Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Oh how I would love to climb inside my dogs' brains and hearts and just once, see their world through their eyes. I could only guess what they were thinking, as Special Humans from their past marched right back into their home.

Linda arrived first, for all intents and purposes another purchase from the grocery store. Linda is Sammy's nana, but she has been a huge part of all of my dogs' lives. Giacomino, Fat Charlie, Mama Pajama, Luciano, and Delia saw Linda, Willow, and Jessie (Sammy's mom), nearly every weekend, and a couple of times a week for their whole existence. Then we moved six years ago, and we lost her. The glee when I returned from my normal errands run with the Krogers bags, and Linda! I had found her!!! Only Swede William and Lindy Loo are out of the Linda loop, but they had met her as puppies and a whippet never forgets.
They were not done celebrating, no they were not, when the next day, who should march right on in the back door? Oh my stars, it was their Rhonda!!!

Accompanied by the Nice Lady, Crystal, who is practically family because she has stayed in our home for a couple of overnights. But Rhonda!!!! Right here in living color. Rhonda, who had been at dog shows, lure coursing, race meets, and road trips. Rhonda, who dogsat Fat Charlie and Giacomino at her house. Whose bags smelled of Giacomino's one and only wife, Snickers. It was Rhonda!!!

And while they were still celebrating the reincarnations of Linda and Rhonda, two more angels appear: Cheryl and Terrie.

People who shared every day of the week, when the whippets and those two people and I worked in the same office. Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama's nana Terrie, and their very own Cheryl, who now has three whippets, two of whom are immediate family, because she fell so deeply in love with mine. Dogs remember love like that. Dogs remember.

Not only had the missing humans materialized, they brought with them scent-images of dog friends and relations. Nose pictures of Giacomino's siblings Jazzbo and Lilly - Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama's mom. And their sisters, Mollie and Jessie. And Sammy's siblings Tucker and Graffiti. Noses found dads, grandads, great grandaunts, moms, cousins, nephews. Little hints of smells on clothing, in suitcases, on purses.

The tails kept on wagging. Eyes sparkled. Noses sniffed and sniffed, which started the tails wagging all over again.

I thought it was too much for Giacomino. He'll be fifteen in April, and he seemed to be overwhelmed. He continued to perk up, though, and I realized something. The last time a Special Person came to visit, Bill and I disappeared for Way Too Long. He had just recovered from our trip to Italy, when he lost his lifelong cuddle buddy, Maria. He had just recovered from that, when Special People arrived in droves, and I think he was terribly worried that I was going to disappear again. But I didn't disappear, and on Linda's last day here, she got to see him pull me around the block on his walk and gallop to me in the yard. Eyes shining, legs akimbo, tail wagging.

And I had a blast! You know you're with wonderful dog friends when not only do you not have to be embarrassed when you're stooping to pick up the eighth dog's poop on your walk, but your friend remarks, "That is really good quality stool. What are you feeding these days?"

Oh, but I miss them so.

hug your hounds, and your friends, too.


  1. lovely pictures! what a wonderful visit.

  2. We are glad you and the dogs had such a great visit.

  3. Oh my gosh we are so jealous of your festival of doggie kisses! How wonderful and even better that YOU stayed home when all the visitors left!

  4. Oh what joy!

    It hasn't been 6 years, but my guys adore Erin and Patrick when they come to visit. They really do remember their human friends.

  5. Though Mom does not show anymore, she still loves her dog show family!! And you can always count on them. It is it's own special family that understand each other totally. And YES!!! Only die hard dog folks want to know, hmmm-great stool, what ARE you feeding!!! lmao
    Have fun. Glad VOD is happy again.
    Hugs to you all
    Sunny, Scooter & Jamie

  6. What happiness and Love
    The twue meaning of the holidays

    I can see it in the whippets' eyes.
    yes we do wemembew!
    smoochie kisses

  7. Francarrich from WWDecember 9, 2008 at 4:26 PM

    I've been checking in every day, waiting to hear how much you all enjoyed your visitors, I'm so glad that you ALL had a good time.

    Yes, of course our dogs remember people in their lives. My friend Wendy used to bring her IG into my house nearly every day when we walked our dogs together. Later, after she'd brought in a pushy new youngster, she gave the IG to somebody whose whippet had died suddenly & who needed another dog urgently to console them. Several years later I was with her when we called in on the lady & Fennel went absolutely bonkers when he saw me, he was all over me & even ignored Wendy (much to her disgust & my secret pleasure!)

    Anyway, I'm so glad that you had a good time.


  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful reunion!
    Glad everyone was happy!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. what a wonderful reunion! thank you for sharing! your posts have a way of making me misty eyed...sniff.

  10. Martha and P-DoggyDecember 9, 2008 at 5:31 PM

    YAY waggle!!!

  11. OH MY! Wonderful hooman friends smelling of beloved Doggie friends. What could be better? Welll.....Did someone maybe bring treats too?


  12. How special to have so much company! Enjoy them, Patience!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Those are fantastic pictures. You betcha dogs remember that kind of love!!

  14. Hoo-ray for visitors! I'm so glad Giacomino got some reassurance and was able to enjoy himself.

    wally t.

    ps. My ma ape totally laughed at the poo comment. That's something she would say!

  15. What fun and what a touching photo story! Whippets' expressions are so sweet-must be those doe like big eyes. Gordy has Aunt Joan-who helped rescue him from a mill. He seems to remember her but isn't sure why. Maybe poodles' early memories aren't as good as whippets.

  16. Wow, this is just sooo nice! You all look so happy :)

  17. omdog it looks like you all had the most bestest time ever!! You can just see the light in EVERYONE and EVERYDOG's eyes. I am so glad you got to do this!


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