Friday, January 1, 2010

Paint by Number Whippets


I missed the actual opening because I was working.

But we remedied that. Bill and Deb and I went for a private showing night before last.
Okay, I'm ahead of myself. A dear friend, and fellow Lowertown artist, Deb Lyons, had a fun idea in early 2009. She wanted to do abstract paintings of my dogs, and I was all for that, of course. She brought a bright lamp and a blank canvas. I held Giacomino between the light and the canvas and Deb traced line after line of the shadows created, turning the canvas and moving the dog and the light. The result was a patchwork of lines. Deb then asked me what colors Giacomino gave - his aura.
She repeated this process for the other dogs. And here are the magical results:

Artist Deb Lyons and her painting Delia

Mama Pajama

Swede William

Lindy Loo


Sam I Am

Giacomino's painting will be hanging in our bedroom as soon as the show comes down.

Thanks, Deb! What a treasure!

hug your hounds


  1. Those are fabulous! Of course, we are particularly fond of Swede William here, but Teka insists it would be far more focused if she could attend the sitting.

    Don't know if I agree, but please pass along the compliments to Deb.

    gussie n muzzer

  2. They are impressive. Art, of course, is what the painter sees. They don't look like wippets but the essence of wippets. I loved your previous post. You're cute as a button. Wish I could trot out there and work again, but gotta face reality. I am in the here and now and that will go on til on is over. Lovingly

  3. I adore the one of Swede William. It's just beautiful.

  4. I think it's a really cool idea and the paintings are amazing. Swede William's and Sam I Am's paintings really shout "WHIPPET" to me.


  5. Oh, and does Deb have a website where you can see more of her work?

  6. I LOVE them all. Every time I try to pick a favorite, I am stymied. Luciano's didn't translate well to my computer monitor. The colors got lost, but in real life it is gorgeous to look at and it is so Looch.

    They all are. The spirit, the movement, the lines. They are so much each individual dog, and to see them all together ... !

    I hope you get the feel of it here.

    Here is one page about Deb:

    I'll try to find more!

  7. Wonderful! Clever and beautiful. Thanks for explaining the whippet role in their creation.

  8. Absolutely amazing! So beautiful and so full of life.


  9. oh my goodness! those are beautiful! i love ow they show how fluid whippets appear. the colors are beautiful. what a lovely idea. patience, you have the coolest friends!
    happy new year!

  10. Amazingly beautiful. I need to link you to my brother's site. He is from Paducah also and is an artist. He will really appreciate these. You might appreciate his artwork as well!

  11. Oh those are amazing!!! She is so talented! Happy New Year to everyone! Love A+A

  12. Wow! They are amazing!

    I'm not a huge fan of abstract but these I like!

  13. OMG, they are just beautiful! Each and every one of them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. These are really fantastic! Giacomino's painting is breathtaking. You have very talented friends.

    wally t.

  15. The paintings are wonderful!! I could imagine them being translated to silk...maybe as scarves to they can be close to you!
    Diane Carey

  16. We can see them all in their paintings. Good colors.


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