Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm Paducah, Kentucky update

The ice is melting.

This should be nothing but good news. Well, it is good news, but it's bad news, too. 30,000 customers that had power are now out. The falling ice is so heavy that it is bringing branches and power lines with it. More than 650,000 customers in Western Kentucky are without power.

Courtney, Karen U. saw Andy and the dogs, and they and your Mom are fine. No power yet, but fine.

For those of you who are worried about the safety of elderly relatives, the Salvation Army is taking calls. They are at (270)443-8231. I know no one would abuse this service.

There are plenty of warming centers. Several counties (including, but certainly not limited to Graves, Carlisle, Calloway - now, they did have power, but the falling ice shorted out all of TVA's main power lines and the Murray Calloway Hospital is back on generators) are completely cut off from any power. All JPEC customers in Paducah, which had been able to restore power to 6000 customers, are now again without power, from the melting ice problem.

They are announcing stores which expect shipments of generators on the TV and radio. Paducah's two hospitals are at full capacity. The National Guard troops arrived. There are fights breaking out at the few gas stations that have both power and fuel. Cars are streaming into Paducah from surrounding counties looking for food and fuel.

AT & T got its tower back up and running. But they are imploring people not to use their cellphones or land lines except for emergencies. They are not at full capacity, and the circuits stay jammed.


It sounds like an earthquake in a crystal factory here. The ice comes crashing down from trees, and those spiky rows of icicles soar down from the power lines. It's truly dangerous to walk outside, so the photos today are from just around our house.

The whippets are getting outdated meat from the freezer tonight, with rice and veggies. We're out of dog food and milk, but I don't feel right going to the grocery store for that. We have PLENTY to eat, and can do just fine without. (The dogs will be beyond thrilled!) Folks are lining up for hours to get diapers and baby formula and prescriptions filled; we don't need to add to that.

I do worry for the animals of Western Kentucky.

hug your hounds


  1. Friends in Louisville report very similar situations, and many of the towns between here (Memphis) and St. Louis were also hit hard. Gussie and Teka are absolutely green hearing that the whippets are getting REAL food for dinner..and we hope you are all staying well. You are so smart to stay inside if possible.

    Gussie and Teka and Muzzer

  2. Unbelievable! Hope that the electric co. will eventually go over to electric lines in the ground - they have done it in Eur. for as long as a was a little kid. (you don't have earthquakes, do you? - I thought that might be a reason for electric lines above ground?)
    Glad that you are prepared food-wise! Hope this all will soon be the past.

  3. My daughter goes to Murray State University and came home (St. Charles, MO) yesterday. The university asked all students that could get home safely to go. They (she and 2 friends carpooled) got all the way to Marion, IL before they could buy gas, and they still had a 20 min. wait at the pumps.

    My in-laws, being the stubborn, hard-headed people they are, are trying to stick it out in Northern Arkansas (the Bull Shoals area) without power. They don't want to put us out. Did I mention how hard-headed they are???

    Stay safe.

  4. I have the shivers just thinking about your weather. Be careful and stay safe - yes, you are right, just stay IN. Now I feel guilty wincing at our 43 degrees ... so much for global warming, huh?

  5. Thank dog you awe all OK..that top photo is cwystall all ove the twee..stay safe
    smoochie kisses

  6. Hope this will be over soon for you. So glad you are all doing as well as can be. I always worry about the unfortunate animals who might be alone and outside. I watch the news with interest!! Hugs from Alaska...

  7. Oh PS... I forgot to mention we are not without our own situation here in Alaska...we are expecting a nearby volcano, Mt. Redoubt, to blow sky high soon! EEK!

  8. Oh Patience, what a disaster!
    Please stay safe. We're thinking about you and praying that this will all be over soon.
    Sheila & Lady

  9. It sounds like a scary time. We are so glad you guys are safe and keeping those less fortunate in our thoughts.

  10. Well we kept hearing about how bad off Kentucky was but until I read your blog I had no idea! I hope by the time our big agility trials happens in Louisville this coming March, all that will be over... hang in there!


  11. You and all of your region are in our circle of haling vibes. Hopefully the ice melt soon and life gets back to normal.

  12. Thank you Patience! I finally talked to my mom and my grandmother yesterday. I'm so glad all of you are ok! Take care!

  13. Stay safe Patience. Our thoughts are with you all.

  14. Thank you for the update, Patience! Our thoughts and prayers stay with you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. so hope you are ok patience - hugs to you and your hounds

  16. we hope you are staying warm. that's really scary to think of those huge ice chunks falling on you. we worry for the animals too. take care.


  17. Oh Patience...we had no idea of the devestation down there...they had a big article in today's paper (the only part of the paper NOT dealing with the Super Bowl tomorrow...) and how the shelters are full etc etc. Hang in there!! Your comment about the transformers blowing up took me right back to living in Charlotte, NC when Hugo came through...John and I stuffed the kids sound asleep in the closet (no basement) and sat in the fx. room and watched the fireworks at 4am ie the transformers...sheesh!!!

    Take care...we'll think warm thoughts to help you all get back to normal...stay warm!!

    Mumsie, Scruffy, Lacie and Stan

  18. man there is nothing more dangerous than ice,


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