Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Photos, Ice Storm Paducah, KY

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To folks worried about family here, I will post any news I get. I have not heard of any deaths, although we have been totally incommunicado. We just got TV service back, so I will post anything relevant. There are warming centers and folks are really trying to look out for neighbors. There is a 5:15 curfew in the region. Both hospitals are up and running.
A light wind is supposed to come tonight and that is not good, since there are so many, many limbs just hanging.
We are FINE, and so fortunate!
hug your hounds


  1. Oh my, this looks familiar. We went through a similar storm, which explains my love for generators.

    Be careful!

  2. Oh my! Great pictures.. looks like lots of damage. Mother Nature is so powerful... Hope you are all well. xo

  3. Glad you are okay - everyone is looking out for each other: that's the great strength of America to me! (I am Dutch) Hope you can keep warm, jeannette

  4. OMG, it's going to take lots of warm days to melt all of that ice! We're glad you're safe, Patience!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Wow. It kind of reminds me of Baton Rouge (my current location). So many trees lost major limbs or were totally lost in Hurricane Gustav that there is an incredible emptiness (there are also a lot of roofs around ehre with blue tarp roofs). I hope you, Bill and the houdns are staying warm.

  6. Glad everyone is ok and that the neighbors are helping one another. Be safe and stay warm......

  7. Patience, if you see my mom - Gayle Kaler - tell her we're thinking of her and Andy and the dogs. We can't get through by phone. So glad you all are doing ok!

  8. Glad to hear you are all OK. There is supposed to be a warming trend this weekend...but then...who ever thought muzzer would think that 40 degrees was a warming trend again - ever....

    Teka says she is almost finished with Willy Um's scarf. Will send this next week.


  9. Brrrrrr. We're so glad to hear you're fine, but can just picture everything.

    Jack was describing the sound of cracking limbs from his days in Omaha -- so he knows all too well what you're experiencing!!

    Hugs to all from the Barkalots and their hoomans.

    (Kiss Very Old Dog's ears to keep them warm!!)


  10. Take very special care during this time. Lovely, but oh so dangerous.

  11. Brings back memories of the 1988 ice storm in southern Maryland when we were without power for 8 days...luckily we lived on the Chesapeake Bay then and most of the vegetation was sea no trees to worry about...
    It is beautiful but I know the worry of safety is very stressful. The waggle must be getting antsy.
    Are you back to work at the hospital and having to brave the elements to get there?
    Stay safe and warm.

  12. Hello all.

    I trekked from Nashville to Paducah this afternoon (Friday 01/30) to help out my parents clean up a bit over the weekend. The trip was fairly smooth--though a whole different world after the 2nd Cadiz exit on I-24W.

    Power and communication services seem to be coming online slowly; however intermittently. Everyone is tuned into the radio which is cautioning about the current threat of huge chunks of falling ice as the temperatures climb above freezing during the days. It is to be in the mid-40's by noon tomorrow and mid-50's by Sunday.

    Some reports have been given to the unfortunate arrival of out-of-town-ers excessively price gouging power generators. From Nashville to Paducah to anywhere, this is UNACCEPTABLE, shameful, oh, and illegal!

    My mom is most worried about the food going bad in her freezer and claims she is finally going to clean out the leftovers. Ironic it took an ice storm for her affirmation of action on a freezer. I love her.

    Be well!


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