Monday, October 20, 2008


Bill is doing a marvellous job of posting about our trip to Italy, using the photos which I took. If you are curious about the places we saw, go have a quick look at

Here are the only photos of dogs I got on the whole trip:

This little fellow was at the villa where we stayed in Tuscany. He was a terrier cross but had long straight stringy hair. He wanted nothing to do with visitors.

I saw a few filthy Westies in Firenze (Florence) whose owners wanted nothing to do with anyone sporting a camera. (I really couldn't blame them. There were hundreds of thousands of us.)

I saw a number of dogs which looked like this guy. He was in Bill's grandparents home town of Castel Nuova. Well fed, well groomed, he was a sight for my sore heart!

This litte fellow was devoted to his mom, but petrified of everyone else.

And this gorgeous horse was our next door neighbor at Fonterutoli. He belonged to the vineyard's owner, but I enjoyed breathing and watching him.
hug your hounds


  1. Oh boy. Muzzer says the little terrier cross looks a lot like a wirey fellow in his markings. She is a little addicted. We've been skulking over to Bill's blog to see the photos and hear his version of the trip.

    He's doing ok for a guy.


  2. I've been enjoying Bill's pictures.. Allthough I think I got so discracted that I forgot to comment on them ;)


  3. I know you must have had a wonderful time in Italy. The pics are beautiful!

  4. I saw one whippet when we were in Italy. The owners were in a big hurry, so I was unable to get a whippet fix. When we were in Venice, there was a Lucian Freud exhibit at one of the museums. We saw a brochure that had a painting of a woman and a whippet and had our tour guide tell us what the brochure was about and then we went to the exhibit. We bought some postcards of his whippet paintings. Wish I had bought a larger print. I thought I'd be able to find some online, but his work is harder to find than I thought. At least to buy relatively cheap anyway. Glad you had a good time despite missing your crew.


  5. I am enjoying your trip pictures and will have to get over to Bill's blog to see more.

  6. What a beautiful trip. My ma ape is relieved to know that she's not the only one who goes on vacation and takes pictures of other peoples' dogs and then pines for her own.

    I still say she's wired wrong.

    wally t.

  7. I am sure you were DYING to hug just one of the dogs. Did you get to see the horse pulling the carriage?

  8. How beautiful your pix are...and how full are your arms now that you're home...and btw...ur not old...I think we're the same age!

    Two weeks...I know...I can't do more than a week...dogs or no dogs...I just like being at home!!!

    Loved ur posts!!!

    Marilyn et al!

  9. such gorgeous pictures. we saw dogs all over pairs last year, trotting along purposefully, as though they were late for an appointment.

  10. Mom sat here going, WHAT HORSE? AND she just got new glasses!!

    those doggies look happy to me!!


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