day! I hope Mom and Dad take us for a walk tonight too!

  6. We're glad you got some sunshine for your walkies. I'll bet it is great to sit and watch the river go by...when you can do it without gettin your feet wet!

    hug your human too

  7. What a fun post! One of these days I need to do that sort of thing for our base/town. It's always fun to see where folks live. :)

    And our slow springish weather? It has been slurrying all day. :P About 32 so not cold enough to snow, not warm enough to rain... Ugh. Giant mud puddles outside!

    Give those needle noses some kisses! (My mom calls 'em plier-pusses, which I think is totally hilarious!)

  8. wow, what a gorgeous walk.

    we got a foot of snow today.

  9. Vicariously is right...Spring is very very slow here too...we saw what look like daffadils comin' up, and maybe tulips about 1/3 of the way up...and it's the end of March!!

    You have a very cool town with an adorable squirrel....what a fun walkie that was, Patience...thanks for sharin'!!


  10. Wow, what a beautiful day you all had!! Good for you! The best part was that you got to roll in dead fish. I would like nothing better in the whole world than to roll in dead fish. I am so jealous. We don't have any dead fish nearby to roll in. The best that I can do is a dead squirrel, and as soon as my mom sees me head towards it she has a fit. (Sometimes she is no fun at all.)

    Have a great Easter!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  11. Well good luck at your dog show this weekend! I know all about judges not even noticing certain breeds and pretending to judge them. I could tell you stories!

    "Luhville" was a blast but we had to go home and recover from it all. Mom says I was much better this year than last so she's happy. Sorry about your friend's table fault -- Mom actually bought one of the two tables they used in the trials. We needed one desperately at home so we can play on it all the time!

    Then on the way home our breeder Linda's van broke down after we crossed into West Virginia on I-64.
    No fun! Her generator battery was leaking battery acid from under the van (we thought it was gas) -- she must have run over something in the road that dislodged it 'cause they heard a huge bang and decided to pull over. The AAA guy said it was OK to drive on, so she followed us all 4 hours after we drove on in the other van. Someone had to be at the house by 5 so we just made it, but someone stayed behind with her.
    It was a very interesting weekend! I'm going to another trials in MD in mid-April. By that time Mom will have her energy back (she's so OLD!!).

  12. Thanks for the vicarious Spring day.
    We are still mile high in snow.
    Jeeze it will be nice to move!!

  13. Great pictures! I feel as though I've been on a walk with you and your magnificant dogs!

  14. Happy Spring Patience and the gang - thanks for all your support!

  15. Beautiful walk, Patience-big thanks! Upstate NY is expecting snow on Easter-soggy bonnets! Lindy Loo looks like she was saying "less photos,more walking!NOW,SERVANT!" Martha and P-Doggy

  16. Whippets on a walk. What a wonderful day to be out and about. We love your little town.

  17. Paducah looks so pretty. Glad you has Spring, we has big hailstones today, brr.

    Cassidy x

  18. Paducah looks charming. We are jealous.

  19. Thanks for having us along on the walk and for naming the doggies in the pictures. So nice to put a face with a name. Your wonderful photos remind me of Springtime in Cleveland. I love to look at peoples pictures. Happy Spring to you and yours.

  20. Hey Sam...the happiest of Barkdays to ya, Man!!!

    Your barkday falls on Easter this year? Extra candy for ya????


    Terrier wishies for ya blowin' out ALL ur Candles!!!

    Scruffy, et al!

  21. and her Mom said,
    What beautiful babies you have. Thanks for taking us on a walk around your town. We got to learn quite a bit while enjoying the lovely scenery. You certainly have a great place to live.

  22. Thank you for sharing your walk. It's snowing outside (we almost had spring, sigh..) and it was nice to se something resembling spring!

    Ane & the WriggleButts


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