Sunday, November 23, 2008

Floating Boulders and Southern Ice Skating

Our lives are still kind of topsy turvy.

Fat Charlie, who is 11 years old, and is sweet as sugar, stands and wags and stares at me. Two hundred and sixty-seven times a day.

I think he's trying to tell me that I lost her. That in my senile servitude, I've dropped off his Maria and forgotten to pick her up. So he's gotten three breakfasts a day and countless kisses, and I'm trying to go on and make life around here as usual.
Would you like to come along on our walkies today?
First is 14.5 year old, Giacomino, aka Very Old Dog. I was afraid he would be unhappy, walking alone, since he's walked with Maria for 13.5 years. She did not feel like walking with us for the last week (except Thursday; she went along on Thursday), and Giacomino felt silly and happy.

This is a great spot for pee mail, and sometimes there's a cat poop to try to nab.

Is that not the sweetest, most adorable face?

[Oh don't be so sentimental, silly human! Let's go walkies!!! The sun is out!]

Giacomino just goes around one block. He loves his walk.
The next walk today was Mama Pajama (Fat Charlie's litter sister), 8 year old Luciano, and Fat Charlie. Luciano had already walked to the river with his sissy Delia and Bill earlier. But he wanted to go again. (Looch and Delia are Maria's son and daughter.)

Here we are downtown, and I took a picture of us in a store window.

Yes, my hat has a whippet on top, with his own hat and scarf!

In front of the Federal Court House downtown. These guys walk about a mile.
Then it's the Wild Bunch's turn.

Lindy Loo, Sam I Am, and Swede William.

Our delicious and wonderful neighborhood coffee shop, named Et Cetera, has a post for dogs and they always put fresh water out. My dogs have never been tied there. If you click to enlarge, you will see Lindy Loo, who is Maria's great granddaughter, is VOICING her displeasure at this arrangement.

Swede William wanted a do over, in case his girlfriend Teka or his Nana Lisa might see. Also he wanted to show how he had hog-tied Lindy Loo. Sammy's just being good.

We have a new ice skating rink in Paducah!!! It is WAY popular.

And on the river was a tug pushing several barges full of HUGE rocks. (Notice Lindy Loo's concern.)

Okay, they'd been as good for as long as they could. Chaos.

Nothing has made so much sense lately, so rocks the size of easy chairs floating down the river... there they were.

In front of the store where I sell my goodies.

It is a pretty downtown.
I hope you enjoyed our walks! We are trying to get back to normal. Maria spent her life creating smiles and laughter, and I feel she would not tolerate this sorrow for long.

Hug your precious hounds


  1. Paducah looks like such a great place to live! Such a great down-town, and I love the river.

    I'm sorry Sweet Charlie is missing his girl. They do know.

    Hug your hounds...I'm hugging all of mine (plus 5).

    PS: It looks really cold there. That's no good!

  2. Patience,
    Lady and I send our sympathy to you, Bill and the Waggle especially Fat Charlie, of course.
    I did enjoy your walk, they're always very interesting. I love the architecture in your town, lovely old buildings with lots of character.
    Love to you all from Lady & me.

  3. The coats! The coats! Those amazing coats! Have they always had them and I just never noticed?!? They are fabulous! All the waggle look so REGAL in them!

  4. I especially love the three gathered to collect and leave pee mails. There's nothing like exercise or hard work to ease the grief--not get rid of it, but ease. And I'm sure it makes you feel better to give the outher guys something they enjoy--a good walk.

    How come Paducah seems so southern when compared to other KY cities?

  5. Paducah looks like a lovely town. All the whippets have such sweet faces and their eyes always convey so much.

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your walk! And I love, love, love your hat! ;D And now I want bubble tea.. Sigh..


  7. What a beautiful town you live in Patience! We just love all of the coats! When they're not being worn do they hang on hangers in the coat closet, all neatly in a row?! Mom is in love with your Whippet hat!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Thanks for sharing. It must break your heart when Fat Charlie asks where Maria is.

    Paducah looks like the kind of town I want to live in...but bay or ocean for my sailing hubby.

    Please tell Sam that he pulls off that zebra print very well!

  9. Yesyesyes to all of the above. Muzzer ADORES the they have them with substantial wires on them?????? And Teka and I love the coats...beautiful. Teka might be able to pull off a smaller version, I thing I am too substantial and need to have mine made bespoke, so I don't lose the lovely drape.

    Oh, and Teka has to throw a word in here and tell William how handsome he looks in his coat. (But I think they all look warm and cozy.)


  10. The whippies look great! I had a laugh seeing you in your whippet hat! Can't wait to be greeted by the waggle in person, to taste morning biscuits from the local baker, not to mention Bill's (or your) scrumptious pasta creations! I will remember to stand up when I see the four legged kids so as not to garner a broken nose or bleed!

    Soon ...and a night with Fat Charlei! Ooooooooh, r

  11. What a cute little town for dog walking! I must know where you got the hat? I love love love it!


  12. We feel so sad that you are feeling an empty dog-space in your life. What a lovely town you have for walking though! The dog-hitching pole is a great idea. H-Mom is way to afraid that someone would steal Madison, though, so she doesn't go anywhere without Madison's leash in her hand! People really do steal dogs here. Can you imagine that? How horrible. They break into cars and steal them, too.

    yes, hug your hounds.

  13. What a great place! I hope your sorrow leaves you soon. I'll snuggle it away!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  14. Lindy-Loo is quite the spokes-whippet,eh? And we WANT WANT WANT that hat and zebra coat!!! more than that,we want to hug the pain away from ALL of you-we are still teary..

  15. Thanks so much for taking us on your walkies. We loved it. We know Maria wants you guys to be happy, but we also know that its just not that easy!

  16. I enjoyed tagging along your walkies!! Your downtown looks so cozy and friendly. Thank you very much!

    Please tell all the waggle that they look very handsome/cute in their coats!!


    Dog lover


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