Friday, March 7, 2008

A gift, a tag, and a newspaper story

I got a most wonderful gift in the mail yesterday. It was from Mama Pajama and Fat Charlie's litter brother Breezy, and Lindy Loo's litter brother Topper and their kind Mom, Sandy. As most of you dear readers know by now (ad nauseatum) I am in the throes of writing a book about a dog. I was having a cell phone conversation with Sandy while walking my dogs and it must have been a cold, gray day (imagine that) and I must have been just a wee bit discouraged, because I think I said something to the effect of, "I have no idea why I ever thought I could write a novel." Sandy, being a kind and generous and supportive soul sent me this gift. (It was beautifully wrapped in gorgeous paper and ribbon, but I tore into it before I got my camera.)

Oh the inspiration! Oh the resources! Oh the gratitude! I love Mary Stewart's writing and I had not read The Ivy Tree, so I can't wait to dive in. And The Writer's Kit is perfect! Thank you, Sandy.

This works perfectly with the tag from the mom of the delightful Wire Fox Terrier, Gus, which is:


1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

2. Open it to page 123.

3. Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.

4. Then invite 5 friends to do the same.

I have two books going. I'm almost finished with ON BENDED KNEES, the True Story of the Night Rider Tobacco War in Kentucky and Tennessee by Bill Cunningham.

  • His brew was sold to captains, passengers and crews of passing Cumberland River packets aw well as other good customers within that area. These diversified businesses allowed Bennett to pay the hillbillies gold dollars for their leaf, an extra enticement in those hard pressed days. His progeny matched his material wealth, having six children by his first wife who had died and another offspring by his second spouse. By any standard of the day, Henry Bennett was affluent and well-to-do. Physically, he stood only five feet six inches tall, a proud, brash and abrasive sort who strutted about with the brag and bravado of a bantam rooster.

And I've had a sneak preview of the aforementioned The Ivy Tree.

  • "You can take it how you like. I've assured you that no one will be harmed by what I'm doing, but I don't expect you to believe me. Why should you? I can only beg you to keep out of what doesn't concern you... at least until you see wrong being done." He said, all at once sounding very tired, "I don't understand you."

So that's the gift and the tag. If you would like to participate in this tag, consider yourself tagged - you're it!

The newspaper story? I read tonight in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. This amazing play has raised over $50,000,000 around the world to help end violence against women and girls. The stupid ridiculous blizzard that whooped down into western KY last night won't help.

Got to RUN. I'm LATE for our last rehearsal.

hug your hounds, your mothers, your daughters, your aunts, and your nieces!


  1. Good luck on the play, Patience! You are a braver soul than I.

    Sorry about the blizzard, but blame it on me: this area, which NEVER gets snow got 6 inches of snow this week (part of the same system that dumped on you, I think). Why? I planted lillies last weekend. Yup. My fault. I have sworn off of all warmth depedent yard work this weekend.

  2. my niece was in the vagina monologues at her college. good luck in your performance.

    and what a really fabulous and thoughtful gift. now you have to finish your book, to show that it worked.

  3. Good luck tonight...I'll bet you have a good crowd - unless you get flooded out. We saw this so long ago (in San Francisco) that much of it is murky in my mind...but I'd like to see it again at a more advanced age. Maybe next year in Memphis.

    kisses from Gus and Muzzer
    (SHE saw the play, not me!)

  4. Break a leg!!!
    What a great friend to send you such inspired gifts!
    I love the idea and will have to post something on my blog.

  5. Oh good luck on the play. What a lovely gift you received.

  6. Hug your friends too! r

  7. wow you are famous! sorry about the blizzard junk, I sure am glad we don't get that stuff around here!

  8. A play? That's great! Break a leg!

  9. well done for your part in this patience. domestic violence affects so many women and kids in so many ways.

  10. Inquiring minds want to know how the play went.

  11. I read the Vagina Monologues a few years ago and then about a year ago the play was held in Jacksonville. I am the only woman where I work, so I took my carpool buddie's pregnant wife. We had a great time. Hope all goes well! Other good women's issue books, Couldn't Keep it to Myself and I'll Fly Away, edited by Wally Lamb.


  12. This is my first visit to a blog, and did I do well in finding a dog lover/owner. Loved it!!


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