Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just this minute turned around and snapped that photo. Swede William snoozing in his belly band.

I made all of the male dogs in my house belly bands. Someone believed that, given the record cold temps and my blatant dereliction of my dog servant duties (leaving for work and not returning for thirteen hours), someone had indoor potty privileges. Even though Bill was home and was letting them out every two hours. So I made belly bands.

Now, I had my suspicions. I thought I knew which of the five boys were being naughty. I'd look all squinty-eyed at the presumed guilty. "Did you pee in the house?" I'd growl. "I don't like that." The accused would slink away, affirming my presumptions.


After the wearing of the belly bands for several days, only one got wet. Repeatedly. The one I would have never. ever guessed.

I'm not going to embarrass the one who actually has been lifting his beige Scandinavian leg all over our house by naming him here. I wouldn't do that. But I must publicly apologise to Fat Charlie, Easy, Luciano, and Sam I Am for ever doubting them. They don't have to wear belly bands any more.

I once heard a saying that if it has tires or testicles it's going to be trouble. There's only one dog with testicles in this house. (Bill likes me to specify "DOG" when I make that statement.)


Hug your hounds, even the very naughty beige ones


  1. Perhaps he knows how lovely he looks in his belly band, and wanted an excuse to wear it longer.

    It really is beautiful fabric on him.

  2. Who knew about belly bands to nail the phantom pissers? You are just too smart, Patience! When I lived with four male dogs was constantly going around sniffing out the stiff corners of bedding--my guys' favorite spots to lift their legs. Once they began "anointing" a cetain place no amount of cleaning helped. Good thing that they were so cute.

  3. I did the same thing...only two male dogs. I knew it was Darby because he was sick and couldn't hold it. He was polite enough to always go on the bathroom rug (which could be washed/bleached), but I hated not realizing and getting out of the shower....well, you get my drift.

    Then Charlied died unexpectedly. And the bathroom drug remained dry.

    Sorry, Darby.

  4. My little Jeter is the main culprit around my house. For that reason he is kennelled when I am at work (I only work 1/2 day) and then I diaper him (belly band) when I leave the house to run short errands. This, in spite of his having complete access to the fenced yard via doggy door! He is a little loveable hardhead. The others use the dog door, and our newest arrival, Standard Poodle Halle, (age 11) does just fine until I get home. She has wonderful manners!!

  5. Clever of you. Reminds me of Aes Triplex (sp? How did my aging brain dredge up Trippy's official name, I wonder.) who I seem to recall "acted out" a bit after Jake was born.

  6. I must say, Swede William looks VERY handsome in his belly band. I can't blame him for wanting to keep wearing it. I think a nice bowtie would be a suitable accessory - then he might even be able to join the Chippendales!

  7. I have terrible luck with belly bands.They slide forward or slide backward and little Mr. Peter Pee-er Pops Out (try saying that fast 5times!)and pees around the belly band.

  8. AHEM!

    While I think Willy Yum looks lovely in his belly band, and I agree with the idea of making him a bow tie (my own Chip and Dale!)
    you must understand that he is innocent! Those other male dogs are peeing on his belly band to get him in trouble.

    I know.

    He told me.

    Teka Toy

  9. You are very nice not telling Swede William's name!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Generally Lindsay has a bladder of steel and even if we are unexpectedly caught out and unable to get home for several hours there is never any mess.

    Although, if she's not feeling well or has eaten something that disagrees with her she always goes on the livingroom carpet in front of the fireplace. And always a 2 or 3 o'clock in the night, so that the carpet is nicely marinaded by morning.

  11. So it's Swede who peed and now he needs to own up to the deed!

  12. Ah I love a good stain story in the morning. Good job my friend, good job.

    I mean, Patience that totally stinks. ahem.


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