Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paducah, Kentucky Ice Storm Thursday

Thank you all!
It is stunning to hear a city without power. All of the background noise is gone. But there is relentless cracking of trees, followed by the sickening impact CRASH. And then the sirens. And the transformers exploding, like the kettle drums in Peter and the Wolf. Boom. Boom. Boom.
We have power as of this morning, but no Internet or cell phone service. (I am at our dear friends' house, Lee and Dee, as they can access the Internet.)
We are unable to make long distance calls on our land line, but have received two. Jake, Sara, Beth, and Amy - we are FINE!
You would not BELIEVE the devastation here, and I can't wait to share photos with you. For the reader who asked about their mom at Jackson House, I heard on the radio that they have it running on generators, and the residents are in good care. The hospital where I will be working has been without power since Monday, but they closed I-24 in both directions to get a line back up, and my understanding is that the hospital now has power. They got power to the other hospital yesterday.
Apparently over 90% of the area is still without power, and some of the rural areas aren't predicted to be restored until mid-February. Gas stations are without gas, or without power to pump it, and so folks are unable to run their generators too.
There is not a tree with its top limbs. And this was a city of big, beautiful old trees. The power poles in front of our house are at 60 to 70 degree angles, so I doubt that we'll have power forever. Oh but that shower felt good this morning! We have gas logs in our front guest room, so Bill and the dogs and I moved in there. Heather, Jason, baby Ben, Lindy Loo's brother Emmett and his old whippet buddy, Edgar spent the night with us. Because the other front room also has a gas fireplace. Last night it was 42 degrees downstairs! That is NOT whippet friendly.
I also have photos of Bill making pasta by candlelight, wearing a hat and gloves! Pasta will prevail! I beat him in Scrabble.
The dogs are having a hard time peeing. Imagine every blade of grass covered with 3/4" of ice. It's like walking on stalagtites or mites or whichever points up. The neighbor's cable line is luing on our front yard, and the big tree which was over Bill's studio is now lying on the roof or in the back potty yard. But OHH oh oh I am grateful for those gas logs!
They are saying we need to start boiling water, as the water treatment plant is down.
If I never ever hear the sound of branches cracking, ice showering down and then the sickening boom, it will be too soon. And though it is beautiful to see the shower of blue sparks lighting the sky as transformer after transformer blows, I can live without that sight as well.

hug your hounds


  1. sorry to hear that! I hope everything goes back to normal fast!

  2. Stay safe. Those ice storms can be very dangerous.

  3. Oh, Patience!!!! I'm worried about everyone! I'm in SF, but BB's there. If you see him, do you think you could let him send me an email or a message through your facebook? Tell him to use the sbcglobal email address.... I want to know how he's doing, his parents and if he's seen or heard from Sarah. I hope the ice melts and you get power asap! I know this must be awful! BIG HUGS!!!!! xoxoxmt

  4. We are glad to know that y'all and the waggle are OK, and distressed to hear the extent of the damage. Teka wants to know if she should start knitting a scarf for Swede William. She has some burgundy yarn which would be lovely. Hope you get power back soon...even muzzer doesn't keep the bedrooms at 42 degrees!


  5. What a mess. I have been watching the news with interest now that I follow your blog. Sounds like all is as best as it can be for now. Huddle up with the pack and stay warm..... We are thinking of you with concern! xo

  6. We're glad that you are all right and have those wonderful gas logs. May the thaw come soon, yet happen in a safe way. Special hugs to all of you....

    Kathy (Stardusted)

  7. Martha and P-Doggy (snowbound)January 29, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    Dear P, we were worried so glad to hear all are as ok as can be expected. Keep your chins up,waggle-spring WILL come!

  8. OMG, thank doG you're all okay! It sounds like your beautiful Paducah will never be the same! What a shame this had to happen! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Patience!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Patience
    You awe in ouw thoughts. This sounds howwible..I'm so sowwy and glad that at least you awe all OK, even if vewy uncomfowtable..huddle togethew and kiss
    smoochie kisses

  10. Thank you for letting us know how you are. I am eagerly waiting to hear from my good friend Helene D.
    For us who get terrible winters as a rule know how hard it must be for you who don't. Thinking warm thoughts for all.

    Jo (Stella's Mom)

  11. hi patience,
    thank goodness for gas stoves and gas logs!! we have been watching the news of your area and the terrible ice storms. stay safe and as warm as you can, you and yours are definitely in our thoughts!

  12. received your blog address from my daughter, I have so many friends in Paducah I am worried about, did get through to my friend in Metropolis, thank you for the report, if you are able to keep us posted it would be so appreciated. Paducah is our home town, I am so sorry that this has happened. I'm so glad you had friends to stay with. thanks for posting.

  13. Oh Patience,
    I'm so sorry you have to live through this.
    I promise not to complain any more about the miserable winter we're having here on Long Island, NY. I will think of you and all that ice and I'll be content to shovel the snow when it falls and clean my car off for the umpteenth time. I'm thinking about you and praying that you, Bill and the Waggle stay safe. Hope Spring comes early this year.
    Lady sends sweet kisses to Fat Charley.
    Sheila & Lady

  14. I'm hoping to enter paducah tomorrow to help with disaster recovery. I would prefer to commit my resources to the city or one it's departments. Regardless, our business has been terribly slow so we hope we can put our people back to work and help Paducah. I can be reached at Harmony Tree Care 615.496.1049 . We are out of Nashville and will be staging in paducah over the weekend. Please feel free to contact us at

  15. I am so delighted to find your website! I live in Paducah, also, and found you in searching for photos of our ice storm. I hope you have your power back on. I live out on Benton Rd. and we have had our power back on since Thursday and phone since this morning... You doing all right. Your blog is wonderful and I will be coming back often to read. I love dogs (and ALL animals!) Please see my place at

  16. I Have a question. My name is Janet Bejar my Mom isrying to get ahold of some good friends by the name of Bill and Leva Shelby. We are very worried and have been trying to reach them. They live in Paducah Kentucky. Please if you know them, and know where they are please contact me at If you know them they will know us as The Bejar Family from Idaho. please let me know. Thanks so much!


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