Friday, December 19, 2008

Your favorite iPet, and the sweetest song

It's time for the iPet of the Week FAVORITE voting!!! Oh boy!

Will it be Buddy B, who pulled baby Samara out of their burning home?

Or Kizzie the rescued Dobe who teaches school kids about dog safety and helps them with their reading skills?

Is it Maddie, who gave her 87 year old human a reason to live?

Maybe it's Puppy, the 17 year old cat who keeps her Sarah such good company.

Or how about Frodo, the brave little Corgi who kept fighting and threw away his wheel chair?

Could it be sweet little Dru Bear, who taught her person how to love herself?

Oh goodness! It could be Sugar, the 26 year old therapy horse, or Buddy G, who saved his mom's life, when she was unconscious in the creek, or Heather, the 13 year old Scotty who's been visiting hospital patients for 11 years. Maybe Mortise the boxer, who ate a couch! (He is Luciano's favorite!) And there are more.

Just go HERE and follow the directions to vote for your favorite one.


And now for some fun. Dashing, handsome Swede William is in the thick of a virtual romance with an adorable and naughty little Jack Russell Terriorist named Teka.
Teka wrote a Christmas song for Swede William!!! She says her brother Gussie did, and it's on Gussie's blog, But Swede William insists Teka wrote it and who am I to argue.
Here it is:
(To the tune of Santa Baby)
Hey Swede William, let's share a milk bone
under the tree, you and me
Been an awful good girl, really Willie,
so hurry down the chimney tonight
Hey Swede William, a '52 convertible too, for you,
I'll wait up for you my dear Swede Willam,
so hurry down the chimney tonight

Think of all the fun I've missed
Think of all the doggies that I haven't kissed
Next year I could be just as good
If you'd check off my Christmas list

Boo doo bee doo hey Swede William,
I found for you a stuffie that's hot-that's what
You've been an angel all year, my dear
Swedest William, so hurry down the chimney tonight

William honey, one thing that I do I think you need, the key
To my condo divine, I'll shareso hurry down the chimney tonight
We can trim my Christmas tree
With some things that muzzer bought at Tiffany

I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me
Boo doo bee doo
Willie Swedie, forgot to mention one little thing,
Ring me up on the phone, alone
Leave the waggle at home
Willie baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry ... tonight
Hug your hounds


  1. Teka, dear, what talent! You certainly brought a smile to this household! We will never be able to hear that song again without your wonderful adaptation.

    And.... paws up for today's CBS Early Show's response to the new Marley film; an interview on where to find puppies (rescue, reputable breeder where you visit and get health reports of both parents etc and NO PUPPY MILLS.)

    Living examples of various ages of the lab puppies were shown, "See how big they really get?" with admonitions about good training from the beginning.

    When are we told to give these precious puppies? Not during the holidays, but during a quiet time! Sounds like the word is being spread, at least for this morning moment. So wonderfully sensible that paws around the country must have been applauding.

    Thanks again, P for spreading the word. Star's Greyhound friend Hazel thinks you had something to do with it.


  2. How do you pick who to vote for? They should all win.
    That Teka and swede william really have quite the romance going.

  3. omdog, how do you ever pick from all of those wonderful dogs! We are wondering when the swede william and teka wedding will be??

  4. I agree with our friends. It is not easy to pick just one! They all are amazing!
    Teka! Teka! Great job with the song!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. How could you possibly choose? I vote for all of them!!! Can you do that?? It works for people.

    Swede William and Teka make a lovely couple. I am so happy for them.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  6. I would have to vote for all of them, but feel partial to Puppy because I know her grandma! Where the heck have you all been? I miss you!!!

  7. WEll we vote for all of them of overwhelming tie..and as for Teka and Swede William? What a lovely couple they make......Love and kisses A+A

  8. Missed the voting due to snowstorm! But that Teka (or Gussie) is quite talented w/her lyrics! Swede Williams should be quite flattered.

  9. Mom can't decide who to vote for, they all deserve to win!
    Ooh if Teka and SW don't work out she can come see me. What a great song.


  10. They are all winners and should get a prize.

  11. that's a wonderful song. Teka is pretty talented, just like her bruzzer, Gus.

    this is a sweet romance. we hope that the pups are very happy together.


  12. I can't choose!!!!

    I should tell Teka that I would make a wonderful maid of honor at her wedding.

    wally t.


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