Thursday, January 26, 2012

Novel excerpt 01 26 12


      After their breakfast in the morning, Emily called, “Time for walks!” The pack gathered in the dog room at the back door. Zack explained to Hope and Proper that since their Emily was terribly slow, and was so handicapped with her limited human senses, she was understandably frightened about getting lost. For that reason, whenever they were out of the yard, their Emily tethered herself to each of the dogs, except Driver.
     The bad thing was that she put the tethers around the dogs’ necks. The Elders – Queen Raine, Thelonious, Zack  – were thrilled at this whole tether notion.
     “You’ll get used to it,” said Zack. “We all wear them, see?”
     Hope felt a little choky, but she mimicked her uncle by holding her head up and trying to ignore the thing around her throat. Proper threw himself on his back.
     “Gack!” he protested. “This thing is cutting off my air! How do I get it off of me?”
     Queen Raine stamped her feet.
     “Oh do get up, you little dweeb. We’re all waiting for you.”  She looked up at her Emily.“You insist on bringing horrid puppies into our pack and this is what we get.”

hug your hounds :-)

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