Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yes, Dear Readers, you have been kind and more through this rant. I will share a few important or funny details and then get back to being a good blogger - sticking to stories of the good stuff (like poop picking up techniques) and the joys of living with these wonderful, amazing animals.

I remember at the National a very generous Canadienne offering to lend me a skirt to show Swede William in, since I had left my show clothes hanging on my bedroom door in Kentucky. Oh, Dear Readers. I recalled that conversation, lying in bed the other night. It went like this:

Kind Canadienne: Oh I have a skirt that would be perfect! It's very cute.
Brown houndstooth, and it's flippy and has pockets. It would look really
with your dog.

Patience: Really? That would be

KC: Okay, just come up to my room anytime.


KC: What?

P: Well, I still get nervous when I
show... and...

KC: You don't!

P: I do. And
when I get nervous, I get the butt sweats. I don't want to get
the butt
sweats in your cute flippy skirt!

KC: (laughing)

But thanks anyway.

KC: (Still laughing) Who doesn't get the butt
sweats! Don't worry about

P: No, really. But thanks.

Sigh. Thank goodness the Kind Canadienne has a gentle heart and a great sense of humor.

Carolyn's Friend Number One (hereafter known as Saint Friend Number One) drove Easy and Spice all the way to TOLEDO. (I had driven to Toledo from Atlanta to see my sister.) There was a park adjacent to the hospital parking lot with a nice place to walk, and lots of squirrels. Easy and Spice got to sleep in bed with me and Swede William. It worked out just fine. They were very excited to see me, and I them, and William was glad to make their acquaintence. We had a couple of days to bond before heading back to Paducah.

I was worried about incorporating them into the waggle, especially since I had been gone so long. I stopped about a half hour out and pottied and fed them. When we got home first, I went in and oh did I hug my hounds! And I hugged my Bill. I had to face the house without a Very Old Voice welcoming me home. After greetings were thoroughly exchanged, I put up the waggle and brought in Easy and Spice.


Easy (you can see his tumors)


Easy, bottom in the black bed, Spice on the bench, with Sam, Lindy Loo and Swede William

Easy and Spice walking with our friend Francie

I let Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama in first, and they sniffed for a second until their eyes and tails showed their recognition of their old pals. They hadn't seen each other in four or five years. And one by one the rest of the waggle came in. Easy and Spice were gracious, and I was really proud of my guys and gals. There wasn't a raised whisker. Not a hackle to be seen. Just lots of wags and sniffs and life was grand.

I showed Easy and Spice their new digs. Easy and Spice showed that they belonged here by peeing on every bed, chair, doorframe, expanse of floor or carpet, wall, you name it. It was rather comical, me following them around with a bottle of woolite oxy in one hand and a clorox rag in the other, occasionally shrieking "Oh please! Oops! Oh well. Ack! Oh Not THERE! Woopsie!".
The good news is that after that initial marking spree (which only lasted as long as the home tour did) there has been not one accident. You may recall that Easy had surgery for thyroid cancer in January of '08. That was supposed to give him a good quality ten months to a year. We prayed that he would spare Carolyn the heartache of losing him, and good boy he did! The cancer is back, and wearing a collar was causing bruising, so, he is breaking my cardinal rule of wearing a tag collar at all times. He goes naked. I am using a front attaching harness on him for his walks and it works just GREAT!

Fat Charlie by rights should be the bed dog now. He's letting his friend Easy have that priviledge, and Easy, who's been a couch dog but never a bed dog before is a natural at it!

I see Carolyn every time I look at her sweet dogs' faces. And that's good. I'm grateful for fifteen wonderful years with a once in a lifetime dog and that's good. I have the most courageous big sister in the world. And I ask your prayers for her.

hug your hounds
and thank you for your amazing kindness, understanding, and generosity


  1. Prayers for you, the waggle and of course, for your sister. And inquiring Tekas want to know if Swede William got to be in the show?

    Teka and Gussie and muzzer

  2. Patience, you must remember, like your dogs, we are with you for the good times and the bad times.


  3. Sending good healing comforting thoughts to your sister.


  4. This waggle was meant to be. Soft and gentle thoughts to those who need them.

  5. Thoughts of good things to come heading your way. Glad to hear everyone got on famously.

  6. Patience and Swede showed their hearts out. No sign of the butt sweats. I think they were third in their class. And even if I didn't get to speak much, I hope my hug helped the screaming inside. Loves you Patience.

  7. Martha and P-DoggyApril 19, 2009 at 12:54 PM

    well,dear P,you managed to get some humor in there so I didn't cry the whole post through! Prayers for Martha-we marthas are a tough bunch,you know!-and hugs for all the Waggle-VOD is grinning and wagging down on you all, as are Carolyn and Greg! (OH-SORRY-Maria too!)

  8. What a beautiful waggle! And your blog can always make us laugh or cry and those are both part of life. We love reading you whatever you have to say.

    wally t.

    ps. My ma ape nodded along with the butt sweats. I cover mine with a beautiful fur covering.

  9. we're glad you are home with your waggle and that everyone is settling in. rest, recover and carry on... and yes, we are hugging everydog today and everyday.


  10. Oh my...we just read the last four parts...we're amazed that you able to stand up, Patience, much less function....

    And two more sweet Whippets for the Waggle...(I wish you had a video of the marking spree....!)

    We send you our prayers, out pawsitive compassionate thoughts...

    But most of all, we send you our love....


    Scruffy, Lac and Stanny

    and Mumsie

  11. Dear Patience
    We love to read all you write..You manage to always make us laugh and cry..what a gift. I'm so glad your wonderful waggle were so accepting..somehow I knew they would be.
    Hope there are beautiful days ahead
    smoochie kisses

  12. We're so happy that Easy and Spice are settling in!
    Your most special sister is in our thoughts and prayers, Patience!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie, Mitch and Sue

  13. Everyone looks so cozy...can I come too?! hugs, r

  14. Sweet story! And you are so patient with the homecoming marking ceremonies!!! Your final statement about having 15 wonderful years with a once in a lifetime dog made me remember my late, sweet dog, Porter, who we adopted when he was 11 years old (his 59 year old owner had passed on) and he came with a plethora of health issues (his former vet said he would only last a year) but who lived with us until he was almost 17! And he had many issues but was the best dog ever!!!

    I know there are a few angels in heaven smiling at you....

    Many hugs from Alaska to you... xoxo

  15. You offer a lot of reasons to reflect (and remember) for those of us who are lucky to read your posts. You are a special woman, Patience, with a special family. Rest and find strength now. The path will keep winding, but you'll find beauty along the way.

    Thanks for your generosity in leaving birthday wishes. It was extra special receiving them from you.

    Take care,
    Miss Fergi and Jake

  16. Finally catching up after a few days away - Oh, Patience, what a lot of heartbreak you have been through! It is no wonder you were screaming and losing your way. And still you see humor as you add two new wagglers to your waggle.

    Welcome, Easy and have marked your arrival and it is now YOUR home (to be shared, of course!).

    Patience, your sister Martha is in my prayers tonight, as are you.

  17. Someone knew what they were doing when they chose your name. Another amazing post filled with tenderness and huge dose of reality. Praying for all of you.

  18. So glad to hear Easy and Spice settled in nicely with your crew. Hugs to you.

  19. If you had a third hand you should have been taking photos of all those wonderful stains! Talk about a Stain Award!! ;) Glad they are settling in now, you will give them a most wonderful home.


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