Thursday, December 4, 2008

Linda Arrives!!!

Oh, dear readers, I am a mighty bad blogger. Yes I am. I've said it and I mean it.

I bought batteries. I put the camera right on the kitchen counter, where I couldn't possibly forget. I repeated "I shall take photos, I shall take photos, I shall..."

I opened the kitchen door. Sam I Am looked around me. So did Mama Pajama. Bill had a good hold of Very Old Dog to avoid tippage, either from over excitement or from bumpage and generalized greeting flummadiddle. Fat Charlie came swooping in. Luciano's eyes got huge.

They couldn't believe who I had found. Their Linda!!! The very Linda who Lindy Loo is named for!!! Here right here in our kitchen, brought in with the rest of the groceries!

Since when did Krogers start stocking Their Linda!!!!????

The greeting was sweet, dear readers. Excitement, disbelief, sniffing just to be sure it wasn't a bobo Linda, but no... It was the real thing. Their LINDA!!! Whom they hadn't seen for two years, which is very long in dog time.

But I failed you. So taken was I in the merriment, and so senile am I in the head, I forgot to pick up the stinkin' camera and click.

These are from two hours later, after the meal.
Sammy says, "My Nana Linda."
the rare Mama Pajama kiss, as tolerated by Sam I Am, and witnessed by a happy Very Old Dog
I promise I'll do better tomorrow. I'll try to.
I'll ask Linda to remind me.
hug your hounds


  1. Hey I get to be first! What an exciting surprise for you doggies! I love it when people I know come to our house.

    Yeah, Mom's always forgetting to recharge her camera battery and she loses all those 'Kodak moments' she sees. sigh!


  2. Yay! You must all be so happy. We love pictures - but enjoying your company is even better! (Allthough I'm sure pictures of their visit will be treasured later ;))


  3. I love to have people I like to come visit me. I dun give kisses like you thou. I am sure you will have lots of fun and treats from Linda.

    Peess: jie jie always forget to charge up her camera batteries too. sigh... hooman...


  4. ooooh! Whenever you took them, thanks for the wonderful, sweet photos! It's so fun to see Linda and how much the dogs love her:-) Wish I was there, too; have tons of fun, you girls!
    big hugs to Linda and you and all!

  5. How very sweet! Looks like a wonderful time is in store for all.

  6. I bet being walloped by the waggle is even worse than being trounced by the terriers. Or even better, depending on your attitude. I'm betting Linda thinks it is almost as wonderful as the dogs do.


  7. Hi Linda!

    Also, good use of the word flummadiddle, which was just yesterday's word from my "Word of the Day" emails. :)

  8. Happy, happy, happy time with Linda.

  9. Can't imagine Linda stayed black for very long but I don't think she would mind one little bit. What a compliment to her to be greeted in such a way by the Waggle. Lucky woman!!

  10. Sweet! Happy reunion!
    Caramel & Scout ^..^

  11. We are so happy your Linda came!! Everyone loookshapyy!! WE hope you have TONS of fun!! Love and kises A+A

  12. Don't worry about the photos. I can see it all in my head!

  13. oh it's so fun to see friends. we love visitors. we hope you have a lot of fun with Linda. we're gonna ask our mom to bring home a visitor from the grocery store.


  14. i love the idea of tippage and bumpage! what lovely pics, even if they were a little late!

  15. We love when people come to visit us! Enjoy your company!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Don't worry about photos, just enjoy the time as much as possible! How exciting for you ALL!!

  17. Have a wonderful, wonderful time. Old friends are great.

  18. Awww..have a great time with Linda...!

    love & licks,

  19. What a fun time you all are going to have!! We just caught up on ur bloggie! Those whippets look extremely well dressed on walkies!!

    Thought of you, Patience, on my great AM poop hunt outside...the snow is patchy, makin' it even more fun to find the "prizes" so to speak. OH>>my personal favorite...when you see a dog "assume the position" and you run over and there's nothing there...I swear they do it to drive me insane...

    Lacie dug a tunnel under my deck and GOT STUCK last nite...the pix are entertainin'...hmm...I know there is a reason we have dogs...cannot remember it this morning!!!

    Love and kisses...Mumsie


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