Saturday, September 15, 2007


My little Critter K walkers, Swede William and Lindy Loo

I didn't feel like getting up extra early. But one of the local vets was hosting a "Critter K" to benefit a no kill shelter.
So I got up early, shortened the normal walks (and dear Bill walked an extra time) threw Lindy Loo and Swede William and a cup of coffee in the van and headed out to Reidland. (I have a particular fondness for this town, since the highschool mascot is the greyhound, and the Reidland water tower is festooned with a giant red greyhound.)
I was a little cranky. Early mornings do that to me. Sorry.
And the weather gods are still enjoying their big chortle, so it was forty-something at six AM, and I put coats on the dogs.
But then...

Things were looking festive

And our friends from the Paducah Kennel Club were there

And there were even more Kennel Club Friends

And so many, many people and their dogs walked, to raise money for the pets who have no home.

these dogs

And I realize I am part of a wonderful community.

And I realize I am blessed.

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