Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Lifetime of Laughter

Never has a soul brought more laughter into a home.
Such spark.
Such sass.
Little Miss Mouth of the South.

Which makes it way too quiet now.
Too dark.
Too reverent.
No cheerleader saying rah rah rah.

Delia is looking for you,
Her sweet mom.
Me too.
I'm going to keep thinking I hear you.

I hate my empty arms.
Empty bed.
Extra bowl.
But you made me laugh out loud

For almost fourteen years,
and I thank you.
Now run
And tell God to hurry up with dinner.

And snuggle with your best friend Willow,
And Gracious,
And roach in the sun with Opie.

I miss you, sweet pea.

February 7, 1995 - November 18, 2008


  1. Oh Patience we are so sorry. May she run free.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.


  3. I am so sorry Patience. Whippet hugs from us to you, Bill and the Waggle.

    Ahhhh Wooooo Maria.

    ~Anne, Melba, Bella and Twix

  4. sad woof's, ooo nooo me is sooo sorry...my sis angel lacylulu will watch out for her too...RIP sweet Maria....run with the wind...

    a sad,
    angel lacylulu
    and mama...

  5. We are so sorry.
    We will treasure her good memories.
    Kisses and hugs
    Lorenza and mom

  6. Patience, Words are coming awfully hard tonite. She was a very special girl.

    Love Jim and Sue

  7. Oh Patience, I am so very sorry. Please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of Maria. I have come to love all of your waggle through your blog. I will hug my hounds extra close tonight.

  8. Ah me, Patience. Why can't something as good as our dogs have a few more years. I'm sorry for the hole in your family.

  9. Oh, Patience, no, no.... Such a sweet, sassy little thing. You have described her so well we feel like we know her.

    We are so very sorry for your loss and hold you all in our hearts.


  10. We are so sorry for your loss. She will be running like the wind. 14 years is a wonderful life of memories.

  11. Our hearts are breaking for you, Patience! We'll miss you, Maria

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie, Mitch and Sue

  12. Oh Patience...I am sitting here in tears with my heart breaking for you, I am so very very sorry :(

    You are all in my thoughts {{{hugs}}}

    Run free sweet Maria, you will be sorely missed.

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  14. I am so sorry for you loss, Patient.

    RIP, Maria. God has another pretty lady to play in his garden. Till we meet again.


    Peesss: Is this the season for falling sick? I get not so good result for my blood test yesterday and as we read this post, jie jie got more worried and sad...

  15. Dear Patience, Bill and all the Waggle:

    We are so sorry to hear about Maria. We hope you are sharing all the hugs we send your way.

    Kisses and Hugs
    Gussie and Teka

  16. Ah, I'm sorry Patience. I know you miss her. xoxoxoxooxomt

  17. Oh Patience I'm sorry. Wilma-Marie sends puppy kisses to you.

  18. I'm so sorry Patience. I'll tell my Rainbow Bridge girl to keep an eye out for her. I know she'll be running free now.


  19. Maria have a run w/ Ben for us.....Patience hugs to you and Bill from all of us.

  20. I simply couldn't believe what I was reading. I am so very, very sorry. Dear Patience my heart goes out to you. Lots and Lots of Love. xxxxxx

  21. Dear Patience & family,
    We are so very sorry for your loss of sweet Maria. We're sure she is playing & having fun with Jake, Jade, Jack & Eddie right now. Mama still misses them. Our thoughts are with you.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Linda, Butchy, Snickers, Ruby & Sylvester

  22. We are so, so sorry to hear this news. May she run free and happy now. Our thoughts are with you.

    Maryann & The Brats

  23. I came here to check out your beautiful collars for sale and I read about your loss. I am so sorry! Having dogs of my own that are like my children I know the heartache and sadness of losing one. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  24. Your cheerful soul lives on in those who adored you sweet Ree Ree...hugs to your humans and your pack, r

  25. Oh no.. I'm so, so sorry... Sweet darling Maria.

    Big hugs,

  26. Oh dear,

    We saw your comment on our blog that you were sad and rushed to see why, thinking the worst. And now we see that dear Maria, fun-loving, sassy Maria, has left her family on earth to run with her pals over the Bridge.

    We're sending you all as much love as we possibly can to help fill the hole in your hearts and your family.


    Jake and Just Harry and Joan

  27. hugs to you all patience. so so sorry to hear of your loss.

  28. Oh Patience. I am sitting here in my office in tears. It's an inevitable part of life but it never gets any easier. My heart goes out to you, Bill and the waggle

  29. I am so sorry to see you have lost your beautiful Maria. Hugs to You, Bill, and the whole waggle. Eventually the memories will be strong with happy tears again...

    Sue, Gracie, and HotRod

  30. Oh Patience. I am so vey sorry for your loss. There just are no words for the hole they leave in your heart. Good Night Maria.
    Sad Hugs

  31. I'm so sorry to hear that Maria is gone. We are sending hugs and prayers for you and Bill and the whippets.

    love & wags,
    River & mom

  32. We are so sorry for the loss of such a beauty :( We are sending all of the strength we can to you, Bill and the rest of the waggle.

  33. Dogs Speed Maria

    HJ & The Whippet Gang +1/2

  34. Patience,

    Through your stories I got to know Maria and am now missing a dog I never even met. I'm so sorry. I know she will be missed by everyone who reads your blog. I'm so glad that you'll be having visitors in December who knew and loved Maria as much as you did.
    Please take care.

  35. Ahhh. But how glad Maria would have been to see her dear special people who are coming to visit. To only miss them by a couple of weeks...
    It was just too quiet when I fixed their dinner tonight.

    Thanks to you all.


  36. Patience, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know it feels like a big hole in your heart, but the memories will always be with you.

  37. Patience
    I am saddened by the loss of a dear dog who I came to know through your blog.
    I won't say I'm sorry, because you had many wonderful years with her, and those are to be cherished, enjoyed, relived and rejoiced over.
    I wish you peace and comfort and healing.

  38. I am so very, very sad to read this news. Maria's spirit will always be with you and you will hold her in your heart though you can no longer hold her in your hands.
    Run free, Maria; your earth journey may be over but you are just a kiss away.

  39. Your beautiful descriptions and photos made her jump off the page and I am so sad to know she is gone, but the good thing is that she will not be forgotten. Remember, all dogs go to heaven, and Maria can be 'the mouth in the clouds.'

  40. Patience,
    I'm so sorry!
    Hugs and kisses from Lady and me.

  41. Oh, dang it! I hate when this happens to you of all people. I will hug your neck next time I see you!

  42. I'm so sorry to read of your loss. Losing a beloved soul is so terribly difficult; may the memories you hold dear to your heart help you in the days ahead.



  43. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely little soul. You were blessed to be her friend in this life. She will be there for you in the next. Hugs abounding.

  44. Oh, I'm so sorry!

    I'm sure that Maria is running around and enjoying her forever home!

    Love and hugs to you and your family at this difficult time.


    Dog lover

  45. Oh, we are so sorry to learn about the passing of sweet Maria. She was terrific!! What pain you must be feeling.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  46. Patience
    It's unforgivable..I didn't know, and just saw this by going back through posts I've missed..I celebrate her life! she gave such joy and beuty..may Maria continue to do so in heaven ..I'm so very sorry for your loss
    sad sad smoochie kisses
    ASTA and Mommi


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