Wednesday, November 12, 2008

iPet of the week - YOURS

We had a horrible discovery in my beautiful, good, friendly corner of the world.

A massive dog fighting ring.

My wonderful vet, Ol' Poke 'n Stick himself, whom you've met many a time on this blog, had the ugly job of assisting the Sherriff's office in the investigation.

Ol' Poke 'n Stick, with Lindy Loo's sissy, Simmer in October, 2006)

So, in today's iPet of the Week I suggested that we donate to the shelter which took in 72 pit bulls, and that we honor the 11 poor dogs fished out of the river by devoting some extra time and attention to our own pets.

You can read it HERE.

hug your hounds


  1. That is awful. But your article was good

  2. We are not hooked in yet to the local news and yesterday someone told me about this.
    I cried.
    I just can't abide cruelty.
    You wrote a beautiful article.
    I'm letting my cat spend extra time this morning licking my feet which I don't like but she seems to get great pleasure out of.

  3. As a dog rescuer we see this all the time, but it doesn't stop the heart from breaking. A little part of the heart dies every time I see a situation like this. I'm going to spend extra time with my brood tonight, knowing that for some of them they would be in the same situation if it weren't for some rescue angels like the ones in Paducah. Thanks and blessings to those angels and never forget that you are making a difference to every dog you get off the street and into a home.

  4. Awesome article Patience - sure hope the idiots involved are dealt with sufficiently. Only problem is often the laws just aren't tough enough.

    Janet S

  5. What a horrible story. To think they would dump all those poor dogs in the river ... what a travesty. How disgusting. We would like to introduce the perpetrators to some cement shoes ... and that same river.

  6. It is tragic that anyone can treat a living being with such cruelty. These individuals have likely faced their own hells, neglect and betrayals but there is no excuse.

    Thank you for reminding us to cherish our animals and to support responsible pet ownership in our communities!

  7. I keep wondering what kind of lives the dogs who were shot had before their death sentence.

    Patience, what a heart-breaking story. What gets me is that this evil can be around us without our ever knowing it until something like this discovery happens.

    Albert Camus said it best in The Plague (La Peste): Eternal vigilance!!

    Jake and Just Harry get tons of cuddles and scritches and love every day (between their long hours of total boredom); I just ordered another ton for this evening.

    Woofs dear lady,


  8. Human cruelty seems to know no bounds.

  9. That is horrible!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  10. Patience and the Waggle...your story makes me very thankful for my warm and happy home. Even if muzzer is very cranky sometimes. But we love it when you say "hug your hounds." Cause she always does.

    gussie and teka

  11. Good for you, your article was very impressive.

    It never ceases to amaze me how badly children and animals are treated. A nation of bullies.

  12. Hard to even think about's so awful. Animal Cruelty Laws need to be so much tougher than they are.

    For such a difficult subject to write did a great job, Miss Patience.

    I think we need to give a big shout of congrats to California for passing Prop 2...the law that protects farm animals. We need more of that kind of consciousness!

    Hug a pig and a cow too!:)

  13. To what depths have pride and greed taken people in our communities? It just breaks my heart.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I am hugging a friend's rescue hound, even as we speak. Looks like time to pull out the checkbook for an early Thanksgiving gift.... being thankful that we can help.


  14. Oh sis look how small you are.


  15. this is horrible. just horrible.

    recently they've busted up two huge chicken-fighting rings here in the cities. why people get their jollies out of betting on poor frightened animals fighting to the death i just do not know.

    i look at riley and boscoe and quiver inside. nobody had better ever try to harm a hair on their heads....

  16. How horrible! I get so sad hearing about these things...Woofs, Johann

  17. Oh, thank you for sharing the story. I hope it helps them raise a lot of money for the care of those poor dogs.

    Sometimes I really think whoever coined the phrase "Humane" was being ironic. Sigh.

    wally t.


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