Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easy and Spice



It give me the greatest pleasure, Dear Readers, to introduce you to Easy and Spice. Easy is officially Wistwind's Easy Livin CD, ARX, CR, LCM, CanFCh, TRP, CGC, AV. (When a dog has that many titles, we call it alphabet soup!) Spice is Wistwind's Spice Twice, FCh, TRP. I think that she has her Canadian Field Championship, too. And she might have her Lure Courser of Merit (LCM), but I'm not sure.
They were born on October 29, 1997. And, as you know, they were bred and loved and treasured by my friends Greg and Carolyn Mountan, both of whom recently passed away.

So Spice and Easy now live at our house.

The blending of the canine family has been as smooth as the skin on a baby whippet belly. (That's smooth!) I can't imagine - still - what the last year was like for these two eleven and a half year old siblings. Though their tails wagged and they sat on laps and begged at the dinner table during their first week here, they also had moments of looking lost. They stayed right next to me. Spice tried to bury some of her food instead of eating. If I moved while they were napping, they jumped right up. Wagging, but a little worried.

I must brag a bit on the Warburton Waggle. They have been so generous and gracious! No arguments over toys, treats, beds, couches, anything. Easy and Spice were very close to Greg as well as Carolyn, and they want to snuggle with Bill, especially Spice. Delia has shared her personal manservant. And even her chair! Amazing.

Spice in Delia's chair!

Now, after onlytwelve days, Spice is eating all her food. Easy has a favorite stuffie squirrel. Yesterday he was bouncing around the yard with it, Tigger style. Shaking it dead, tossing it in the air and pouncing on it, bucking up and down. Wagging and rahring. My heart was beaming so hard, I think the rays must have shot out of my butt and toes and nose and hairs. And oh how those two enjoy their city walks! They come and tell me if I'm tardy.

They're no longer glued to me. The curl up with their new housemates on couches and beds. If I'm doing something boring downstairs they'll go on upstairs and claim the prime spots. They are settling in.

Easy and Sam I Am

But I can't call them my dogs. Even though I love them as such, when people say, "Are these your new dogs?" I say, "They are my friends' dogs. They've come to stay with us."

And that's just it: Easy and Spice will forever be Greg and Carolyn's dogs. I simply have the lovely privilege of taking care of them for a while.

hug your hounds


  1. It´s good that they all get along. You´ll get used to it, you´ll see.

  2. They are beautiful!!! So good you were able to take them into your home with yours. Very special!! Mom says we had a retired racing greyhound who was beautiful and VERY special. We didn't get to know her but Mom told us how they grab your heart strings. Enjoy! Sounds like they are already settling in with you.
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. Teka says the Waggle has always been very welcoming, she thinks the secret may lie in smooth fur rather than fuzzy fur, and has cautioned Gus that he will NOT be able to visit.

    But, seriously...they look like lovely dogs and they have clearly found and claimed a lovely home.

    Kisses from Muzzer and Teka, snurfs from Gussie who has his feelings hurt.

  4. You are lucky to have each other at this time of your lives.

  5. Oh they are so beautiful. And how gracious of the Waggle to make room! Patience you must stop making me cry, please... tears of happiness for these two beautiful creatures who were loved and still loved. You have a big heart. Love to you all from the beautiful state of Alaska!!

  6. Martha and P-DoggyApril 23, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    Kudos to the waggle welcoming commitee! And special kudos to Delia for sharing Bill!

  7. Aww, so glad to hear they are settling in nicely.

  8. Aww, so glad to hear they are settling in nicely.

  9. Sure is nice to know they are settling in so good.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. I'm sure the dogs have discussed the situation when you weren't around and they all understand what's going on. It's very good to hear things are going as easy as pie. And THANK YOU for pictures!! I can't get enough pictures of the Waggle as it is, but I was (im)patiently waiting for pictures of the Wistwind additions.

    Hugs from the gang up North,

  11. Well done, Waggle! We're so glad to hear they've settled in so well <3


  12. What wonderful news! Glad to hear they are fitting in so quickly, high fives to the Waggle!

  13. Sweet post. Thanks for the update.

  14. Awww -- Patience - you have been and are going through so much and your heart is still wide open. You are amazing.

  15. How absolutely wonderful that they have settled in so well. I was worried that the grief would overwhelm them. My Annie does the Tigger style of playing with her pretties. I never thought about calling that so thanks. Now I can let her know what she is doing.

    Dogs, our sweet babies bring so much joy to our lives.

  16. How wonderful they are fitting in so easily and well. Greg and Carolyn must be beaming too.

    Sue, Gracie, and HotRod

  17. Francarrich from WWApril 24, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    Delighted to hear that Easy & Spice are settling so well with the Waggle. I expect the Waggle feel that their numbers are back to normal, just with different members. Hope you get the new dog walking rota sorted out Eas-il-y. Sorry, bad pun there.

    Wags from Banjo & Aida!

  18. Well they certainly found a great bunch of friends both human and dog friends. You guys will surely become very important to them and they will remember how pawesome their owners were because they had such pawesome friends.

  19. Easy is as beautiful as I remember. I also remember being behind Carolyn and Easy in the 6-9 mo class at the Midwest with a very rambunctious Nemo on the end of my lead. Poor Carolyn. I didn't know her dogs name and as we moved in the circle on the first go-around, I kept telling Nemo "Easy". I think Easy won his class (despite my unwitting sabotage) and Nemo may have been 3rd. Nice memory.

  20. Oh we are so happy for them and for you that they are all fitting in..Love A+A

  21. Thank you P you are an Angel for taking care of Spice and Easy...

    I know Spice loves her leash walks from when she broke her hock and to strengthen it Carolyn walked her up and down the road and up her neighbours driveway (steep hill)...

    HJ & The Whippet Gang +1/2

  22. We're so happy that your gang is so welcoming and they are settling in!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. What a wonderful waggle to welcome the new wigglers! I'm so happy they're settling in and enjoying themselves. That game with the squirrel stuffy looks like a great deal of fun!

    wally t.

  24. I can't think of a better gift to give your friends. Tonight, I go to sleep with a happy heart. May you all enjoy many happy years together.


  25. A stuffie romp cures so many things,,, for them and for us.

    So glad to see they are tucked into the heart of the Waggle.

    My granddog, Seneca, ( a red fawn grey rescue with an awesome, yet sad career under the name of Snakeroot) is sharing our home this week and he sends paws up to such a wonderful retirement for Easy and Spice.

    Hugging my grandhound,


  26. Such a heart-warming post, I am smiling all over. Isn't it wonderful when newcomers fit in easily and oldtimers welcome them with great hospitality? Thanks for the introductions!

  27. Welcome!

    They look so beautiful and already 'at home' with you.

    Such a lovely post. I will go and "hug my hound" right this minute!

    lotsaluv, Jeannie xxxxx

    oh and Marvin xxxxxx

    ps sorry I am late commenting it is taking a while to catch up with all the blogs!

  28. Ok, I got to admit I haven't been reading your blog lately but... that dog is named EASY? Oh...


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