Friday, September 11, 2009

P. O. (d)

I went to the Post Office today.

I love the folks at our Post Office. When friends or family visit, if I have to go to the Post Office I bring them with me so I can introduce them to the folks at our Post Office. We laugh, we ask how each others' kids are, we say it is great to see you, hope you have a great weekend, and we mean it.

When the 2nd edition of Mama Pajama Tells A Story got done, my peeps at our Post Office celebrated with me and helped me mail all the pre-ordered copies. They were happy for me.

So this new guy - new to our branch, not new to postal work - was at work one day. I brought some books to mail. My friend, Diana, weighed my packages and told me what they would cost. She got a thought and said to the new guy, "Hey, [hmmm says the evil writer... what fictitious name shall we give the new guy] MEAN MAN, Patience has written a book!" To me Diana said, "MEAN MAN collects books. Fancy ones, with autographs and stuff." To MEAN MAN, "You should get one of Patience's books!"

Nice as could be, all smiley and polite, I say, "I'd be happy to sign a book for you."

Mean Man sneered, yes he did, he positively sneered at me. "I only collect first edition hardcover books, signed by well known authors. I don't want your book."

Well, okay then. My friend Diana said, "You'll be sorry when she's on Oprah!" She rolled her eyes at me. "He will, won't he!"

That was a couple of years ago.

Today I went to mail a couple more books. (Thank you Dear Readers!) My friend Bonnie was working, but noooooooo, the way the line worked out I get Mean Man. Bonnie asks me how I've been, it's been a while, it's great to see you, you cut your hair! I told her that I was asked to do a reading of my book at the college on October 29th! Maybe she could come!

Mean Man said, "Something is wrong with dog people. They're sick." Now, Dear Readers, I'm not going to repeat what Mean Man said. He went on for EVER on how people who loved dogs didn't really deserve to live. And when he ran out of bad things to say about dog people, he started in on artists, and how crazy they are, and what inflated senses of their talent they all have. (My husband is an artist. I forgot to tell you that part, Bill!)

I was in a rather fragile state, and he was being so mean, without provocation, that I was actually fighting tears at this point.

Son of a bitch stinkin' snorkle douche (oops I didn't mean that) ugly horrid book collector with fake signatures on fake first editions shithead. (Oops I did mean that.)

I looked him in the eye. I knew anything I said in defense of dogs or dog people was only going to fuel his ugliness. So I said, "I suppose the twenty-six years I've been a Registered Nurse is worthless too." I know I was beat red. Poor Bonnie was mortified, as were the other people in line.

Well I guess he had a little change of heart or something, because he backpedalled. "Oh, I wasn't talking about you," he said. "I was just talking in general, you know."

Now, usually, I can't think of the right thing to say until I'm lying in bed at two in the morning, still livid. Or finally livid after being sad. But today? Today I had taken all the beating the universe had to give. I looked at that Mean Man and I said

"Oh, I know. Some people get pleasure out of saying hurtful things. They get pleasure out of making other people sad. There are actually some people who feel more important when they are mean to folks who haven't done anything to anyone." [Okay I didn't actually say the last sentence. I thought it, though, so there! And I did actually say the other two, out loud. Not ugly or angry, just matter of fact, trying not to cry.] "Bye, Bonnie! Hope you have a great weekend."

(Of course I forgot to pick up my flat rate envelopes, and Bonnie had to call me back when I reached the door, so I had to come back after sounding all baddass and everyone could see that I had started to cry, but still. I think the dogs would have been proud that I stood up to that Mean Man. It. Was. Enough.)

I am hugging my sweet hounds, and sending out big ah-WOOOOOOOOOOOS to all you WONDERFUL, KIND, LOVING Dog People!
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  1. Poor you to have a Nasty in the PO.
    Our PO has the very nicest, best bunch of workers ever and further when I walk down there I take Stella with me and fasten her lead to the FedEx box (I could see them take her if they did, through the big windows.) I go in and my person asks me how Stella is today and that she is such a good girl!

    Must be Karma, what else could it be?

    Jo and Stella

  2. So sorry to hear of your bad experience. Its so sad to think some people are filled with such hate and misunderstanding of people who have different likes, believes, or ways. Our local post office allows my girl Mollie inside and actually enjoy seeing her and her wacky outfits! I am definaly hugging my hound tonight.


  3. I know many such as described, and they're getting more prevalent as the tough times wear on. Regardless, we have our family and our hounds who love us and that's all that really matters. It doesn't matter how low I feel, my boys can make it "better" quick as a wiggle. :)

    I love reading your posts!

  4. Ugh, you were still kind to this nasty..........don't get me started! Someone should teach this guy a lesson!

  5. I always say it's easy to know the non-animal-lovers from the others. The mean ones ALWAYS are the others. I'm sorry you have a mean man at the mail office, though.. And I had a bit of a giggle because this is the last thing I'm reading before heading out to the post office ;)


  6. Oh Patience, why must there be mean men or mean women? I think they hate themselves. Don't want to bug you but I wanted to give you something. Please check my post about 9/10/09 or 9/9/09. This will be the last time I will mention it. Maybe you don't care for tags.

