Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out - circles

Oh brother! This week I thought the topic was Circles, so I went out to photograph Circles. The person who came up with the idea was Kerry, from Corvallis, Oregon, whose blog I LOVE and highly recommend.
Only when I went back to say "I did it!!!" I saw that I didn't do it. "Circles" is next week's topic.

Here's my favorite circle - yin yan whippets

Fountain Circle. There's a statue, but no fountain. And there's a planned park with lots for kids to do.

Fountain Circle, the big picture. This is eight blocks from our house.

Circles on all the Lowertown Art Distric banners.

Two circles on the neighbors' house. Keyth and Elaine live here.

See? One circle.

Second one, Leaping Trout Studio, home of Keyth's beautiful watercolors.

Next, Jonathan and Cindy's house, with their art supply store, the Canvas Room, and new baby Nathaniel. It's a happy place.

The Lowertown landmark

Ike and Charlotte's gorgeous front door at Working Artists Studio.

See the circle at Tom and Wanda's?

Wanda makes her own stained glass. I wish you could see it better.


This week was supposed to be "look up, look down". So I guess I'll do that next week.

Me + Friday My Town Shoot Out = FAIL!!!

hug your hounds and love your towns

HERE is the link to the Look up Look Down post


  1. YOU hit the jackpot....Circles EVERYWHERE!! And they are beautiful too! (What goes around, comes around - love those circles!!)

  2. Nice! My Grandma Mary would love your town with all the art-y folk. She would fit right in!

    I guess you're not going to be in Louisville this spring; we're going back to all the big dog shows and agility trials in March. Josie and I are doing agility and Ollie will be in the dog shows. I always have fun!

    BTW I bol'ed at Swede William's post. Tell him I have to wear a bucking strap every time Mom leaves the house too. She says it's either that or the crate, so I'll wear the stupid thing.... the others have to be crated and I do not want that!


  3. Think of it this are so organized, you are a week ahead of things. And you have given the rest of the particiapants something to live up to!


  4. Gus is right about giving us something to work toward. Your circles post is great. Go ahead and do Up and Down next week that gives us even more variety. I know you folks are setting up for a snow storm too. Stay safe and warm.

  5. You found a LOT of circles!
    Yesterday I happened to be at Borders bookstore, and I saw in the magazine Artcalender, your hubby being quoted there (not mentioned, but QUOTED!), in an article about cheap locations for artists.
    It got me all excited and my hubby started even looking up the websites to see houses for sale. But today I'm thinking "What will we do in Kentucky??" it seems another world, and I've never lived in the South - but the houses for such cheap prices are a magnet!

  6. Awww Patience, have I told you lately that I love you? I am ecstatic that you posted early and totally love what you did. Your pictures are better than mine, and give a better feel for your town than mine do-at least so far...I better work on this. Be sure to connect this to Mr Linky next week so everybody there sees it. Your Texaco shot is a big winner, and of course my personal favorite is the circle of whippets. Love it.

  7. Thank you for your mistake. It has inspired my quest for circles!

  8. So you're just a wee bit ahead of everybody else.

    We've always known that about you.

    I haven't seen a Texaco sign for ages, but I loved the whippet circle the best.

  9. Excellent collection - but like Barry, I'm partial to the dogpile!

  10. well, shoot, you had to look up and down to take these didn't you? *laugh*

    Love the photos....esp that house and those pups!

  11. Like Katherine said!! LOL!!

  12. You managed to find a lot of artistic circles in your town, I love especially the circle window on Keyth and Elaine's house.

  13. Really beautiful and the dogs ...gorgeous!

  14. Seems your town is partial to circles, they appear to be everywhere! Your favourite is my favorite circle, too. That circle of whippets is heart warming! I also love the circles on Keyth and Elaine's house.

  15. Oh the first one speaks volumes! I have a friend who has two small dogs like that and they are sooooo cute!

    Love the Texaco landmark, so cool, we had one in Dallas when I lived there they made into a corner restaurant called The Filling Station and it had tasty food!

  16. The first photo is priceless. It's a gorgeous circle. I really like the Texaco sign too. The houses are beautiful. I love your town.

  17. I absolutely love that first shot of the dogs. Really cool.

  18. What an awesome artist community in which you live! Love the Yin Yang pups!

  19. thanks for the tour, the whippets are adorable

  20. I'm loving that one of the dogs...they were all great photos, but the dog one is one that will stick in my memory for a long time!


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