Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paducah, Kentucky Ice Storm Photos

The Internet connection comes and goes, so while it's here...

All those wires. The Comcast store is 3.5 blocks away. I didn't know my lens was so good.

out the front door

No walks today

Winter Rose of Sharon

Every two to ten minutes we hear a crack followed by the hiss and sizzle of ice and then a BOOM, as the branch hits the ground. The branches of that tree over Bill's gallery are usually about 20 feet above the roof.

Stay safe and warm


  1. I know it says anonymous, but it's me, Shanna...impressive pics, Patience. We lived in Maine during the big ice storm that hit New England in 1998, and I so remember the sound of giant tree branches breaking (scary, really tall trees surrounded our townhome at the time) and the transformers blowing from the power lines breaking. It was like a war zone. Please be careful! Although, in a way it can be beautiful, too, w/ the ice covering everything. By the way, we have the same copper topped post caps on our deck :)

  2. We hope you are all warm and cozy...thanks for letting us know what to expect tonight.

    gussie n teka

  3. Patience
    Mommi says she had to dwive to Maine once in an ice stowm..she says it was scawy, but magically bootiful. I hope the twee bwanches don't cwack ovew you
    smoochie wawm kisses

  4. Oh my! Looks very dangerous! Be careful!

  5. Oh gosh, we sure know what that ice stuff is all about here in Iowa. Be very very careful if you need to go outside. Don't walk under ANY trees either, hehehe. We hope the ice melts soon.
    Stay warm!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  6. It is really beautiful, but dangerous. Be very careful Whippets and servants.

  7. Now is the time to stay in an read Robert Frost's Birches:
    ..Loaded with ice a sunny winter morning
    After a rain. They click upon themselves
    As the breeze rises, and turn many-coloured
    As the stir cracks and crazes their enamel.
    Soon the sun's warmth makes them shed crystal shells
    Shattering and avalanching on the snow-crust
    Such heaps of broken glass to sweep away
    You'd think the inner dome of heaven had fallen.

    Keep warm and safe!

    Jo, Stella's Mom

  8. The ice is so trecherous! Be so careful when you doggies go out to peepee! Mom fell on our ice today and she's still moaning that she feels like she's 92 years old!
    Our paws are crossed that your ice melts quickly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Martha and P-doggyJanuary 27, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    That is one COLD BUNNY!

  10. BRRRR! Stay inside and safe and upright. I would send my ma ape outside because she has a hard time staying upright on the ice. I'm blessed by being close to the ground so I don't have far to go if I topple. I hope the branches stay away from your house!

    wally t.

  11. Wow! Great shots! Makes me cold to look at it! I'm sure the Whippets have chosen to NOT participate in all that icy nonsense. :) Love your blog, have a soft spot for Whippets, a dear friend of mine here in NE TN has owned, shown & bred them for over 50 years, his dogs are wonderful.

  12. oh gosh, that ice is treacherous! i am still limping from falling on ice before christmas...doing the splits at 50 in a parking lot, well there is no way to do that gracefully.
    take care!

  13. thanks for posting pics. I am unlucky enough to be out of town... I love that stuff

  14. We woke up to the same scene today in Virginia. Schools are closed...so no work for me...Yaaaeee! Whippet Pico was very agile as she made her way down the deck stairs for her morning necessity...then retracing her steps up the stairs thinking, I'm sure, about the wonderful poopsicle that will be awaiting her return sometime today. I'm hoping for a bit of a thaw so I can run errands that I just haven't had a chance to do. Have a lovely day.

  15. I hope you have a quick thaw and no branches fall on the studio roof!
    This is one winter that I think nearly everyone will be glad to see the end of. In Canada we expect the occasional ice storm --- but KENTUCKY????

  16. YOU stay safe and warm, missy! Hope that you, Bill and the babies are hunkering down inside, eating good, warm soup and baking cookies together. It was 14 degrees here yesterday and Maisie HAD to go to the dog park anyway. She definitely runs the show around here!

