Monday, January 5, 2009

Watch Dogs... fail.

First, a heartfelt thank you for your kind, wise, supportive words. If you haven't read the older post, read the comments. I was - am - stunned, surprised, warmed, encouraged. And Jenn in the City, thank you for your post.

So we were walking the last group today. Tracey was back from Christmas with family. The whippets were happy to see Tracey and their little friend Francie, the corkie. (I have GOT to get a picture of Francie, sorry.) Tracey and I were flapping our lips faster than little Francie's feet were trot, trot, trotting on the sidewalks. We had a lot of catching up to do.

We were on Broadway, right downtown between 4th and 3rd streets, I think. The dogs four abreast, Tracey and I close enough to be companionable, but not in danger of leash entanglement. And then, without any forewarning, or without preamble or acknowledgement, we were three. We'd been joined by "overhaul man."

Suddenly, stride for stride, in line with and between Tracey and me, walked a third member of our little troupe.
"Y'all gonna hitch them four up to a cart and let 'em pullya? Cause that's what you outta do."
Tracey and I swivelled our heads like Tiger Woods' golf swing, each wondering if the other had been suddenly possessed by an urge to sound like a pudgey forty year old good ol' boy. Nope. We had, in fact, been joined by an honest to god pudgy forty year old good ol' boy. He had just appeared, like those Star Trek transporter things did for Captain Kirk and Spock, in our midst.
Four dogs, each with an ample dose of Excessive Greeting Disorder, and they just trotted along. No warning. No "HELLO!! There's a Large, Overhaul-wearing, Pudgy, Forty-year-old Good Ol' Boy approaching! Be on the look out!"
He just appeared, walked right in our group, and stayed there for a couple of blocks.
Tracey started the giggling, I swear it was her.
Life is grand.
hug your hounds


  1. Happy Paw Year, Waggle of Whippets!

    I haven’t been blogging fow awhile, but Mum has finally stawted updating my blog!
    Thanks fow signing my guest book awhile back.
    I hope you’ll come back and visit!

    BTW, I noticed from yow encounter wif my fweinds the Barkalots that you didn't get along. You should come to Melbourne because thewwe awe lots of Whippets and almost now fox tewwiers, but we are perfecly chawming as you noticed!

    xxx Asta (Oz)

  2. Must be a mid south thing....not the overalls, but the unselfconscious ability to walk up to a stranger, say something inane, and not be in the least concerned about what others are thinking! NEVER happened in AZ, did not happen in VA, but here we are all good ole boys (and girls) together. Amazing. Nice to know it is not peculiar to Memphis.....

  3. The good old boy drove past me in his pick-um up truck, stopped, slammed it into reverse. When he was even with me again he leaned over, cranked down the window and said....
    "Lady, you need to feed that there dog".
    Then he drove away.

  4. a good walk always brings interesting sights and got both!

  5. Ok, still not sure if our comments are working with this new interface, but we sure are hoping so. Thanks for the funny story, Tanner is good at one thing, running his darn mouth when we are on our walks.

  6. That had to be funny. And I'm sure she started the giggling, not YOU!

  7. We had a very strange older woman with big googly glasses push herself FRONT first up against my husband in line at Comcast ... it was so strange and so close and so bizarre ... we both got the giggles. Hahahahahahahha I smile just thinking about her strangeness!

  8. Last winter we had a wee mouse living in our kitchen and my sissy and I ignored him mightily, even when he ran across the counter while we were waiting for dinner.

    But today we saw a wee mouse out in the street while on our morning walks and boy were we DESPERATE to meet that fella.

    Wouldn't you like to know what goes through our heads?

    wally t.

  9. I would have been pulled on my face. Which is why we live in the woods! : )

  10. Presidential Inauguration Tickets is a fabulous idea. Maybe put in "free" and "front row" in there too.

  11. Here in GooberStan that kind of thing happens all the time, and it's mostly good ol' boys who are doing the approaching. There must be something about my girl (funny, though, they only seem interested in us pups). Usually someone will see my girl walking me around town, then they see her an hour or so later walking Stella and they all say the same thing, "Did you shrink him?" My girl always answers with the same line, "Yep. He's MUCH easier to walk this way."

    We could just picture that goober boy walking up and joining you. Your description was PERFECT!

    We are just catching up on your last few posts, and I want to add that I think it's great that you even entertain the questions that most people do all they can to hide from! You're an adventurer, and we have no doubt that you'll keep having adventures because your eyes are open & you're willing to have 'em!

    Goober love & tons of smooches for you & the Whippets,

  12. "Overhaul Man"...HA! Love it!

    By the way, Miss Patience...really enjoyed your last post and can totally relate to what you're saying. Seems like the deluge has caught me too...since turning 50. My motto for the year though is to get rid of the "shoulds". I should have done this, I should have done that...bad bad bad!

    You truly are a gift to all of us out here so remember to be a gift to yourself. xoxox!


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