  7. Thanks, Dear Readers/Fellow Bloggers! I really do LOVE my Post Office. This shouldn't be read as a whine. (Even if it is!)
    I think I won't ever get in Mean Man's line again! Ha! That will fix (delight) him!!!


    And one day, ONE DAY, when I AM on Oprah, maybe he will be just a little sorry. But I doubt it.

    Have a GREAT happy wonderful pleasant day!


  8. Now imagine that MEAN MAN is MEAN WOMAN and she is your new administrative assistant. We must have been in sync today for similar reasons. Glad you were able to call him out on his behavior. I wonder if it will have a beneficial effect.

  9. Totally unprofessional conduct on his part - too bad his co-worker doesn't report him! We, however, can have fun deciding why he is like that - I say his wife left him and found lasting love and companionship with a lovely rescued whippet. Don'tcha think that would be fitting?
    Thankfully, the people at my post office are all nice.

  10. Sigh...why do some people say things like that? Is Mean Man so down on himself it's the only way he can get through his day if he destroys someone else? That's sad. I am so glad your were able to think of something to say back....

    Hugs...the Terriers and Mumsie1

  11. Woohoo for YOU! People like Mean Man are probably the ones who abuse animals. Some day, he'll get HIS! All of us "dog people" stick together! I wonder if his "kind" does!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  12. Hmmm.... anyone have any connections? I think Patience SHOULD be on Oprah.

  13. what a total poop head! hmmph!

    on a positive note...i saw a local whippet waggle arrive at the local off leash park a few days ago. what a beautiful sight! there were about six adult whippets and a couple of puppies. i could not get a count because they were off and running soon after entering. one of the puppies was so cute, it ran to every person and dog in the park and said hello. i can understand how one could easily accumulate a waggle of whippets...they are adorable!

  14. What a jewk! that mean man pwobaly doesn't even know how to wead a book and obviously leads a vewy sad and lonely life..
    Thank you fow standing up fow all of us
    extwa smoochi ekisses
    ASTA and Mommi(pwoud ownew of youw book!)

  15. Don't you love it when people give unsolicited opinions? What a jerk. You did well Patience, we are proud of you.

  16. can I address a steaming smelly box of poop to MEAN MAN paducah kentucky and have it go to that guy. PLEASE?!?

  17. Thankfully there's always someone decent to balance out the miserable little pieces of burnt toast in the world. Something tells me this one has no one in his life and it's his own fault. Idea: if in your post office customers form a single line and then go to the counters as they open up, turn to the person behind you and give him the pleasure of dealing with Mean Man. Say something sweet like "You go ahead, I'm sure he'll be nice to YOU. He and I don't do so well!"

  18. oh we HATE that mean man! we do not understand why people have to be that way. grrrr..... we hope he went home and thought about how mean he was to you.


  19. Un.believable. As a general rule, I do not bite, but I think I would make an exception in this case!
    You said just the right thing.

  20. Her post office workers( with the exception of this one) really ARE the absolute BEST! I've had the pleasure of meeting them a couple times when I've been for a visit and they're just like old friends. Even if I'm on the phone with Patience and she is there, she'll tell them all that it's me and they yell out a big, friendly southern greeting to me !

    I have a few PO I visit and try to avoid the ones with the annoying staff... they have all kinds...

  21. I have SERIOUS problem with people who don't like dogs. You don't have to love them, but not to like them....this guy's is not normal. From the crazy canebrake crew of 8, thank you for standing up for our K9s!!!

  22. Wow. Our postal people are nice too, but wow. I cannot believe he'd be so mean to our dear Patience who is never anything but nice. I'd be in tears too and I'm proud of you for coming up with something to say back. I never can do that on the spot.

  23. Here is something that should put a smile on your face . . . ever read Merrill Markoe's book "What the Dogs Have Taught me"? It is soooooo very funny and insightful. She was one of the original writers on Letterman (back in the day) and she won 4 Emmys and is the genius who originated Stupid Pet Tricks. Guaranteed to make you smile.
    More good news: Rita Mae Brown has a new book coming out next month "Animal Magnetism: My Life with Creatures Great & Small" Enjoy!

  24. Given the outpouring of mail that ww sent to spice's vet, maybe you should give us the address of this guy and we can send him some mail.

    When confronted by this type of person, I usually say "I'm praying for you", which depending on how much you know me and my lack of religion is either very sarcastic, funny or just absurd. It ALWAYS shuts them up.

    Hugging them hounds,

    Randy from WW

  25. Grrrr. Whenever I met someone like that I am so happy that I only have to spend a few moments with them. Think of the poor people who have to live with them!

    I love smiling and being extra nice to nasty people. It throws them all out of kilter.


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