Friday, September 4, 2009

Adagio for Strings

Thank you, John and Kristin Williams for figuring it out.

I believe my dear friend is hugging her darling hound. And that is something to rejoice.


  1. "sigh"

    Sending good thoughts your way.......

    J x and Marvin xxxxx

    ps thanks for your good wishes on F.B.!

  2. And also sad thoughts......

    I particularly liked the quote on the post before this........

    Dog Speed Sweet Spice across the Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Yes, and what a huge hug that is!

  4. What wonderful eyes she had. I'm sure Easy is missing her greatly, hugs to the whole pack.


  5. Oh I am sure that she is and thanking you for being such a good friend to them both.

  6. We believe, too. They are together.

    With warm wishes and gentle thoughts,
    Jake and Fergi

  7. Sending hugs to all during this sad time
    Bflo Gayle

  8. yes...even if it makes US a bit tearful! ((((hugs))) to all

  9. What a beautiful memorial for our loved ones, people or hounds, Patience. What would we be without our dear friends and our memories of them--not half what we should be, I feel. You have been such a true friend, Patience.

  10. What perfect music for such a precious hound and her family.... and for the memories of all who remain.

    Thank you for sharing the awe and wonder of it all.

    Gentle hugs,


  11. I believe the same. God, dogs bring us such joy and such pain. But now both your friend and her Spice are together happy and healthy and running like the wind.
    Hope you will visit us one day again, Patience.
    Jamie and the kids

    ps=maybe, someday, you could critique some of my writing.....

  12. OMG-I got the music to work...Now that beauty makes me just BAWL. Thank you for sharing it. sheesh=gotta get kleenex. wow
    (Keeping in mind, I am not much for most classical-dunno if that is what this is considered, but wow)Sometimes the strings sound as if they themselves are weeping..geez

  13. We are back. We needed to hear the music again. Today. Thinking of Chaucer. Yesterday. And Molly. And Kizzy. In years past. And all the other special ones that have touched our lives.

    One day, hopefully in the very far future, we will link our dear friends to this post. You sent us into a distant, yet very near and intimate place, that allowed us to remember all the special ones who've left before us, and to treasure the times with those who are still close enough to touch. The list could be pages long.

    You are a very special woman. And your relationship with your friends and dogs and all other breathing beings close to you goes beyond words

    Thank you. Again.
    Jake, Fergi and family

  14. Thank you for bringing us all together. One big family, four leggers and two, sharing the tenderness and the bittersweetness. You have a special touch about you that travels far into the universe.

  15. Oh Patience...we know she is...we know it!

    We think of you all the time and admire your strength....

    Hugs to the waggle!

    Kisses...Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

  16. I just popped over from Barry's post. I am not far from you in Kentucky. Have friends in Paducah. I love dogs, but have none at this time. Sure enjoy our grand dogs, Rex and Ruby, who is crippled are golden retriever and Blossom a beautiful black lab. All three are so sweet and loving. I loved the audio and play the violin myself. I found the book Barry spoke about. You have to order from the writer. Hop over for a visit if you have time. I'm older than dirt too.

  17. Hello! THanks for stopping by my place - and a big warm thank you for ordering Tender Graces - I am honored; thank you.....

    Your babies are beautiful! We have a big fat lazy labrador and just adopted from Sarges an australian shephard/Border collie mix....we love dogs!

  18. we are so sorry. we hope that they are together again - all well and healthy and happy.


  19. Francarrich from WWSeptember 7, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    Pleased you found your piece of music - hope you enjoyed "The Ashokan Farewell" anyway - I've decided I'll have it played at my funeral (hopefully a long time in the future) LOL.

    Wags from Banjo & Aida, who's still swooning 'cos Fat Charlie said hello to her on WW. : >)

  20. Yes, Carol, the Ashokan Farewell is a beautiful piece. And it led me to find the Adagio for Strings, in my round about way.
    I listened to the Ashokan Farewell on youtube. Then I found the music from the Red Violin. That allowed me to ask my expert friends about "a hauntingly sad, beautiful violin piece, which sounds sort of like the music in the Red Violin only more orchestral."
    And from that those brilliant musicians deduced that I was searching for Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings.
    So thanks!

  21. This is one of mom's favorite pieces of music! The Adagio for Strings by Tomaso Albinoni is another winner if you love classical music!
    (((((((hugs to you)))))))))))

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. Oh, what a very lovely dog. I love looking at these photos. Nice capture!!!

  23. Beautiful. The dog, the sentiment, the people. *hugs*

    wally t.


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