    Take good care and keep us posted.xox

  17. I remember this weather from my years in SW Ontario. Just wanted to let you know that Paducah made the Vancouver morning news complete with video coverage! Take care and be safe.

  18. Looks so scary to me. My biggest fear!!

  19. Man, I've been trying to get ahold of my family there in Paducah and can't. My dad works close to that Comcast I think. Looks beautiful and scary at the same time if you have trees close. Hope you guys have power soon! Amanda Mills Jordan

  20. You posted some gorgeous photos - thank you for sharing. We remember those ice storms in Chicago, when everything became covered in ice just like a huge glazed donut. No fun chipping your car out and the stairs and walks are treacherous. Be careful! Stay warm! Don't slip!

  21. I just spoke with Patience on the phone. They've not been able to call out. They are all okay, although without power. They have lost some trees, but no structural damage thus far; and important for the Whippies, the fence is standing!

    Hopefully, power crews will get the power back on sooner rather than later. Looks like it's going to be cold there for a while though, so clean up is going to take some time, probably will anyway given the scope of this storm.

    My thoughts go out to everyone struggling through this storm. We were lucky to dodge the worst of it here in Nashville.

    Sharron and the HoUnDs in TN

  22. I was born in Paducah, KY and I think Paducah is a charming town, hate to see all of the ice damage. My thoughts and prayers go out to Paducah, sincerely, Karen K, Nashville, TN

  23. Since our last two feet of snow in Washington, I was thinking of moving south. Guess won't be coming to Paducah....stay safe guys!

  24. stupid ice storm... now I cant get a hold of my wife and baby in paducah :( hope everybody is fine

  25. Paducah is my hometown. My Mom, my sister, my brother and a host of family members and friends still reside in Paducah. I can't get in touch with my Mom and Sister and I am worried to death.
    My prayers are with all.

    Stay warm,
    L'Tanya Shumpert Kizer

  26. While it certainly looks beautiful, we know it must be really scary. We hope it gets warmer very soon.

  27. Wow!! You guys really got hammered. Your pictures are beautiful, but taking them had to be very dangerous. Please do not walk out on that stuff if you don't have to. My mom broke her ankle and tore several ligaments in conditions like that five years ago walking Koobus III. She needed two surgeries and therapy to fix it. Now she stays in the house when it's icy like that. Please be careful.

    Good luck!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  28. My brother and sister-in-law, Tom and Lisa Mccollum live in Boaz and we have been unable to reach by phone etc. Lisa works at bank in Lone Oak or Paducah and Tom is riverboat pilot for company that was previously T. Coal(not sure of name or spelling). They attend Trace Creek Baptist Church. If any of you slide or skate into them tell them that we love them and are concerned. However, we feel like they have conquered this and are snuggled up just enjoying the experience,that is if they have been creative enough to make coffee. Marley, their daughter, is our biggest concern as we fear withdrawal from texting may cause lasting scaring to her little psychic. Tell Tom that Linda and I took our 83 yr. old Mom kicking and screaming from her home in Hickman and she is in Memphis with me.
    We have taken her opportunity away to tell her war stories of how she survived the worst ice storm in 2 decades without food, water, heat, or any means of communication to the outside world. The fact that she now has a tv to watch Dr. Phil, Oprah, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and all of her Fox news favorites has alleviated some of her distress. God Bless you all as you have your pioneer experience

  29. We've been trying to get hold of my 99 y/o mother-in-law who lives in the Jackson House, but all the phones there are out. Hoping all those senior citizens are OK! My son told me about Paducah being on TV, but we missed it. It's cold but dry in our part of California, and we desperately need rain.

  30. Ice storms are amazingly beautiful and delicate and deadly.

    Beautiful photos!

  31. Stay Dry And Calm K Simmons Call Dad And Brothers

  32. I would like to thank John Ransdell of Pines Rd in Paducah for checking on my parents Jim and Judy Cobb,and sister Cathy on Buckner Ln.Paducah
    I live in Sumerville, SC and appreciate all the help you provided to my parents and sister.
    Thank you Carla Griffiths


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