Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meet Levin

Levin is the inspiration behind the fictional story below.
In real life, Levin is blind, and he did have to learn to walk and run after having spent way, way, way too long in a crate.
For those of you who have my book, he was one of the dogs rescued in the essay, "Am I A Collector?" (page 65 of the 1st edition, page 66 of the 2nd edition)
He looks so much like my rescue Giacomino, that I nearly fainted when I saw his photo. Levin is about five years younger than Beans. I just wonder if they could be closely related.
Thanks to Levin's foster mom, Dina, for sharing Levin's story with me.
Dina just corrected me.
She is not Levin's foster home.
She is Levin's FOREVER home!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the trims on Levin's collars! hmmmm...

    Yay for Dina and Levin!

  2. Wait a minute! Don't all whippets look exactly alike?

  3. Aynex is a CAT person (which explains a LOT), but she L-O-V-E-S my whippets and knows each one by name, so don't believe a word she says.
    She also makes THE WORLD'S BEST VIDEOS at
    so I forgive her everything.
    If you want a little taste of what life is like here, go see her videos. Bill is in a ton of them. I, however, am not in one. Hmmmmm... I take back all the nice things I said.


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